Chapter 48 – Battle – Part one

After a lot of trouble, we learn what happened from the surviving villagers.

A group of orcs attacked in the afternoon, and they trampled and took away the villagers.

Then they split into two groups.
One took women back with them, and the other stayed behind to slaughter the survivors, although most left.
The few people that could fight to defend the village couldn’t handle the orcs, and thought all they could do was wait for death.

“Most men died in the first attack, and the women were taken away.
It’s probably just dumb luck that kept me alive.”

There are people who were knocked out in that first attack and suddenly found themselves here.

“I don’t know what goes on inside the mind of a monster, but it was probably just a coincidence that I was spared.”

“My big sister jumped out of the house to save me.
I couldn’t do anything.
She told me to stay quiet…”

Sorrowful screams.
Anguish, remorse, a vortex of negative emotions.

After hearing this, the leader of the caravans and the adventurers talk about what to do.

It will be dark soon.
Should we keep going, or stay here? Looking at the horses, I think it will be hard to continue.

Others gather the corpses scattered around the village.
If they’re left as they are, we risk starting a plague.
That, and they couldn’t just leave them out there.
All men except for the adventurers keeping watch are working on something.

I think our next course of action was locked the moment we started working.

If we were really going to leave the village, we would have left right away instead of bothering to dispose of the corpses.
But we didn’t do that, so we’re spending the night here.

“Young man, you said you’re a peddler, but you sure can fight.”

“I need to protect myself if I’m going around selling things on my own.”

“I’ll protect master.”

We talk about our plans as we have dinner.

Technically, we have nothing to do with the adventurers keeping watch.
We really don’t, but since I showed that I can hunt orcs, they ask me to help if anything happens.

“Are you proposing a quest to us?”

“…That’s what it means.
What do you think?”

“How much?”

“Hey, is it really the time to be talking about that? Don’t you see this is an emergency?”

“I get that.
But this is this and that’s that.
Would you take on a job for no compensation out of the goodness of your heart in an emergency?”

I ask the guard adventurer that complained at me.

There’s no response.
Of course there isn’t.
Anyone who said yes to that would basically be saying they’d do compulsory quests from the guild for free.

Caravans and horsebuses hire adventurers to keep them safe as they travel in the first place.
Especially horsebuses, since the people traveling in them are clients.
No matter the situation, if this safety crumbles, it’s the owners of caravans and horbuses’ fault for not hiring capable adventurers.
From a third person point of view, it could even be said that they didn’t keep us safe because they were trying to save some money.

“Master, is this all right?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Why won’t you help?”

“If there are a lot of monsters, we won’t be able to protect everything, and if I accept a quest, that will be my duty.
I might be put in a situation where I have to act as bait or hold off the monsters while the people I’m protecting escape.
And I value my safety and yours more than that of complete strangers.”

“Is that why you said no?”


“I see.
I understand.”

The other passengers seem only half convinced by what I say.

Also, it was an adventurer who complained when I said I want to be paid.
That means the adventurer butted in on something that should be decided by the caravan leader, meaning it could be said that the adventurer’s actions were what put an end to our discussion about that quest.

The next morning, something happens.

One of the passengers wakes up and walks out, and sees that there are only two wagons left here.
The other wagons and their carts are gone, and so are the people managing them.

As if that weren’t enough, the wagon’s wheels have been broken so we can’t leave right away.

The driver’s face turns white when he sees this.

Other people come to see what’s causing the ruckus, and their eyes are all pointed in the same direction.
They’re looking at me, but why?

Their eyes soon make it clear what they’re thinking.
They’re saying this happened because of that quarrel yesterday.

But there are also people here who clearly don’t feel that way.

“Young man, this…”

Hikari steps in front of me and glares at the man who was about to complain, who gulps and backs down.

“This is a pointless and ridiculous false accusation.”

Says a woman, sounding amused.
She has five people around her, who nod.

“We should be talking constructively.”

“About what?”

“Exterminating the orcs of course.
Or do you intend to lay down and die without fighting?”

“No, but…”

The driver, half the passengers, and the twelve villagers all look bewildered by the woman’s proposal.

“My name is Leila, and I’m the leader of Bloody Rose.
These are my fellow party members, Yor, Casey, Luilui, Trisha, and Talia.”

Everyone bows as Leila says their names.
They all seem pretty young, about my age or just a little older.

“I agree.
My name is Locke, and these are my partners Isaac and Drake.
We’re all B ranked adventurers.”

“W-why are adventurers riding on a horsebus?”

“Because we’re going to the advent festival? We need to take a break once in a while too.”

“But you don’t have your equipment, right?”

“It’s in our item bag.
Is there anyone else who can fight?”

“I-I can, kind of.
I’m Elk.”

Says one of the villagers.

“And with those two, that makes twelve.
We’ll take on guard duties, so the rest of you follow the driver’s instructions and get that wagon fixed.”

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