ts left her somewhat confused.
Whether it was her outstanding beauty or her personality, Kong Nianxi was an absolute focal point.
She was high-profile at school, and every move she made drew attention.
This was completely opposite to Xi Ning, who preferred a quiet and low-key life.

Until the previous afternoon, Xi Ning and Kong Nianxi had been like two parallel lines that would never intersect, and they had no social interaction even after finishing their studies.
However, the change seemed to have happened too quickly.

Xi Ning wondered if it was because of the milk tea they had last night.
But it was only a cup of milk tea.
Moreover, Kong Nianxi didn’t seem to care about receiving items from unfamiliar boys and girls based on her daily behavior.

Xi Ning heard Kong Nianxi’s slightly disappointed voice and saw her biting her lower lip while staring at her with deep eyes.
The slightly aggrieved tone mixed with a hint of coquettish complaint would work on boys one hundred percent of the time, but when used on a girl who was not very familiar with her, it could cause some confusion.
However, Kong Nianxi had found a comfortable balance and did not make people feel uncomfortable at all.

Xi Ning quickly regained her composure and smiled apologetically.
“Sorry, I was a little distracted just now.” She added Kong Nianxi as a friend on her phone, and they exchanged phone numbers.

The bell rang, and Kong Nianxi stood up, waving her phone at Xi Ning with a sparkling smile in her eyes, representing her obvious joy.
Before leaving, Xi Ning thought about explaining the milk tea incident from last night, but she realized that it might be more awkward to bring it up suddenly, so she let it go.

After the last experimental class in the morning, Xi Ning walked out of the lab and waited for Su Yuqi and Tu Xiaoyuan at the bathroom door.
When she saw a bombardment of messages from Xi Mu on her phone, she realized that he had planned every detail, including their class schedule.

Xi Ning replied coldly to Xi Mu’s messages and put her phone away.
The three of them went downstairs together and realized that the rain was heavier than expected, and Xi Ning’s umbrella was not enough for three people.
Tu Xiaoyuan was afraid of getting wet by raindrops splashing from the eaves and hugged her arms.
Su Yuqi suggested that one of them goes to the entrance to pick up the food with an umbrella, then come back to the classroom to pick up the rest of them.

Just as they were in a dilemma, Xi Mu appeared out of nowhere and interjected.
He handed over an umbrella to them, and Tu Xiaoyuan happily took it.
“You’re really useful, little brother!” Xi Ning frowned, suspecting that Xi Mu had ulterior motives.

After the two left, Xi Ning looked at the tall figure beside her.
“Tell me, what’s your plan?” Xi Mu coughed and turned his body to one side.
Xi Ning followed his gaze and saw Kong Nianxi standing under the eaves at the entrance, avoiding the rain.

“So, why did you leave me behind?” Xi Ning asked.

Xi Mu coughed.
“So many people tried to give her an umbrella, but it didn’t work.
But sister, you’re different.”

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