Chapter 104 – Turmoil in the holy city – Part twenty-four

I leave the mansion, and that suffocating atmosphere behind.

There’s an heavy air hanging around the city too.
As I walk around, I see and hear people lamenting the death of the saint.

When I left the mansion this morning, I told Leila I would be leaving the city.

I completed the fifth generation gun, but I don’t want to go around firing indiscriminately and mowing down enemies or anything.
It would stand out way too much, so I don’t want to take the initiative and join in unless I’m in danger.
There are a lot of high rank adventurers here, so I should leave this to them.
I don’t think I would be able to keep up if I went with them anyway.

It felt like Leila wanted to say something in the end, but didn’t say it.
I think she’ll be all right, but I told her not to push herself too much, and told her what I know about the distinctive features of demons.
She’s more experienced than me, so I probably shouldn’t have to worry about her, but I couldn’t leave without saying that.

We should probably think of demons as beings on a completely different level than us.
At least the ones I know are that strong.

It’s early, but the item shop I want to visit is already open.

“You are still here, young man?”

It looks like he assumed I already ran away from the danger coming to this city, because I’m a merchant.

“I still have some potions left, so I figured…”

The state of his display cases tell me his stock is probably running very low.

“That would be fortunate for me, but are you sure? You are aware that I will be paying you the same as last time?”

“That’s fine.
You assessed them properly, and we should help each other when we’re in trouble.”

“That is a questionable attitude for a merchant, but I am thankful.”

I can’t tell him going to another store, having my potions evaluated again, and negotiating would be a pain.

I have fifty healing and stamina potions and thirty mana potions.
Selling them brings the total amount of money in my possession to about fifty coins.

This time I ask to be paid in gold, silver, and copper coins.

I hear him mumbling complaints, but to his credit, he does get the money for me as I asked.

After I leave the store, I head to the west gate while checking out the stalls.
The price of food in general has gone up.
I have plenty of meat in the Item Box, but I’m low on vegetables.

I hesitate at first, but end up not buying.
I should have enough for just myself.

In the omnibus station near the gate, there aren’t a lot of wagons left.
I’m also told they’re not going to leave, because these wagons are staying here just in case they’re needed.

I see people who look to be merchants receiving the same explanation.
Some keep pressing and asking if there isn’t anything that can be done.

I show my card, and leave the city.
People are worried when I leave, probably because almost everything I use while traveling is in the Item Box, so it looks like I’m traveling pretty light.

I bring up Map and check my route.
Stopping by Rent on the way to Tenso means I have to take a detour.
But I can save a good chunk of time if I go off the main road and just walk in a straight line.

At first I figured it might be dangerous, but the stampede means that there are actually few monsters around.
It’s not like they’re completely gone, but I should be fine with Presence Detection and Magic Energy Detection.
Add the protective walls I can make with Earth Magic, and I’m good to go.

I notice a group heading for the city not long after I start walking.
They’re carrying bags that look heavy, but they look burly, and apparently there are some slaves mixed in there.
The guards appear to be slaves too.
Is it because it’s hard to hire adventurers nowadays? E ranked adventurers don’t have to fight against the stampede, so I guess they could be hired, but former adventurers and slaves are probably stronger.

I follow the main road for a while, until eventually I step off it.

From here, I’m going to be walking through a forest for a while, but it’s not a deep forest, and it’s relatively easy to walk here too.
Most roots seem to be buried underground, so I’d have to be walking close to the trees to trip on them.
It’s easy enough that I can even look for fruit while walking.

I walk all the time, except when I’m eating or sleeping, and since I don’t get tired, my pace stays the same.

Walking in a forest means I don’t have a clear view of what’s ahead of me, so I worry about something jumping out at me, but I try to get that strange stress out of my head and just walk forward.
I have Map and Presence Detection after all, so I know nothing’s there.
I even have good visibility at night thanks to Night Vision.

I really do have all sorts of skills.

This reminds me to check them for the first time in a while, before I go to sleep tonight.

Name – (Sora Fujimiya ) / Job – (Mage) / Race – Otherworlder / No Level

HP – 620/620 / MP – 620/620 (+200) / SP – 620/620

Strength…610 (+0) / Stamina…610 (+0) / Agility…610 (+0)

Magic power…610 (+200) / Dexterity…610 (+0) / Luck…610 (+0)

Skill – (Walking Lv62) – Effect – (User won’t get tired no matter how much they walk) – (Get one experience point with each step)

Experience points – 49023/62000

Skill points – 12

Skills learned

(Appraisal LvMAX) / (People Appraisal Lv6) / (Appraisal Obstruction Lv6) / (Parallel Thinking Lv8)

(Sword Master Lv7) / (Physical Strengthening Lv9) / (Presence Detection LvMAX) / (Magic Energy Detection Lv6) / (Natural Recovery Boost Lv9) / ( Status Ailment Resistance Lv5) / (Pain Reduction Lv3) / (Presence Concealment Lv8) / (Night Vision Lv5) / (Throw – Shooting Lv5)

(Magic Energy Control Lv9) / (Basic Daily Life Magic Lv8) / (Fire Magic Lv6) / (Water Magic Lv5) / (Wind Magic Lv5) / (Earth Magic Lv5) / (Light Magic Lv5) / (Dark Magic Lv3) / (Spatial Magic Lv9) / (Holy Magic Lv5) (Alchemy LvMAX) / ( Effect Attachment Lv4)

(Cooking Lv8)

It looks like generally speaking my skills are leveling up and growing.

I don’t really use magic attacks, but I use magic for other purposes, and alongside Effect Attachment, so my magic skills are leveling up too.

I open Map and check my position.
I’ve been walking for seven days, and I feel like I’m two thirds of the way there.
I might end up reaching Tenso before Hikari and the others.

I think about these things as I fall asleep.


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