Chapter 3 – Adventurer registration and equipment

After paying the registration fee, three silver coins, I put a drop of blood on a card put out in front of me.

If I didn’t pay this fee now, it would have been taken from my rewards when I started working.

The card sucks in my blood, shines for a second, and turns black.
After I’m handed the card, it turns white after a while.

When the person registered to it holds the card, the color changes depending on the holder’s rank.

If I lose this card, I can ask for a reissue, but I’ll have to pay for it.
Ten silver coins to be exact, so I better make sure I hold on to it.

While Mikaru is explaining all this to me, a man boldly makes a move on the receptionist next to us.

I didn’t mention it before, but all the receptionists here are beautiful.
On Earth, they could all be idols.
The men on the other hand are all rugged like bandits.

I haven’t seen any good-looking guys, at least not in the guild.
I’ve seen some in town, walking alongside women.

As I get up from my seat, another guy immediately slides into it and starts talking.
It’s not about quests or anything either, he’s inviting her to go have a meal together.

I guess it’s almost lunch time, but I go accept a few quests.

The man is shot down and leaves, and I return to Mikaru to hand her the documents for the quests.

I was worried that maybe I couldn’t accept multiple quests at the same time, but some of them don’t have to be completed today, so it’s fine.

These delivery type quests range from five coins with a hole to ten.
That’s really not a lot.

I don’t know when these quests were even put out, so I can’t help but feel like it would be quicker if the person that put them out did them themselves.

I start to consider that they might be here as a way to help novice adventurers, but they’re actually harder than I expected.

Carrying heavy packages and walking from one corner of town to another would be pretty exhausting for a normal person.
Walking from one corner to the other is easily over ten thousand steps.

But it’s no problem for me, as my skill makes it so walking never makes me tired.

These quests actually let me kill two birds with one stone, since I’m making money and earning experience points.
And since my stats also increase as I level up, maybe that’s actually three birds.
The rewards are really low though.

For a while, I follow the routine of studying in the guild’s library in the morning, and accepting delivery quests when I’m done with that.

Five delivery quests aren’t enough to even pay for one night in the inn, so if I just keep going like this, I’m going to run out of money eventually.

I start thinking about material collection quests.
These aren’t about monster materials, but rather things like medicinal herbs and materials used for alchemy.
I’ve been studying them in the library, and at the very least I remember what they look like, so I’m not worried about that.
Especially since I can use Appraisal to know what things are right away.

Now I just need to look into where to get them.

Depending on the materials, I might have to go to the forest, which puts me at risk of being attacked by monsters.
I guess this is the time to get my equipment in order.

I take the day off from accepting quests, and go out shopping for equipment.

People are actually worried about me because I’ve been accepting quests without so much as a day off.
I was told that resting one’s body is part of an adventurer’s job, and the person saying it seemed pretty serious about it too.

It’s true though.
No adventurer diligently accepts quests every day like this.
Some diligently hit on the girls every day though.

I stop by a weapon shop, that actually sells defensive equipment too.

This place has a good reputation, and the owner is a former adventurer that seems like he’ll be kind enough to give me good advice.

This store was actually recommended to me when I was accepting delivery quests.

What are you looking for?”

He calls out to me while I look at weapons.

Is it because there’s no one else here? His attitude is more modest than his burly physique would suggest.

“I’m a rookie adventurer… Sir.
I was thinking about going outside to collect materials, so I’m here looking for equipment.”


He’s looking at me like he’s evaluating me.

My stats have been going up, so I feel like saying I’m not the same as I was before, but my appearance didn’t change at all, so I can’t deny it if someone says I look unreliable.

Compared to other adventurers, I’m thin and short.
I would be average on Earth, and my body can be best described by saying there’s nothing worth describing.
I can’t say I have any real muscle either.

“Do you have any weapons and equipment in mind? Can you use magic? And don’t feel like you need to be so polite.”

“I was thinking about buying a sword… And as for the equipment, I think I want something light that’s easy to move in.
But I don’t want to get hurt, so I want something that protects me from pain too.”

“That’s a tough order.
A one-handed sword should be good… As for the rest, do you want monster skin clothing or a breastplate? The clothing would be cheaper and easier to move in.”

So the clothing is better? I guess I should also get a knife to strip away materials and a bag for them.
I tell him I also want protection for the back of my hands that won’t hinder my movements, and boots fit to walk in the forest.
I also mention that my budget is one gold coin.

He’s surprised that a novice has that much to spend, but I respond that I don’t want to be stingy with what could save my life.

I put an emphasis on the fact that I’m willing to use everything I have, to try to get a discount.
In the end, I manage to get some pretty nice equipment.

The monster skin clothes in particular are stab-proof, and have a damage reducing effect.

It’s not like that makes me want to take damage any more, but it’s nice to be prepared.

“Are you sure?”

I ask, about the discount, but he wishes me good luck with a smile on his face.

People in the castle were trash, but a lot of the regular people here in town are kind and friendly.
I thank him, and exit the weapon store.


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