Chapter 11 – Goblin hunting – Part two

We’re done having breakfast, and it’s time to get moving again.

The mountain I see in the distance still looks the exact same.
Walking along this grassy plain with such good visibility for so long is actually making me sick of walking.

We talk while we walk to distract ourselves, but we can’t let our guard down either.
Of course, my Presence Detection is active too.

We keep walking without encountering any unforeseen issues, and we finally reach the village two days later.

In the meantime, we agreed to switch to a system of one person keeping watch at night while two rest.
This is in part because I’m getting used to keeping watch, but also because the two person system was putting too much strain on Chris.
And it also lets me test using Presence Detection with Parallel Thinking.

“Do you have any business with this village?”

“We are adventurers, and we accepted a quest from the guild to hunt goblins.”

Rurika shows her guild card and explains why we are here to the wary gatekeeper.
He calls someone to take over from him, and shows us to the residence of the village chief.
But I notice that he seems restless on the way there.

“You can hear the rest from the chief.”

He calls the village chief, and leaves like he’s running away.


The village chief apologizes, and explains that when they first put out a quest with the guild, the number of goblins was estimated to only be around ten, but their attacks on the village have become more frequent, and they have learned that there are more than they initially thought.

“At least more than twenty?”

We reinforced the fence around the village since they were first spotted, and that has helped us guard the village, but… We haven’t been able to fully defend it, and we have only managed to hold on by abandoning livestock when things get dangerous.”

“When was the last time you were attacked?”

“Two days ago.
We managed to defeat them at first, but their numbers are growing and the damage they cause is increasing.
We are completely on the defensive now.”

“I see.
Then we’ll rest for today.
If we go to the forest now, it will be dark by the time we get there, so we should go tomorrow morning.
You can wake us up if there is an attack today.”

“H-hum, and about the reward…”

“Don’t worry about it, but I will say one thing.
Some adventurers will leave when they’re not happy with the reward, so be careful about that.
We’re putting our lives on the line here, and depending on the circumstances, sometimes people decide it’s not worth it.”

“Yes, thank you.”

There isn’t an attack today, but a group surrounding and watching the village from afar triggers my Presence Detection.

“We’re going to where the goblins were seen, but they might pass by us and attack while we’re away, so don’t let your guard down.”

Rurika tells the gatekeeper, who nods deeply.

“I’ll go in front, Chris will be in the middle, and Sora, you cover our back.
Like I told you on the way here, goblins are sly, so be careful.”

They’re weak, so they had to become smart to survive.
Monsters that are strong like ogres charge with their overwhelming strength, but goblins don’t have that, so they often use tricks.
Of course, there are differences between individuals, and not every ogre is dumb.

As we walk, my Presence Detection picks up one goblin near us, and it’s getting closer.

After we take a few more steps, Rurika stops, and gives us a hand signal.

I walk in front of Chris, and Rurika’s presence disappears as she walks away.

My Presence Detection picks up goblins, but we still walk while being careful about our surroundings.
What we really have to be scared of are traps.
We have to be careful about our footing, and even tree branches too.

With every step, we’re getting closer to the goblin.
By the time we’re close enough that I can feel its presence in my skin, the presence of the goblin hiding behind a large tree vanishes.

I can see Rurika with a sword in hand, pierced in the back of the goblin.

“I’m going to continue moving on my own, and you two keep walking.
We’re not in a hurry, so take your time.
Just don’t go any further than what I told you earlier.”

She says before she takes off running.
She’s fast.

I start walking again, while being mindful of Chris.

Five goblin presences come and go in the meantime, even though the two of us haven’t done any fighting yet.
It seems the rest are gathering, and there are about twenty goblins left.

It’s not that far from what the village chief told us.

“They’re in kind of an open area, and there are about twenty of them I guess.
First, I’ll appear from the right and draw their attention, and then you attack them with magic, Chris.
I’ll charge at them at the same time, and then Sora can attack too.
Goblins are small, so don’t do big swings.”

Rurika gets into position, and gives us a sign.
Chris starts chanting right away.

Just before Chris finishes, Rurika jumps out and throws a knife.
They’re completely in sync after being together for so long.

The moment the goblins turn their attention to Rurika, Chris’ area effect magic bursts.
Since we’re in a forest, she uses a tornado wind spell.
Fire magic is more powerful, but she doesn’t want to use it here.

Oops, this is no time to stand here and watch.
I also attack the confused goblins.

Goblins are as small as kids, but they’re as strong or even stronger than an adult.
They’re not to be underestimated.

I close the distance, attack once, and hit vital organs with a second attack and take down a goblin.
I try to use that momentum to attack for a third time, but quickly shift to dodging instead.
Two goblins are attacking me from both sides at the same time.

I block one, throwing off its stance, and slash the other.

As I look for my next target, I see an archer taking aim at Chris.

I pick up the stick the goblin I took down was holding and throw it.
Even if it doesn’t hit, it should at least distract it.

The sound of the stick hitting the ground makes the goblin miss with the arrow that was aimed at Chris.
I run towards it and slash it before it can get ready to fire another one, and receive a blow from a blind spot.
I felt an impact, but it was softened by my clothes.

From there, it’s a mess.
I’m careful to position myself in a way that I don’t get surrounded, and in a way that prioritizes defense rather than taking down enemies.
Meanwhile, Rurika and Chris are whittling down their numbers.

The last goblin is defeated by Chris’ magic, and the short fight against the goblins, that felt long to me, is over.

The moment I realize this, my body collapses.
I didn’t take damage, but I feel like all the strength left my body.
I’m breathing heavily, and sweat is gushing out of my entire body.

“Nice job.
Wait, you’re hurt a bit.
Are you all right?”

I touch my forehead with my hand, and see blood.

It doesn’t really hurt, so even though there’s blood, it’s not that serious.
I don’t even remember getting hit, so it must have been just a scrape.

“It’s just a little cut.
It’s fine.”

“I see.
Chris, take care of that.
Ah, but you don’t have to use healing magic.”

Chris casts Purification on the wound to disinfect it, and wraps it with a bandage.

Since it’s a small wound, it’s better to let it heal naturally, rather than with healing magic.
I’m told it would be different if we were in a dungeon or we were in a hurry, but this quest is over, so it can heal on its own.

“Yes yes.
Chris is good at treating wounds, so don’t worry.
Now let’s get the parts we need to prove we took them down, the magic stones, and burn the rest.”

The parts we need to prove we took down goblins are ears, and they have no materials that can be sold, so it’s common to retrieve magic stones, and burn the rest.
Leaving corpses lying around can lead to them becoming undead, and their corpses can attract other monsters that then stay here.

We pile up the corpses, and Chris burns them with magic.
Now all we have to do is report back to the village.

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