Time passed quickly, and the Cultural festival started with excited expressions on everyone’s faces.

On the first day, I was almost full time helping the class.
I was so busy making takoyaki and serving customers that I hardly had any time to rest.

And in return today, the second day of the festival when the public participation will take place, I was allowed to be completely free, and only help on my own accord.

Originally I planned to help the class again, and contribute so that things continue on smoothly, but…

“Oh, crepes.
High school students can make crepes at the cultural festival? That’s amazing.”

“Yeah, this time the organizers decided to sell crepes as well, because they are too popular these days.”

Here I was, currently accompanying my cousin Kaede, on a tour of the school festival.

“I’ve been feeling a little down all day, Mi-kun.
Do something about it.”

“Why don’t we kill some time in the school library, there are many books you might find to be interesting.”

“Hmm, come to think of it, aren’t we on a cultural festival date?… Wait, we are on a date?!”

“Don’t surmise anything on your own.”

Kaede’s face turned bright red while she repeatedly denied the words that came out of her mouth.

I wonder If she didn’t want to be alone, why did she not ask Shi-chan to accompany her today?

“Well, what happened to Shi-chan?”

“Mom is looking after her.”

“So you’re relieved?”

I’m going to tell you one thing, I’m here because you don’t have any friends.
I didn’t want you to go to the school festival alone.
It’s a pity you know.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever.”

I replied nonchalantly, not minding the cruel words she said.
I am not that big of a loner in the first place!

While we were strolling around, looking around different stalls, a duo of girls approached us.

“Yahoo! Segawa-kun.”

“Could it be, Segawa’s girlfriend standing next to you?”

They were my classmates and they mistook Kaede as my girlfriend, looks like I will have to clear another misunderstanding.

“No, she is just my cousin.”

“Oh, really? But she is so cute!”

“I know, right? I thought that she was too cute to be Segawa’s girlfriend.”

“Shut up.
And you can’t just hang around here like this.”

“Well, we’re taking a break because there aren’t many people in our class so we’re not busy right now.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah and everyone is doing their work appropriately, so you don’t have to worry much about it.”

“I see, that’s a relief then.”

“Well, see you later, Segawa.
Cousin-chan you too.”

While waving their hands fluttering, the duo of girls left our vicinity with a smile on their faces as though they saw something amusing.

Turning my head towards Kaede, she currently had an expression like she just saw the end of the world.

“I thought you didn’t have any friends, Mi-kun.”

“Haah… I don’t know what you think of, but I am normal like every other high-schooler and have friends as well.

“Well, you never leave your house, even on holidays!”

“I admit I’m an indoor person, but I still have friends.”

“If it’s a boy then it’s okay, but if it’s a girl… Mi-kun you are an idiot! Now you have to buy me a crepe.”

With a frown on her face, Kaede puffed her cheeks.
She usually rants like this with no proper reasons and accuses me of things I haven’t even done.

And now I have to buy her a crepe too.
The meaning is unknown.

Seeing her with teary eyes I sighed and headed over to the crepe stall.


While going around the festival with Kaede, we were occasionally approached by people I was acquainted with.
Each time, they mistook Kaede for my girlfriend.
For some reason, she seemed happy about it, but I wondered what it was about her that made her so grumpy every time I denied it.

When I finished going around the entire festival, Kaede suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Her gaze fell on Sakuramiya-sensei, who was being begged by a female student to buy one of her products.

It must be tough being a teacher on the day of a cultural festival and supervising most of the things.

The expenses must be outrageous from a student’s point of view, but it’s nothing related to money I guess.

However, why is Kaede so alarmed when she sees Sakuramiya-sensei?

“Are you worried about that teacher?”

“Teacher?… I see so, she is a teacher.”

“What’s with that reaction?”

“Nothing… I just thought she’s the kind of teacher that you like.”

“Huh? I don’t know on what basis you said that, but I like people who are younger than me.
That teacher is actually in her early thirties.”

Surely, I do like younger girls.
Well, I don’t really care that much about age, but at least I wouldn’t consider someone as old as Sakuramiya-sensei as a romantic interest.

“Eh? She is 30? Is that person really 30 years old? Are you kidding me?!”

When I told her Sakuramiya-sensei’s age, Kaede’s eyes widened in surprise.

If someone didn’t know the details of Sensei’s age they would surely mistake her to be in her early twenties, that young and beautiful her appearance is.

The conversation about a woman’s age, a topic that could have made the woman herself lose her temper if she had heard it.

“… Segawa-kun, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Before I knew it, Sakuramiya-snesei was already standing in front of me.
She had a really scary smile on her face, and her cheeks and eyebrows were occasionally twitching.
I guess it’s my time to die.

Without thinking of the place and time, I made certain remarks which surely offended the one in the question.

Sweating like a waterfall had lost its bind, I began apologizing with all my might.

“I am so sorry, Sakuramiya-sensei, I didn’t mean to offend you.
I’m really sorry, please forgive me.”

“Wow, so beautiful…”

While I was profusely apologizing, Kaede was captivated by Sensei’s charms seeing her up closer.

“Eh really? Well, thank you… Are you Segawa’s girlfriend?”

The edges of Sakuramiya-sensei’s mouth loosened up, as if she was flattered by the praise.

Even Sensei mistook Kaede as my girlfriend.

In the first place If I had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t be pretending to be her fiancé.


“Yes, I’m Mi-kun’s girlfriend!”


But just as I was about to deny it, that’s when it happened.

Kaede clung close to my arm and declared as if it was a matter of fact.

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