Chapter 5 – Cohabitation? You can't do that!

I was responding to the topics that Kiyoka-san brought up, my hands were shaking because I was overusing the three action patterns of ‘yes’, ‘nod’ and ‘smiling’.

Nearly two hours had already passed, and I was mentally and physically exhausted.
The second hand of the clock was moving very slowly from my perspective.

To begin with, I heard about the setting of Sensei’s fiancée.
I can’t prepare my mind at all.


Sighing heavily I thought that if I’ll ever be able to forget what all happened today.

“Oh, that’s right.
I was so engrossed in talking that I forgot that I had to say hello to Minato-kun’s parents.
When would be a good time?”

After we had settled down for a moment, Kiyoka-san remembered and put her hand on the table.

Meet with my parents?

Well, if we are really going to get married, then there should be a meeting between our parents.

Sakuramiya-sensei and I are around 10 years apart in age, then it is even more so

But that’s only if we are really getting married.

While sweating heavily I turned my gaze to Sakuramiya-sensei but she was no better than me.
In fact her situation was even more dire, seeing this only one thought came to my mind, ‘I can’t get used to Sensei….’

“I’m sorry.
My parents are away on a business trip….”

“Oh, really?”

That’s actually true.
It’s not a lie.

My parents are in Osaka on a business trip.

Instead, my aunt and cousin are at home, but let’s not talk about that now.

“So, you live alone right now?”

I thought that an awkward question suddenly came up.

Should I be honest here? 

No, I couldn’t deny the possibility that I would have to let her greet my relatives.

If that’s the case, I’ll play it safe…..

I live alone for now.”

“That’s really great.
Yumi still hasn’t moved out of her nursery room, and yet you’re living by yourself, that’s commendable.”

“Hey Mom, stop embarrassing me any further in front of him.”

Sakuramiya-sensei who is stimulated with a sense of shame, due to that her cheeks turned due to embarrassment.


“It’s a secret from everyone.” She appealed to me with her eyes.
Well, in these times of recession, I guess it’s okay to live alone.

Besides, it must take a lot of courage for a woman to take the plunge into living alone.
Even in safe Japan, there are always suspicious people.

I took another sip from my tea.  

“Oh, that’s right.
Why don’t you take this opportunity to stay at Minato’s house?”

“Bu-fu, cough……co-cough?!” 

Unintentionally, I choked on the sip I was taking because of the words which came out of her mouth.

I coughed profusely and behaved rudely as if I’m not thinking I am in someone else’s house.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.
I’m sorry about that”

While I was wiping the table which I had dirtied, with a tissue.
Sakuramiya-sensei asks her mother in a confused voice.

“Eh, well Mom…… what were you saying?”

“What is it, Mintao-kun is living alone now, doesn’t he? In that case, I just suggested that Yumi should also live with him.
Rather than living after marriage it would be better to live in a cohabitation period.
Wouldn’t it be convenient for you as well?”

Kiyoka-san’s point does make sense, even if in a twisted way.
Although it was a bold proposal, it does make sense to live in a cohabitation period if we are eventually going to live together after marriage.


“Well that might be true but….”

Suddenly I felt Sakuramiya-sensei’s glare at me.

I shook my head slightly.

It’s not a joking matter about living with a teacher.
We are students and teachers only, not more than that.

I have an aunt and a cousin at home.
I can’t let Sakuramiya-sensei live in my house under such circumstances.

I turned my thoughts to the fullest and tried to come up with an excuse.

“Well my house is too small.
It would be difficult if Sakura──Yumi-san were to move in with us, and there would be problems with the daily necessities.
I think there will be a lot of inconveniences……”

“I’m sorry, that’s right.
Then, how about Minato-kun living in our house?”


My voice overlaps with Sensei’s voice.

Sakuramiya-sensei spun her words quickly.

Oh, Mom.
I’m going to live with him after we get married, so you don’t have to force him to live with us.
Besides, it would be hard for Minato-kun to relax in a house like this, right?”

“Well, I thought it was a good idea.
What do you think, Minato-kun?”

“……uh, I think it’s not that late for us to get married and live together eventually.”

“That’s certainly right.”

Kiyoka-san let out a sigh of regret.

I myself also let out a strange sigh of relief, because if the cohabitation was agreed then there is no going back, and things would have been awkward between me and Sensei.

(TL Notes: I was personally looking forward to it -_-)

However, my relief was short-lived as Seika looked at me and Sakuramiya-sensei alternately.

“….By the way, I can’t get rid of this strange feeling of discomfort, but I wonder if Yumi and Minato-kun are really dating?”

With a smile, a gentle face, and a voice, I was suddenly hit with the most unpleasant part.

A breathtaking sensation, like being shot through the heart with a bow and arrow.
My heart rate won’t stop beating like crazy.

My neck went dry and I was unable to move my vocal cords to reply to her.
But Sakuramiya-sensei responded with an awkward smile adorning her face.

“Why are you asking such a thing Mom, Minato-kun and I are properly dating, right?”

“In that case it feels like there is not enough love between you, like there is a distance in your closeness.
I wonder if there are any pictures of yours together?”

Rather I should probably say that I was able to endure it so far.

Certainly the special atmosphere that normally exists between lovers does not exist between us at all.”

“It is natural to have a sense of incongruity, and the suspicion rises as to whether we are really dating or not.”

Perhaps I had been somewhat relaxed because the conversation was going on so smoothly and I let my guard down.
I should have acted more like Sakuramiya-sensei’s boyfriend.
It’s no use to reflect on it now though.

When I was in the mood of giving up, Sakuramiya-sensei raised her voice in a resolute attitude.

“The next time I go on a date with Minato-kun I will take lots of pictures for you, Is that okay?”

……Hmm? This seems to be getting to a point which I didn’t expect at all.
A date with Sensei?!

“Oh, really? I’m looking forward to it.

“Yeah, you can count on it.
I’ll prove to you how in love we are.”


The conversation proceeds without me.

“It’s fine right, Minato-kun.
We will show Mom that we are really dating each other.”

Sakuramiya-sensei stared intently into my eyes.
Tears welled up in her eyes.

She looked really cute now, that I felt the urge to pat her.

Meanwhile, blinking repeatedly, Sakuramiya-sensei tries to tell me something.
I don’t know what she is trying to tell me with those gestures, but it looks like she is asking for my cooperation.

My cheeks twitched.
It seems that the boat I was about to board was a muddy one.

This is insane……..
A teacher is going on a date with one of his students.
Depending on the situation, this could be a problem.

But there’s no point of return, and I certainly cannot say ‘no’ here.

“Of course, Yumi-san.”

Ah, a wedding greeting which will be followed by a date……

I felt a heavy weight on my shoulder with a clumsy smile on my face thinking about the future.

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