September 6.

It was Sunday.

Today, I have a date planned with Sakuramiya-sensei.

A teacher and a student meeting for personal errands on a holiday.
It was kind of an immoral act, but I was not in high spirits.

I was just cooperating with Sakuramiya-sensei.
I have no romantic feelings for her.

Therefore, the sweet sound of a date did not make me excited or nervous……

The meeting place is at the nearest station to my house. 

The date location is far away from the high school, so there is very little risk of being discovered by my classmates.

The meeting time, one o’clock in the afternoon, was approaching.

I stood up heavily and started to get ready for school.

“Are you going out somewhere, Mi-kun?”

While I was adjusting my sleeping habits.
Kaede asked me in a curious voice.

“Yes, I’m going out for a while.”

“It’s a rare occurrence.
You won’t even move from one place, If Shi-chan doesn’t yells and nags you to take her somewhere.”

“There are times when Kaede also forces me to go outside with her, though.”

“It’s just because I’m concerned about your health.
I thought if you stayed indoors always, your body would have rotten that way, so I had no choice…..
yes, I had no choice!”

(TL/N : Who are you fooling girl?)

“Thank you for taking the time to think about me.”

“I’m not thinking about Mii-kun at all.
I’m just taking your health into consideration, that’s all.”

Is it because she is in the middle of her puberty, Kaede is somewhat rebellious.
Looking at her facing sideways, I continued to fix my hair.

“–Ah, so….
It’s a bit hard to say but….”


“I have club activities this afternoon, so if Mi-kun goes out…… Shi-chan will be all alone.”

“Huh? Didn’t you say that there are no club activities on weekends?”

“I did, but the other day I was selected as an athlete, so I have to go today as well…..”

Kaede looks down and her eyes turned watery.

The tone of her voice gradually went down till she finished what she was saying.

It was a completely unexpected development.

If Kaede goes for club activities and I go on a date, then Shi-chan will be left alone at home.

I was so anxious to have a five year old child stay at home all alone.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t tell you properly.”

“Well, I didn’t tell you that I was going out either.
For the time being, leave Shi-chan with me.
I will move my schedule to another day.”


“Yeah, good luck with your club activities.”

“Yeah! Oh, that’s right.
You should come watch the next tournament……I’ll probably be taking part in it.”

if you feel like it.”

“Come there even if you don’t like it! You idiot!”

With her cheeks faintly blushing, Kaede left the washroom while murmuring some words.

I immediately took my phone out of my pocket and called Sakuramiya-sensei.
I’m glad we exchanged contact information.

A few rings later, I finally heard Sensei’s voice..

“Hello, what’s wrong? Segawa-kun.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry, Sensei.
The situation has changed a bit.
Can we change today’s date to some other day?”

Well I guess, it’s… okay.”

“Is there any inconvenience?”

“I mean, I’ve made a great deal to my mom that I’m going on a date today, and I can’t back out now… I’ve already left home…”


I’m not sure if I’ve already given the details of the date spot.

Sakuramiya-sensei lives at home with her parents.
So she is not in a position to say that, ‘My boyfriend canceled the date at the last minute.’

I put my hand on my chin and thought silently for about three seconds.

The fault is completely on my side.
I should at least make a suggestion.

“I’d like to make a proposal, if it’s okay with you.”

“What is it?”

“Can I bring Shi-chan with me? I cannot leave her alone at home, only that way we can go on a date.”

“Of course! If you can go on a date with me, it’s completely fine!”

A lively voice flies over the smartphone.

I thought it was a proposal that would cause her some troubles on the date, but Sensei didn’t seem to be perplexed.

“Well then, if it’s fine with you.
Ah, I will be a little late for the date.
I have to get Shi-chan ready.”

“It’s ok.
I’ll be waiting for you.”

I hung up the phone and put it back in my pocket.
I then went to the living room to see Shi-chan, who was studying the multiplication tables again.

And when Shi-chan noticed a beautiful smile turned on her face.

“Minato-nii look, I’ve done it.”

She showed me the back of the paper on which she had written the seventh step.

She had already learnt the hardest part of this table.
It’s surprising how fast children grow.

“I see, that’s great.
Well then, let’s try division.”

That doesn’t sound bad.”

I don’t really understand her sensibility, but I guess it’s okay, as her eyes are sparkling in determination.

“But before that, why don’t we go out for a bit today?”

“Outing? I’m so surprised that Minato-nii is asking me to go out with him.”

“No, it’s not like that.
Do you remember Sakuramiya-sensei?”

“You mean, Yumi-nee?”

“Yes, I have plans to meet with Yumi-nee and if it’s okay would you like to come with us?”

She is a good listener.
She is a good listener and will not bother you.

“A date…..”

I wonder where she learned those words?

“No, you’ve probably misunderstood me.
Sensei and I are just student and teacher, or rather we are just like friends.
So it would be fun if Shi-chan also came with us.”

“I see.
I’ll go with you then.”

“Okay, then, let’s get ready to go out.”


And so, I decided to bring Shi-chan along on today’s date with Sensei. 

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