Chapter 56 – Rescue – Part one

I feel like I’m floating, and then my consciousness awakens.

When I open my eyes, I see Leila’s face right in front of mine.

Her strong eyes have become quiet, as she looks at me with concern.

Our eyes meet, and Leila’s face suddenly turns red like it just caught fire.

What happened? Wait, this soft feeling on the back of my head, this position…

Maybe it’s a dream, but let’s enjoy it.

I close my eyes, and relax my body.

But then I’m shaken and forcibly brought back.

“Are you all right?”

She asks with a worried tone.

What happened after I passed out?”

I try to get up, but pain runs through my body.

I check my status, and see my HP has fallen to critical levels, I’ve recovered quite a bit of MP for some reason, and my SP is also critical.
But I’m slowly recovering, thanks to Natural Recovery Boost.

“The orclord has been defeated.”

Leila’s face twists.
I then notice that both her hands are burned.

“Your hands.”

“These are badges of honor.”

I use People Appraisal on Leila, and see her level has gone up by more than ten.

Does that mean she finished it off? With that hot mithril sword?

She tells me what happened after I passed out, and just as I thought, she ended the orclord.

Leila was unsure of whether or not the orclord was even conscious at that point, but she pulled out her mithril sword, and cut off its head.

“T-that’s surprising.
I figured you were scarred or something since you wear a mask, but, hum, you’re pretty.”

What is she saying? It’s cute how she’s a little embarrassed as she says it, but…

Hn? Mask?

I put my hand on my face.
The mask is gone.
Did Lloyd punch it away!?

“It’s because apparently my black hair and black eyes stand out.
Hum, I’d appreciate it if you kept quiet about this.”

I say because I’m unable to find a good excuse.

“I see.
No, you are probably correct.”

I thank her and get up.
I’m guessing the mask has fallen near Lloyd.

I look that way, and see its head on the ground.

Its face is burned, and has a ghastly expression.
Looking at it directly creeps me out.

I pick up the mask and put it back on my face.
That feels better… Not really.

I’m still dizzy.
I’m recovering, but I did run out of MP, so my body feels heavy and languid.

The mithril sword is also on the ground.
I can feel the heat coming from it when I get close.

I pick it up to see if it will burn me too, but while I do feel some heat, it doesn’t burn me.
Is it because it’s my magic?

But Leila can’t use it like this.
I make magic energy flow, while imagining the sword cooling off.

I use Appraisal to see if it’s all right, and see it’s become a level two mithril sword.

Hm… I’ll pretend I didn’t see that.

“Don’t overexert yourself.
I honestly thought you died at first.”

“I see.
And you looked after me?”

What’s wrong? Is her face getting red again?

“I’m all right.
Oh, and show me your hands.”

My stock of potions is almost depleted… I should save what I have left in case something happens.

Instead, I cast Heal on Leila’s hands.

The burned palms heal like time is being rewound.
It’s still strange to look at no matter how many times I see it.

“How do you feel?”

Thank you.”

I hand her the mithril sword.

She fearfully takes it, probably because she’s remembering when it burned her.

“What do we do with the orcs?”

“What do you mean?”

“Aren’t we going to take them back with us?”

“There is no item bag that can fit all of this.
The pouch I’m carrying gets full when I put my equipment and items into it.”

“I see.
Then I’ll take them.”

I approach them and start storing them in the Item Box.
Hikari will be happy about this, but I need to make sure to share the spoils with everyone.
Apparently orc meat goes for a good price.

I store twenty four of them, but there’s still room because the spent potions left a lot of empty space.

“W-w-what? Is this storage magic?”

“Ah… And it’s also kind of a secret.”

Usually I pretend I’m taking things out of a pouch or an item bag, but an item bag that could store so many orc corpses would have to be a very efficient, and very expensive one.

“We should go back.
Casey and the others must be concerned.”

Let’s check the back.”

I point to where Lloyd came from.

Map is showing me two people there.

“That’s right.
There should still be people there.”

Leila and I walk to the back.
I’m recovering, but it’s still hard to walk.
I’m not feeling tired, I feel languid, so I’m guessing the Walking skill doesn’t cover it.

We keep walking silently.
It’s awkward.

I’m not a good talker to begin with, and Leila seems kind of fidgety.
I see her about to start talking, but immediately stopping.
It’s kind of suspicious actually.

This indescribable mood continues until we reach the room at the end.

No, that mood is completely blown away the moment we get there.

It’s a bizarre sight, colored bloody red.

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