Chapter 81 – Turmoil in the holy city – Part six

First thing in the morning, Mia asks me to practice sensing magic energy with her, but it’s still no good.

It kind of hurts to see her looking down.
I just want to tell her it’s fine and she doesn’t have to feel so bad about it.

Before I head to the merchant guild, I join the girls in mock battles as I’ve been doing every day.
I ask Mia to come along as a way for her to take a break, and she does.

Honestly, I didn’t really want her to come and see me embarrass myself.
And sure enough, I end up in tatters.
But at least I feel like I’m building a good foundation.
Maybe that’s just what I want to think.

“So there are things you can’t do, Sora.”

“That’s how it is.
You have things you’re good at and things you’re not, and no one’s good at everything from the start.
I’ve been trying different things ever since I came here, and somehow managed to survive.
So you shouldn’t feel like you need to rush and show results right away either.”

I could probably win in an anything goes fight, but that wouldn’t be training.
What I want to learn is how to fight with a sword.

I cast purification magic on myself, Leila, and the others.
This house has a bath, but using it during the day would probably be a hassle.
It comes with all kinds of preparations.

They have to heat water, which is easier here than in most houses because they use magic stones, but magic stones are disposable items.

It’s not like that other world, where everything works with the press of a button.

Could I prepare a bath by using Water Magic and Fire Magic together? We’re about to leave, so I’m not going to test it now, but it might be a good idea to do that later.

I ask the girls what their plans are.
Leila, Casey, Yor, and Trisha are going to the adventurer guild.
Despite our mock battles, they say they don’t want to grow dull, so they’re going to look for relatively simple quests.

Talia and Luilui are staying here.
They’re talking about having to do something.
Their eyes look dead, so is it studying?

I’m going to the merchant guild with Hikari and Mia.
Her white and saint-like robe stands out, so Mia is going out with ‘town-girl style’ clothes she’s borrowing from Yor.

“It looks like you’re not used to wearing that.”

“…Of course not, I’m always wearing the robes the church gives me.”

“I see.
Oh well, you can get used to them now.”

Did I say something weird? She looks surprised.

“Master, let’s go already.”

Hikari presses me to get going as I talk to Mia.

I know what you’re up to.
You want me to finish my business in the merchant guild quickly to go to that sweets shop again.

She looked so happy when we were there last time.
Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to go again.

Before we leave, I sneakily activate a barrier spell.
The target is Mia, and it should repel one attack.
I’m going to be watching Map and using Presence Detection, but a sudden surprise attack might put us on the back foot.

I should also check how long I can maintain it.
I’ve leveled up since the last time I used it, so its effects might have changed.
What I really don’t want is to feel safe because it’s there and suddenly find that it’s gone.

We go to the merchant guild, I show my guild card, and have my potions assessed.
In the end, they’re willing to pay me the same as in Idoru.

Are the prices uniform? But if that’s the case, I don’t see why the prices are so high in item shops.

“What will you do?”

I’m asked, but I don’t sell them.

It might be better to negotiate directly with item shops.

“Sorry, but can we stop by item shops?”

I ask, and the two girls say yes.

We’re going to one that was pretty expensive even among the ones we visited last time.

I’m picking this one because the potions they had were of good quality, so they seemed to be good judges.
The old person behind the counter seemed to me like a craftsman with a lot of presence too.
Of course, that’s just what’s in my head, but appearances matter.

“I want to sell these potions.
Can you assess their value and tell me how much you’re willing to give for them?”

I show five different potions.

The owner brings out what looks like a magnifying glass, and starts looking at the potions.
I wonder what he’s investigating.

I don’t want to disturb him, so I quietly watch and wait as he looks into one at a time.
I can hear him groaning from time to time.
I guess carefully assessing their worth takes time.

Ah, Hikari looks bored.
Mia on the other hand is looking around the store like she’s curious about the things here.

“I see.
Young man, where did you get these potions?”

Is the first thing he asks when he finishes.

Of course, I give him the same line as always.
I bought them off a merchant I met on the way.

“I see.
You said you wanted to assess their value.
Are these all the potions you have, or do you have more?”

“I have about fifty of each.”

“I see.
And are they all similar in quality? I can give you seven silver coins for healing potions, eighty silver coins for mana potions, twenty silver coins for stamina potions, one gold coin for poison antidotes, and seventy silver coins for paralysis antidotes.
What do you think?”

Mana potions are actually more than double.
It honestly feels like I’m getting too much, but too much money is never a problem.

“Yes, I will sell them.”

I take the potions out of the Item Box and hand them over.
The owner checks them one by one, but it takes less time than before.

“They all seem fine.
Here is your money, one hundred and thirty five gold coins and fifty silver coins… That is a lot.
Do you have a card?”

Will a merchant guild card do?”

“Oh, you’re a member of the merchant guild, young man? Why not sell them there instead of here?”

“Ah, they were too cheap there, so I prefer to come here.”

“Is that so? Well, I found myself a good deal because of it, so I have no complaints.”

After checking that I received the money, I ask a question that’s on my mind.

“Why are poison and paralysis detoxing potions so expensive?”

The owner looks exasperated.

“You don’t know? You do know that potions in general vary in effect depending on their quality?”


“Then… Poison and paralysis can be weak and strong.
For example, a weak monster’s poison can be healed with a low quality antidote, but such a thing will not work on strong monsters’ poison.
That means that in a way quality is more important in antidotes than in potions.”

“I see.
So that’s why.”

I take out ten silver coins from my Item Box and hold them out.

“What is this?”

“A lesson fee.
That information is invaluable for me.”

“You are a cheeky young man.
I cannot accept that.”

The old man is just as stubborn as he looks.

“If you have a problem with that, use this money to treat the two young ladies over there to something nice.
They seem bored.”

“…All right, I will do that.”

“Nice job grandpa.”

I smile awkwardly, and Hikari gives sincere praise.

Ten silver coins… I can only see a future where they’re gone instantly.

I say thank you and leave, and Hikari pulls my hand towards the sweets shop.
Her steps are light again.

And, oh… The barrier is gone.
What was that, two hours? Next time I’m going to infuse it with some magic energy.


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