>Did she feel something?”

“It feels weird, but I have a feeling like there’s something warm flowing in the palm of my left hand.”

“I see.
Then I’m going to make it a little stronger.”

I gradually increase the strength of the magic energy, and see Mia is starting to breathe heavily.

“A-are you all right?”

I am.
Can you make it a little stronger? I feel like I’m almost on to something.”

She says with a serious expression and a wrinkle between her eyebrows.
I can tell she’s really trying to grasp something.

I do as she says and increase the strength of the flow of magic energy even more.
I’ve been adjusting it, but won’t it backfire or something if the magic energy flows in a weird way? I’m a little worried, but as far as I can see, the flow of magic energy is still all right.

The magic energy leaving my body through my right hand is transmitted throughout her body and returns through my left hand.

…She’s kind of trembling and moaning but… Does she not notice that?

I feel like I’m seeing something I shouldn’t, and look away from Mia.

Ooh… Looking away actually just made it weirder.
Not seeing something makes the imagination have to fill the gaps.
Am I being tested? If someone were to open the door right now… Would I be executed?

In this quiet room, only Mia’s… Discomposed? Breathing echoes.

Free your mind.
Clear away obstructive thoughts.

I don’t know how long this goes on for, but eventually I hear a big sigh coming from her.

“That’s enough.
I think I get it somehow.”

There are large drops of sweat on her forehead, but she is smiling from the bottom of her heart.

That smile shakes me a little, no, that wonderful smile shakes me a lot.
I stare at her without even realizing.

“What is it?”

“I was just thinking that your smile is beautiful.”

Ah, I shouldn’t have said that.
She just asked me all of a sudden and the words came out of my mouth.

Her face turns even more red.

We’re still holding hands, and we both notice it at the same time.

She tries to pull away, but I grab them a little tighter.

“I-I didn’t mean to upset you.
Let’s do it again, to make sure you don’t forget that feeling.
And this time, you make magic energy flow.”

I understand.”

Her embarrassment is gone, and she looks serious.

“Start when you feel like it.”

I relax my body and wait.

She takes a few deep breaths, before she suddenly stops, closes her eyes, and focuses.

Time keeps passing, and I don’t feel anything on the palm of my hand, even if I focus.

More time passes, and I say nothing as I feel nothing.

Mia takes a deep breath, raises her head, and kind of looks like she’s about to cry.

I let go of her hands, which are covered in sweat.

“No one can do it right from the beginning.
Let’s take this one step at a time.

She lowers her head, and doesn’t say anything.

I wipe my hands, and give her a few taps on the head before patting it.

She raises her head again, and our eyes meet.

“I’ll say it again, no one can do it right from the start.
Let’s try again tomorrow.”


“Then let’s rest for today.”

I didn’t notice this, probably because I was focused, but we’ve been at this for a while.
Enough for the color of the sunlight entering through the window to change.

Mia goes back to her room, and I stay here, thinking by myself.

But I can’t think of any magic item that can make it so she can feel magic energy.
There’s nothing in the list of the Alchemy skill either.

The world isn’t that convenient.
I lay down on the bed, and let go of my consciousness.
Ah… I’m tired in more ways than one.

It’s almost time to eat, but I need to rest for a bit.


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