Chapter 6 – After using tea art with my best friend, our relationship became closer.

Tu Xiaoyuan had hoped that Su Yuqi would come into the classroom after the bell rang, but when she arrived, she had nothing in her hands.

“Su Yuqi overslept this morning and was in a rush, so she didn’t have time to buy breakfast,” she explained.

Tu Xiaoyuan excitedly stood up but then fell back into her chair.
Going to the cafeteria was not an option, so the three of them decided to go to the convenience store downstairs to buy breakfast.
As for the errand, it naturally fell to Xi Ning, who had lost the problem-solving competition the night before.

“What did you want?” Xi Ning asked, putting away her book and standing up.

“Beef jerky, chicken rice balls, yogurt, and #$%…thank you, boss!” Tu Xiaoyuan ordered a lot, while Su Yuqi only asked for bread.
She didn’t have much of an appetite, but since she had finally won the problem-solving competition against Xi Ning, it would be a shame not to enjoy her errand service.

Xi Ning quickly agreed and went downstairs.
As she reached the back door, she heard Tu Xiaoyuan’s voice shouting, “Ah, Ning Ning! Add a braised egg for me, the spicy kind!”

The whole classroom could hear her shout.
Xi Ning continued walking forward, turned her head, and waved to show that she understood.

As she was about to turn around, she didn’t pay much attention to where she was going and accidentally collided with someone coming in from outside the door.

“Hey…be careful!”

Tu Xiaoyuan’s second scream made Xi Ning’s heart skip a beat.

She suddenly stopped in her tracks, but a soft body collided with her, and a strange cold fragrance hit her face.
They were so close that Xi Ning’s lips almost touched the corner of the other person’s eye.
The warm softness made her feel like she was being electrocuted, and she took a big step back.

An “I’m sorry” was stuck in her throat, but when she looked down, she saw Kong Nianxi’s face, which looked particularly beautiful in the morning light.

The girl stood against the light at the door of the classroom, and her delicate facial features were covered with a layer of golden light.
Her already beautiful features added a hint of hazy beauty.

“Do you want a braised egg too?” Kong Nianxi squinted her eyes and smiled.

The scene was instantly shattered.
This was too familiar and presumptuous.

If it weren’t for those crescent-shaped eyes staring at her without blinking, Xi Ning would have turned around to see if there was anyone else behind her.

Xi Ning was slow to react and opened her mouth, but when she noticed the other person’s gaze flickering from her lips, her heart suddenly tightened.

Earlier that morning, Kong Nianxi had probably wanted to remind her of something, but Xi Ning had “deliberately” ignored her.

Actually, it was just an accidental brush with the lipstick.
Since everyone was a girl, it wasn’t a big deal.
However, Xi Ning couldn’t calm down at the moment and even feared that the other party would bring up the matter again in the next second.

To avoid embarrassment or rather one-sided embarrassment, she changed her words and quickly responded to Kong Nianxi’s words, “I’ll bring it to you.”

With a certain tone.

Kong Nianxi’s eyes lit up.
“Really? That’s great! Xi Ning, are you going to the convenience store to buy breakfast? I haven’t had breakfast yet…”

“Sure, can you help me get one too?”

Xi Ning: “…”

She didn’t talk much in class and usually looked aloof, but she would hardly refuse if others really had a need.

It’s just that the person in front of her seemed to… already have a pile of breakfast on the table, right?

Kong Nianxi raised her arm, and her slender and fair fingers inadvertently brushed over her lip contour, as if she remembered something.
“Oh, this morning you…”

“Okay.” Xi Ning interrupted her with one word, then smiled stiffly and politely at her, lifted her leg, and prepared to leave.

But she was stopped by Kong Nianxi’s sleeve.
“You haven’t asked me what I want yet.”

Whether intentional or unintentional, when the other party let go, her fingertips slipped from the cuff and hooked onto her little finger, very gently and with a little tingling.

Xi Ning’s spine stiffened for a moment.
“Then… what do you want to eat?”

“I want the same as you~”


Kong Nianxi leaned against the door with her arms folded, watching Xijing’s figure disappear down the corridor.
She couldn’t help but smile.
After a while, she collected her smile, frowned slightly, and whispered hesitantly, “Was it too much? What if it wasn’t allowed at all?” She frowned and took out her phone from her jacket pocket, continuing to browse the entry she had seen last night.
She turned back to her seat.

#You didn’t like green tea just because green tea’s target wasn’t you#

#Not only men, but women can’t resist green tea#

#Attracting a girl’s attention is talking to her about tea#

#After using tea art on my best friend, our relationship became closer#

#Fire prevention, theft prevention, and boyfriend prevention#

When you opened an entry, countless extended entries unfolded before you.
When you accidentally clicked on a video, countless related videos opened up a new world for you.

When Kong Nianxi walked back to her front-row seat from the back door absent-mindedly, she clicked on the latest joke video on a website, which turned into-

“Because my boyfriend is a green tea, I finally understand that I love my best friend.
Sisters, be sure to prevent fire, theft, and boyfriends from stealing your thunder!”

Shimin had been drooling over the soup dumplings on Kong Nianxi’s table for half an hour and was finally lured by the fragrance from the packaging bag next to her.
When she finally saw someone coming, she looked up and saw the orange-flavored video playing on the other person’s phone.

She widened her eyes.
“Xi… Xi Xi, why did you suddenly change your orientation?”

Kong Nianxi took her eyes off the screen and casually said, “Does it matter?”

Shimin shook her head like a drum.

It didn’t matter, of course, it didn’t matter.
What else does a beauty need besides fluid sexuality? The more fluid, the better!

With a light sigh, Kong Nianxi put her phone on the table, propped her chin, and looked at Shimin with a somewhat distressed expression on her face.
“Min, if… a girl’s green tea target was you, would you hate it?”

“Huh?” Shimin was stunned for a moment, and it took her a while to say, “Uh, I don’t know… I haven’t encountered it, but to be honest, I shouldn’t hate it.
Who doesn’t like fragrant and soft girls?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw a smile on Kong Nianxi’s face that was so beautiful that it was against the rules.

Xi Ning couldn’t remember how she went downstairs to buy breakfast.
When she returned to the classroom carrying a bag of things, she had already absentmindedly brought the same ham sandwich and yogurt for Kong Nianxi.
As she stepped into the classroom, Kong Nianxi, who was sitting in the third row, stood up from the crowd and ran over to take the breakfast from her, hugging it happily.

“I love you~” she said with a sweet wink.


Xi Ning felt that her relationship with Kong Nianxi was developing in a strange direction.
Why did she suddenly become so familiar with her? Until she took a sip of water and returned to her seat, Xi Ning still felt a bit dazed.
She shook her head and quickly blocked out these thoughts.
Regardless of interests or social circles, she and Kong Nianxi were completely different people and not suitable to be friends.
Perhaps it was just a passing fancy for the other person.

Xi Ning regained her composure, opened her textbook, and prepared to preview the content of the first class.
Tu Xaoyuan held a rice ball in her hand, sat on the chair in front of Xi Ning with her legs crossed, and turned her head to look at something.
Suddenly, she leaned over and whispered, “Wow, the beauty seems to have changed her lipstick color today.
It’s a bit sexy and suits her well.”

The beauty she referred to was implicitly referring to Kong Nianxi.

Xi Ning calmly continued to underline the key points in her textbook with her pen.

“This color is rarely seen in school.
Why does it feel a bit familiar?” Xi Ning’s pen tip paused.

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