Chapter 78 – Turmoil in the holy city – Part four (Mia’s point of view)


I wake up to an unfamiliar ceiling.

I try to get up, but find that I can’t move very well.

This feels familiar.
When was it… I remember this happening when I was little.

I had it good back then.
We were poor, but I got to be happy surrounded by family.
There was my father, my mother, and the newborn Shiro.

I was the one who picked that name, wasn’t I… Thinking back, it’s pretty simplistic, but back then I thought it was the greatest name ever.

Yes, it was like this.
Shiro got hurt really badly, so I cried, prayed, cried some more, felt something flying away from my body, and passed out.
When I woke up I was feeling like this.

My life has been changing ever since…

I move my neck and look around the room.

At the very least, I can see this isn’t my room, and I’m not in the church.
The room itself feels kind of simple, but also strangely relaxing.
Is it the light color that’s making me feel this way?

After staying down for a while longer, I feel like I have some strength back in my body.

I take my time slowly sitting up.
I’m a little tired, and thirsty.
There’s a pitcher with water on the bedside table, so I pour it on a glass and have some.

Ahh… That feels good.
I’m feeling better.

There’s a knock on the door, and it opens soon after.

I turn my eyes that way and see multiple girls coming in.
I don’t know them.
They’re all dressed casually, and look to be around my age.

Hm… That one is an enemy.

I look at them one at a time, and see a boy coming in last.
I remember him.
He’s the one who threw me when I asked for help.

Ah… And I ended up hitting Regulus because of it.
I’m going to hear about that later…

No, that’s not it.
That’s not it…

I just flipped out.
Uu… I just remembered that feeling…

“You harasser!”

I scream without even thinking about it.

My face feels warm.
Is it red?

I don’t know where I got this strength, but I get up on the bed and stand tall.

The girls all look to where I’m pointing, which is obviously that boy.

One of them turns back to me with a light smile, and a chill runs down my spine.

“What is that you are saying all of a sudden? How rude of you.”

I did scream that all of a sudden.

They’re complete strangers to me, but they probably know each other.
I’m sure they’re going to believe his claims instead of me.

But I can’t lose here.
T-this is my…

Uu… I just can’t allow it.

“T-that person there touched my c-chest.
He touched it!”

I scream from the heart, not backing down from that scary smile.
I’m feeling proud of myself for that.

Ah, the smile is gone.
But instead, I feel like anger is overflowing from her entire body.

She turns, and approaches him with heavy steps as they start arguing.

What is this, some kind of lover’s quarrel? Can you do it somewhere else?

I feel tired, and sit back down on the bed.
Uu… Now that I think about it, standing on the bed like that was pretty embarrassing.

“Hum, Miss Mia, it’s a pleasure to meet you.
I am the oldest daughter of the Apostel family, Yor Apostel.”

Apostel… I think that’s the name of one of the cardinals.

“I’m Mia.
So, why am I here?”

I forgot.
I have to ask why I’m here.
It’s important to check the current situation.

“Do you not remember? I don’t know everything either, because I just heard what happened, but it seems people were after your life, and my master saved you.
I also hear you healed him when he was injured.”

I can feel myself becoming pale.

The impact I felt on my chest made me forget about that arrow, and… Now I remember.
He saved me.

He definitely didn’t do it on purpose, but I got embarrassed and started attacking him for it.

“H-hum, I remember.
Can you… Make them stop?”

I look over there again, and see the boy looks worn-out and the angry girl is even more heated than before.

Yor hears me, and heads there with an awkward smile on her face.

I can hear her say something like ‘big sister, it’s a misunderstanding’, among other things.

That discussion dies down, and the girl comes over to me.
I’m a little nervous, but she’s actually a gentle-mannered and nice person.

And then they all introduce themselves.
Leila is both the leader of their adventurer party and the one who keeps everyone together.
She looks like she’s a reliable big sister to the others, but judging by what just happened, she might not be the most calm.

Yor is the daughter of cardinal Dan.
I think I remember hearing that she likes magic so much that she left her home.

Casey and Luilui seem like normal girls, but apparently they’re really strong adventurers.
Aren’t they students? I don’t hear anything about them studying…

Talia is a blunt girl who doesn’t talk a lot, but she doesn’t seem like a bad person.

Trisha is looking at me with a sparkle in her eyes.
She grabs my hand and shakes it up and down with a happy expression on her face.
Apparently she can use holy magic, and she’s moved because she’s meeting me, a saint, but… I don’t think we’ll get along.
T-that chest…

Those six are a party.

And then there’s the boy, Sora, who walks around with a slave.
What is he a pervert?

And what’s with the mask? He might be looking at me with a nasty gaze underneath it.
I can’t see his expression, so I need to watch out.
Then again, he did save my life, so I should at least thank him.

Hikari is Sora’s slave, and she’s glaring at me with great intensity.
Uu… I get the urge to run up to her and hug her.
She reminds me of Shiro.
But as soon as I move to go near her she hides behind Sora.

Yuri is Yor’s little sister, who greets me very politely.
She looks to be the most composed person here, but am I just imagining that?

Introductions are over, and we start talking about the near future.

It sounds like I can’t go back to the church, and I’m going to be living here until the advent festival.

I’m not a big fan of the idea of living in a place I’m not used to, but I guess I have to.
I’m not free, but at least the other girls will let me go with them when they go outside.

But are they all right with this? Of course, I’m happy because it’s better than staying locked in a room, but…

Ah, I want to go to that sweets shop the apprentices were talking about if I can.
Should I try asking them to take me there later?


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