reams, and see the person that fell is still there.

What is that person looking at? I follow their gaze, and see a dark shadow.

The shadow is growing bigger and bigger.
They’re orcs.

The people that ran towards the village also see this, and start panicking.

What should we do? Should we call out to them?

If the orcs keep chasing them like this, we might be fine.

I don’t know.
What should I do?

It’s completely quiet inside the inn.
It seems like everyone is trying to stay silent.

One person starts running away from the village, and the others do the same.

But just as they are about to go, someone notices me.

They change course, and run this way.

They look up at the building surrounded by the wall, go to the gate, and start banging on it.

The dull noise echoes, and I can hear them shouting too.

Mister Locke steps on a platform to talk to the people on the other side, and I can hear them hurling abuse.

It’s actually incredible.
Do these people not understand their situation?

Mister Locke calls Mister Isaac and Mister Drake, who come running.
Apparently they’re going to open the gate.

As the gate opens, they all push each other aside as they rush to get in.
I know they’re desperate, but it’s still a very ugly sight.
Among them, some complain and ask why we didn’t let them in sooner.

Once they’re all inside, the gate is closed again.

There’s a total of fifteen people, and Mister Isaac and Mister Drake restrain two of them.

They’re the ones who were complaining, and they’re resisting.

Ah, one of them is hit.
I hear the dull sound from here.

Mister Locke is saying something, and everyone meekly listens.

They leave the two that are bound, and take the others inside.

I hear screams, and remember the orcs.

I turn to look, and see the person that was left behind being beaten.

The orcs stop, and the person being beaten isn’t moving anymore.

Looking at this fills me with fear, and an indescribable feeling of anxiety.

Why? I’ve fought several orcs in the dungeon before.

I keep telling myself this, but the anxiety doesn’t go away.

Why is that? I keep asking myself.

…I know… Big sister isn’t here.
The people that fought alongside me aren’t here.

That’s why I feel anxious.

Why didn’t we go with them?

Of course, I know the answer.
She was worried about the people staying here.

I stayed here because Mister Locke and the others can’t use magic, and Trisha because someone might get hurt.

All I can do is believe she will be back, and not die until then.

This is what I keep telling myself.

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