Dae Woo gently dropped his water pot on the ground and walked out as he saw her father sharpening his sword.

”Dad, please lend me your sword, let me give it a trial, he muttered.

”Don you dare! ”. He half yelled… ”and why shouldn I? ”. He asks with his cold soft voice.

”Cause you can use the sword now! ”. He said and he frowned with confusion on his face as he told his arm across her chest standing in akimbo.

”But dad im a man and let me use the sword please ”, she plead with seriousness in her voice.

”And you still haven changed the fact that you are a female and not a male and for that, you have to know your space! ”. He stood up with his sharpening stone and sword alongside with him.

”Dad!! ”. She fell to the ground with her eyes filled with blood shots.

**********Prince Rae Yong chamber**********

”Go! ”, He retorted as he saw the image of a young lady appear at his front.

”And where should I go? ”. Kai smirks with her arm folded around her chest.

”I said I don want to see you again! ”. He scolded.

”And what if I keep showing up? Its just the two of you till the end! ”. She smiled.

”Why did you even show yourself here in the first place? Why did you follow me here! Don you understand I don want to see your ugly face again! ”. He raged at her.

”Did you just call me ugly! Dae Hyun, I died because of you! And now you hate me? After what I have done for you! After I lost my life for you? What an ingrate! ”. She wink softly, making Rae Yong laugh.

”Ingrate is that what you called it? You allow me fall in love with you just to betrayed me? And who ask you to die for me? Your death make me powerless and heart wall coated! ”. He roughed his head and walked towards her.

”I guess I have to end this! Its either I die for eternity or you do! ”. He drew out his sword as he jumped to the sky and in the air with Kai who also jumped to the sky with her sword in her left hand as their sword hit each other making an uneasy sound.

His sword dropped off the ground and he quickly bent to pick it up when she placed her sword on his neck.

”Im sorry I can keep you this way again! I am going to kill myself after I kill you… Am sorry we are going the same way as we were before! ”. She said and moved the sword closer and closer as she was about to slice his neck…



”So Gingu knew about MA KAI? ”. Prince Dal Yong asks his assassin who shrugs his shoulders positively.

”Lets destroy or he will destroy us since we want to use the lady! ”. He said with a wry smile all over his face.

”My prince lets kill him then! ”. His assassin said as he picked up his sword and dived through the roof.

”Ma Kai you
e going to lose this time! You can kill my lover and go Scot free! ”. He bite his lower lip and immediately cleans the blood gushing out.

”Rae Yong and Jin Yong you are about to dig your grave! ”. He laughed loudly and walked into his chamber slowly in his embodied robe.

”Now I am going to use that Female-male to get back my throne, fight Ma Kai and bring her power out even if it will cost me losing my power as far I remain the king ”, he muttered slowly to himself as he served himself tea in his decorated cup.

”My prince, Princess Jisoo, is here for you! ”. His personal maid said and he smiled with a list filled in his field green eyes.

”Let her in ”, he echoed and the maid quickly rushed outside and told her maid that she should enter!.

”Princess Jisoo! Master Dal instructed me to let you in ”, she informed and princess Jisoo walked out from the palanquin in a pink royal gown.

”Good day sweetheart ”, she pecked him and he patted her back softly.

”Good day!… Is it a royal household? ”. He ask

”They are fine! ”. She answered with a moan from the corner of her lips.

”How is your role going? ”. He asked again.

”Perfect as always… Besides i want that fool dead now! I have act lightly and the fool thought i love him! ”. She said as she placed her lip on his own, she kissed him deep as his hand caress her b****t and @ss on his hard erected dick as he moans in pleasure.

”Does the king know he is not his son? ”. He asks as they break from the kiss slowly.

”Of course not! If I tell him now he might go hide him, instead I will rather tell him when Rae Yong is dead ”, she winked softly at him.

”So thoughtful of you, I just don know why you make me relaxed and calm with this intelligence of yours ”, he placed back his lip and kissed her deeply this time.

They could feel the sound of their heart as it beat to their ear.

”Why is your heart beating this loud? ”. She asks as their lips struggle to make their way.

”You make my heart beat! I even regretted why the heavens make us family! ”. He uttered with a weird smile which stated nothing but lust.

”And there is nothing there to bother apart as long as you love me and I love you! And to hell with family! You are my lover and not my family! ”. She muttered as they kissed each other and his hand pulled down the handle of her robe.

Princess Jisoo and prince Dal have been in this relationship for ten years now, though it is still hidden to the king and everyone.

Of course it will cause who wants to hear about the princess and her uncle in a relationship?

**********Secret kingdom of darkness*****

The sky turned dawn and a deep light ray flashed into the hell, a kingdom consisting of evil people with misery connected to their power as they are known for weird things.

They are ready to descend another person to the earth as humans!.

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