I was in a dazed state.
Shi-chan who was next to me was shaking me but I didn’t respond to her.

It’s no-good after all.
Without a doubt, they both were a couple.

They had brought their own lunch boxes and were feeding each other while smiling.
Anyone can easily guess that they were dating.

And it doesn’t look like Yumi-nee’s case where Mi-kun was pretending to be her fiancé.
They were just acting so natural in it.

Mi-kun, you’re usually so lazy, and now you are acting so embarrassed and blushing hard.
Ah… it looks like Mi-kun was taken away from me.

I’ve had a crush on him since I was eight years old.
I’m too unfortunate, aren’t I?

“I’m leaving now…”

I turn on my heel to escape from the fact that Mi-kun has a girlfriend.

There is nothing left for me to do here.

If I interrupt them then maybe Mi-kun will come to hate me, and it’s relatively better to act normally than acting as an obstacle in their relationship… Really, what did I come here for?

When I arrived at the possibility that he has a girlfriend, my mind somehow stopped working and I couldn’t think straight.

While I was amazed at my antics, Shi-chan tugged on my hand sleeves.

“If what I think is correct, then they both aren’t dating each other.
So don’t lose your hope yet.”

“Huh? No matter how you look at it, they are clearly dating each other.”

“Then, I will go and confirm it.”

“What, Shi-chan…⁉︎”

The girl clenched her fists and shoved it in hair as if showing her motivation.

Panicking, I tried to stop the little girl who was just going to make everything wrong by appearing in front of them.

“You can’t do that.
Just think what will happen if he learns that we were following him.”

“I can’t stand still and watch both of you in despair.
I will confirm from the person himself.”

“Where does that confidence come from… Yumi-nee you should say something too.”

I turned back to where Yumi-nee was and requested her to understand the little girl, but there she was with her head down and shoulders slumped as well.
She looked dejected for some reason.

“… So you have a girlfriend after all.
Even though you confessed to me at the cultural festival, you did everything for me… Well, I’m a teacher and I am already in my early thirties so maybe I am not that pretty.
But even if that was the case, you promised me that you’ll be with me till the very end.
Maybe all of that was a lie?”


While facing the wall with her head down, she was mumbling those words again and again.

“Well in the first place, it’s all my fault.
I forced you in all that mess, created trouble for you.
And in the end I ended up falling in love with you… Ugh, I am a total idiot.”

“Yumi-nee, who are you talking to?”

“Oh Kaede, you can see it clearly, right there.

“No, you are hallucinating”

I carefully looked around as if someone were looking at us like we were some weirdos here, but thank god that was not the case.

“I’m going to get married…”

Yumi-nee after mumbling against the wall, turned on her heels with a depressing look on her face.


“I can’t bother him anymore.
And if I follow him any longer, then I won’t be able to hold myself.

“Hey, Yumi-neei…”

It feels like I have done something wrong, I shouldn’t have brought her with me and let her witness the sight of Mi-kun dating a girl.

“If you are not going to do anything, then I’ll.”

As I looked away from Yumi-nee’s back, I heard Shi-chan’s voice brimming with confidence.

By the time I could have reacted, my little sister headed over to where Mi-kun was.

“Wait Shi-chan!”

I tried to stop her, but I couldn’t catch up with her as she was rushing forward at a fast pace.

I don’t want to be found out by Mi-kun that we were following him, but it was all futile in the end.

“What should I do…”

I could do nothing but watch from the shadows.

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