Walking in another world – Chapter 27 – Orc hunt – Part two – Hidamarisou translations

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I go back to the city, and it’s wrapped in a busy atmosphere.
Did something happen?

I go to the guild to report on my picking quest, and they’re really happy.
They told me before they didn’t have enough magic energy herbs, but the group that went out to hunt the orcs requested more mana potions, so their stocks are pretty much depleted.

“Did some sort of trouble happen with the hunt?”

They got ready to go in a hurry, but I remember hearing that they took a lot of supplies.

“When they got there, they learned that the scope of the orcs is bigger than they thought… Apparently there’s a lot of confusion over there too.”

“Are they all right?”

“I hear they were attacked but managed to push them back.
But… No, if there’s anything else, the guild will announce it.
Come back tomorrow morning if you want to know more.”

I’m told they’ll buy medicinal herbs and vitality herbs if I have them too, so I take out some of them.

I can’t sell potions as they are.

As I walk around, I hear rumors about the orcs.

A large group went out to hunt them, and merchants are always gathering information, so the townspeople know what’s going on too.

Merchants who were headed to the capital are obviously troubled, because they can’t safely cross the path to their destination.

I’m sure there are quite a few people who were headed to the capital via the South Gate City because of the tigerwolf.
I’m in the same boat, although my motives are different.

For now, I’ll just pay to stay in the inn for one night.

The inn is basically empty, probably because so many adventurers are out on a hunt.

The next day, I go to the guild early in the morning to try to gather information.
If the hunt has no end in sight, I need to accept quests while I’m here.
I have enough money to keep going without accepting quests, but having more money is never a problem, and I might buy a slave.

When I reach the guild, I see information being displayed.
Adventurers crowd around it to look at it, forming a human wall.

Seeing as I’m probably not going to be able to catch a glimpse of it for now, I go check out the quests.

I get the feeling that the quests related to medicinal herbs are increasing.
Hn? The rewards are getting higher too.

I look at the map, and see the place I went to before is the closest one.
Or at least it would be, if it was included in the note saying where we can pick herbs.

It says the place I went to doesn’t have a consistent amount to pick.
Or maybe too many people went there and it was picked clean.

There were a lot of magic energy herbs there, but I get the feeling there were too few medicinal herbs and vitality herbs.

While I groan in front of the board with the quests, people are leaving the other side, so I move there.

Let’s see… We are receiving more information about the scope of the group of orcs.
There were reports by multiple people that a superior species was sighted during our first fierce clash, so scouts are currently being sent to confirm this information.
It says.

The rest is about construction of simple fortresses and defensive bases.
It also asks the feudal lord for the support of the chivalric order.

I think they should probably just retreat until the chivalric order arrives, but maybe they’re building defensive positions to distract scouts and stuff like that.


Someone calls out to me as I look at the board.
I think it’s one of the ladies that works as a receptionist.

“What is it?”

“Hum, are you Sora?”

“I am.”

“Thank goodness.
Can you come over here? There is something I want to talk to you about.”

We head to an empty reception desk.


“I have a quest for you…”

“…Is that what’s called a designated quest? I am only ranked D.”

“Not really a designated quest, rather, I heard you are a pro when it comes to picking quests, and would like you to accept one.”

“Where did you hear that?”

“…Adventurers have been talking about it, but then we received a report from the adventurer guild in Physis.”

Is that a good answer? No, wait, does that mean guilds can communicate with each other?

“If you need them for the hunt, it would be better if you didn’t get your hopes up.”


“I don’t know how much you need, but if you want me to deliver a lot, the places where I can pick them are too far.
It would take me a day, no, two, and that’s not including the time it would take me to actually pick them.”

“…Yes, the places where you can pick a lot are far from here.
But what if we provided a wagon?”

“That would take less time, but I don’t really want to go with other people.”

“Eh… Why?”

“I want to be able to focus while I pick.”

That’s a lie.
I just don’t want people to see me pick them.
What if someone feels there’s something odd about it?

If they’re willing to provide a wagon, I’m sure they’re going to hire more people and have as many as possible picking herbs.

“So…? I can continue to accept picking quests normally.
They pay well, so I was going to do it anyway.”

“…Please wait.
I have to talk to my superiors.”

The receptionist lady gets up in a hurry and disappears to the back.

Hn… So they’re low on medicinal herbs… Wouldn’t it be more effective if they just brought them here and I did the picking? But I guess there’s also the risk of getting ripped off by the middle man.
It’s tough.

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