ame time, fun because I got to see Shinozuka-san panicking and fidgeting, who is usually calm whenever she was involved in anything that requires her utmost attention, and boring because I was not thrilled at all during the ride.

“I’m alive… Am I really alive, Segawa-kun?”

“Yes, you are absolutely fine.”

After the roller coaster ride, with Shinozuka-san on the verge of life and death, my reason and instincts were at odds with each other.

I noticed our interconnected hands which she was still holding on as she refused to let go even after the roller coaster ride was over.

Perhaps the impact of the ride made her forget that we were still holding hands.

Normally it is right that I myself tell her about it, so that she wouldn’t be that embarrassed when she notices it, but… My instincts as a man were saying to keep silence as holding hands with such a beautiful girl was quite rare.

“Is it okay to let go of my hands?”

But after contemplating it, I decided to be discreet as it was a gentleman’s duty to not take advantage of a girl whom I am not dating.

Shinozuka-san, however, looked up to me because of the difference in our heights and gave me an affectionate smile.

I” still have some lingering effects from the roller coaster ride, so I wonder if it would be okay if you held my hand for a while.”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

“Thank you.
Come to think of it Boy’s hands are usually rough aren’t they?”

“Well, of course that’s how it is.”

I guess she might have had one or two boyfriends in the past.
But she was acting like it was her first time, was that really the case? So I decided to ask her about it.

“Have you held hands with someone of opposite s*x?”

“No, it’s actually my first time holding hands with a boy, so I didn’t know the details.”

“Wait… Seriously?”

It was a shocking revelation.
Shinozuka-san, never had a boyfriend?

But as she is such a beautiful girl, and relatively popular with boys of our school, I thought she might have dated someone.

Inwardly I felt a little sorry that I was the first person she held hands with.

“Segawa-kun, have you ever held hands with a girl before?”

“Yes,I have held hands with a girl before.”

“I see…”

Shinozuka-san looked down with a defeated voice, and she looked a little sad.
Is she perhaps worried about something?”

I’ve held hands before with a girl, but I’ve never been in love.

“Well, I’ve never had a girlfriend.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah I’ve only held hands with my cousin once.”

“I see.
So I’m the first girl in our age group?”

“Well, I guess you can say it like that.”

“Heh~ then you are the same as me.”

I wonder what made her happy as she giggled in satisfaction.

Kaede is in middle-school, so she is a little different from her peers.
Sakuramiya-sensei is in her early thirties and well Shi-chan is still a child and not even of enough age.

The people I’ve held hands with are a bit peculiar, don’t you think? This is what I get for running away from love.
I’m going to have to work harder.


[Point Of View] Kaede Ayase :

What in the world happened on the roller coaster…

The three of us, Shi-chan, Yumi-nee and I were still following Mi-kun and the girl.

They were not holding hands before the roller coaster ride, but now they were, and there were no signs of any of them letting go.

“I’m sure it’s the suspension bridge effect.”

“How do you know that word, Shi-chan?”

The teacher behind me, Yumi-nee aka Sakuramiya-sensei was marveling at the vocabulary of the little girls who was just 5 years old.
But I’m now used to her smart antics.

But the suspension bridge effect…

When you share fear and anxiety, it becomes easier to fall in love with each other.

I’m not sure both of them are a couple or not, but after these turn of events there are high chances that they might end up as a couple probably because of the suspension bridge effect.

It is possible that they may have confessed their feelings for each other during the roller coaster ride? No, I don’t think so, let’s not assume things on my own.

But the fact that they are holding hands is worrisome.

“Onee-chan, please don’t do chew on the handkerchief like that.”

As I was chewing on my striped handkerchief while looking at the couple with resentful eyes, Shi-chan tugged om the sleeve of my dress.

And Yumi-nee, standing behind me, said with a puzzled voice.

“Shall we also ride on some attractions as well?”

“No, if we do that, we’ll lose sight of Mi-kun and her, so I am sorry but I’ll have to decline.”

“Haah… If that’s the case then, Shi-chan would you like to go on some rides with me? You must be tired following both of them for so long.”

“Please don’t treat me like any other child, I can handle this much.”

“I see……”

Yumi-nee defeatedly sighed and smiled awkwardly while sweat was dropping from her cheeks.
Meanwhile we continued to follow Mi-kun while maintaining a reasonable distance.


TL & ED : Zenon #4120

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