Chapter 101 – Turmoil in the holy city – Part twenty-one

The false saint was found and taken by fanatic believers.
They loudly declare that they’ve found the saint as they head to the church in the center, and I disappear in the middle of this crowd.

They advance slowly, and attract more people as they go, becoming a large group.
The crowd becomes wider than the street, so people have to start lining up behind.
It’s not just those believers either, regular townspeople are also joining in.

By the time the crowd actually reaches the church, it has gathered well over a thousand people.
When I look at it through Map, it shows me the whole area painted red.
Did word that the saint was captured spread? I guess so, judging by the people coming straight to the center.

It’s actually fortunate in a way.
Howler is sending two wagons, and they should be reaching the west gate soon.
Yes, they’re in a line.

If rumors that the saint has been captured reach the gate, that means they probably won’t be as thorough with their checks.
Then again, I probably shouldn’t be that optimistic.

I look in those two directions as I move forward.
The group holding the false saint reaches its destination first, with the false saint in front.

The soldier waiting by the entrance runs inside, and then soldiers come pouring out.
They form two lines, all the way to where the head of the church made his speech before.

The two lines of soldiers face each other, and another group comes out.
It’s being led by the head of the church, and I’m assuming the ones behind him are cardinals.
I figure that’s what they are because Dan is there, but more big-shots keep coming out.

“Come forward.”

The head of the church walks to a podium, and orders that the saint be brought to him.

Dan’s face is twitching.
The saint is dragged forward, and blood from her flank stains the stone pavement below.

The head of the church looks at her face, and makes a gesture like he’s praying.

Once that’s done, he gives instructions and a large cross for crucifixions is brought to him.
I guess they use crosses in this world too.
Not that it matters.

“Good job catching this sinner.
A purification ceremony will follow, in accordance with the word of our goddess.”

Dan is glaring at the saint like he’s holding back something.
Some people look down, some make symbols with their fingers, and among all the different reactions around, one seems odd.

He looks about the right age to be called a boy, and seems kind of sweet at first.
But he has a terrible smile on his face, like he’s enjoying the show being performed in front of him.

I can’t take my eyes off him.
I don’t know why, but I can’t help it.
I use appraisal, look at him, and it feels like my heart is about to fly out.
I feel acid in my stomach rising, and I have trouble controlling my facial expression.

Why? Why? Why is someone like him here?

Name (Adonis) Job (Cardinal (Temporary)) Race (Demon) Level (43) Status (—)

“Sinner Mia…”

I can’t even listen to what the head of the church is saying.
This is more important.
A demon might see through this charade.

I use wind magic to carry some words.

“Kill the fake!”

“Don’t forgive who calls for the wicked one!”

“Execute, execute, execute!”

“Bring her divine punishment!”

Forgive the language.
I’m fanning up people’s feelings.

This succeeds in pushing people, as they start yelling abuse and drown out even the voice of the head of the church.

As a final touch, I lightly push the man in front of me.
He pitches forward, and pushes the man in front of him.
I figured this might be dangerous, but I did it.

I quickly activate a wind cushion in front of me, so the dominoes in front don’t get hurt.
Also because for some reason, I’m being pushed from the back too.

The ripple keeps going until the people in front are pushed forward.
Once the crowd starts moving, the guards forming a wall are overwhelmed and it just keeps pushing forward.

Something is thrown at the surprised head of the church, or rather, the saint.

The guards quickly move to protect him, and he retreats back to where the cardinals are.

Once something has been thrown, the floodgates are open and people keep throwing things.

Food, rocks, pots, wherever they happen to have in hand, they throw towards the saint.
Something hits, and I hear a groan, but that’s quickly drowned out.

It’s out of control.
I know I started it, but I didn’t expect so much.

But this is actually perfect.
I’m not getting another chance like this.

I keep my posture low as I wade through the crowd and approach the front.
I have a gun in my right hand, with bullets imbued with the fire element.
I didn’t get the chance to try them out, but if it doesn’t go well, I’ll have to use magic.

I poke my gun out from the wall of people, aim at the false saint, and the bullet flies out, with its trajectory corrected by a skill.
The silencer muffles the sound quite a bit, but it still makes noise.
I figured it would be like in TV and movies, but maybe I just messed up while making it.

There’s some distance, but my target isn’t moving, so the bullet hits and ignites.
The flames are strong, and wrap up the target instantly.

Some people scream, some cheer, and one…

Laughs very loudly.

“Hahahahaha… What a nice spectacle.”

I hear simple-minded laughter, like he’s really enjoying it.

That voice really stands out among the confusion.
The head of the church, cardinals, priests, and commoners all look towards the boy.

“Cardinal Ado, is something the matter?”

He ignores the old person talking to him.

Everyone’s eyes are on the boy, Cardinal Ado, as he nods towards the head of the church with a satisfied look on his face.

“Good job executing the saint.
It was very amusing, your eminence.”

“W-what are you saying? I did only as the goddess…”

“Ah, that? You mean this?”

‘Saint Mia is a false saint.
The coming stampede is punishment for her attempted deception.’

“H-how do you… Then does that mean…”

“Yes yes, as expected from the head of the church.
It sure helps that your head seems to work fast.
Ah, why did I do this? To kill saint Mia, of course.
A saint is nothing more than a hindrance for the demon king.”

He lets out a big, exasperated sigh.

“It really wasn’t easy, you know? Having to deal with foolish humans like those cardinals, having to live among the stench of humans.
But it’s all good, because today I feel great.
I forgive you.
And it should be starting soon.”

Ado’s eyes look like he’s looking far away, and following his gaze, we can see a forest.
The one where many monsters were found.

“Oh, I know, I’ll tell you something as a reward.”

A guard moves behind Ado to restrain him, but he can’t even get close, as he’s pushed back like something flung him away.

“My name is Adonis, and I will be the one to grant you despair.”

What we see is a boy, still wearing that same extravagant robe, but something is different.
The single horn on his head, and the sinister wings on his back.


Someone whispers, and as if infecting others, chaos spreads.

The crowd that was pushing forward suddenly starts backing away to run from Adonis.

“Now enjoy yourselves humans.
If you survive the coming stampede, we might see each other again.”

Ado says as he laughs and flies up towards the sky, and eventually disappears.

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