Chapter 77 – Turmoil in the holy city – Part three

“You better have a good reason to call me at this hour.
I’m actually quite busy despite what you may think.”

Is that the first thing you say? I’m the one who wants to complain.

And are you sure about that attitude? Your daughter is glaring at you like she’s looking at trash.

Plus, you say you’re busy, but didn’t you sneak out the other day, and completely abandoned your work?


He’s now noticing there are others here.
He didn’t even notice his daughter?

He looks at the group standing back from where I am, and frowns.

“It has been a while, your eminence.
I am Regulus, and I have been given the role of chief attendant of the saint.”

“Hmph, and what is your business in my home, mister chief attendant?”

Regulus peeks my way.
I don’t think he wants to talk about it so openly.

“If we’re in the way, maybe we should leave.”

“Master, when do we continue our date?”

“This problem got in the way, so we’ll just have to continue some other time.”

“Yes, but what about going to the guild?”

“Ah, you’re right.
What do we do about that…”

“Excuse me Mister Sora, but by guild, do you mean the merchant guild?”

“Yes, I wanted to go there and check how much they’re paying for potions.”

“Then should we send a messenger?”

“Can you do that?”

I will assign that task to someone, so just tell that person what you need.”

Let’s leave the rest to the adults.
Hikari and I get up, followed by Yor, and we leave the room.

Yor looks surprised as we leave the room.
Did she really not notice?

“What are you going to do now, master?”

In the end, Yor is still calling me the same thing.

“Master, if we have to stay here, I want to study.”

“…There you have it.”

Wanting to study… That thought would have never crossed my mind.
Back then it was just an annoying thing I had to do, and I just crammed in order to advance in grade.
Now, those pure memories seem so bright.

Ah, but I guess studying magic can actually be fun.

“Then let’s call everyone.
Ah, what are we going to study today?”

Yor really likes studying too, as long as it’s magic that is.

And then, we gather in the same room where we always study, and continue focusing mostly on how to charge things with magic energy.

Hikari can’t use magic, but now she can make magic energy flow into magic stones, although it’s going to take a while until she’s able to use that in actual combat.

“Young lady, is Mister Sora here?”

Says a maid after knocking gently on the door.
Is she the one Rondot was talking about?

I give her one of each potion and antidotes against poison and paralysis, and ask her to find out how much the guild is willing to pay for them.

“Also, Mister Dan wishes to speak to you.
Can you please make your way to the room you were in before?”

I’m sure saying no would just inconvenience the maid, so I nod.

“See you in a bit.”

I go back to that room, and I’m immediately confronted by the sullen faces of the men there.

“I was told you needed to speak to me.”

“Ah, yes, Mister Regulus told me what happened.
It seems you saved the saint’s life, so I thank you on behalf of the church.”

“You didn’t call me here just to say that, did you?”

“No, I didn’t.”

Dan peeks over at Regulus, as if to check with him before speaking.

“It’s about the saint.
We are going to look after her in this house for a few days.”

“That’s something for the church to decide, right? Is there any reason to go out of your way to tell me?”

“You’re right, but Mister Regulus wishes to ask you to keep an eye on her while she is in our home if you can.”

“As shameful as it is to admit it, when the saint, Miss Mia, was attacked, none of us could move a muscle.
You on the other hand jumped in immediately and protected her.
I want to ask you this based on what I have seen of your skills.”

“You say that, but that’s a very big responsibility you’re putting on me, isn’t it? And I just happened to be there to save her.
It was a coincidence.”

I can’t just say yes when they are basically telling me to take responsibility if something happens.

It’s best to say no to things that will cause trouble like this.

“Of course, guards will also be assigned for her protection.
And since his eminence’s daughter is having friends from school over, I wish to let Miss Mia mingle with girls her age if possible.”

I get what he’s saying.
They probably care too much about her image to the point where her daily life must be suffocating.
Her position probably makes it difficult for her to lead a normal life.
Then again, that’s just my assumption.

Thinking back to that alley, she really didn’t seem at all like your typical sheltered young lady.

“Well, for the time being, we should speak to Leila and the others too, and get their approval.
Being with her might put them in some danger too.
And you should decide if she’s allowed to leave this house.”

We’re not going to be inside all the time either.
Leila and the others, especially Trisha, want to enjoy the advent festival.
I’m sure they’re going to go outside and walk around a lot.

And since they’re almost never here, I’m sure they have specific places in mind that they want to visit.

“You’re right.
Rondot, can you please go call everyone?”

The girls gather here, and the old men explain everything.
Ahh… Is this going to get in the way of me making money? That’s a problem.

“…I understand, but we also have things to do, and I don’t believe we will be able to stay together at all times.
And what should we do if we go out and she wants to come with us?”

“Please do as she says, within reason.”

“…In that case…”

“Are we going to be paid a fee for guarding her while she’s here?”

I say, speaking over Leila.

Oh… Their expressions changed.
But I think it’s a reasonable demand if they’re going to put this restriction on us.
And it helps me on a personal level.

“…I promise you will be paid accordingly.”

“Then it’s fine with me.”

“…And also with us.”

Says Leila, and the rest of Bloody Rose nods.

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