When the night came, no one suggested playing any games together, they all got together in twos and threes, either playing with their phones or going to the barbecue area to buy a few skewers of barbecue.

It was a bit cold on the top of the mountain, and although the senior with glasses had mentioned it before they arrived, the temperature still exceeded their expectations, and it wasn’t long before most of the people who chose to camp here went into their tents.

You Ning rented a tent for his cat, and he put it in before he went into Shu Yu’s tent.

“It’s so cold…” You Ning lay down, his beautiful eyes looking at Shu Yu.
His eyes seemed to contain a dense mist, and they were beautiful and seductive.

Shu Yu looked annoyed, but still had to lie down with You Ning.
He was about to hold back those negative, tyrannical emotions and caress the person beside him, but things went against his expectations.

You Ning hooked his leg, and the soft fabric at his knee brushed against Shu Yu’s crotch.

Shu Yu’s face instantly changed.

People in love sometimes don’t need any sweet words, as just a look and a gesture could ignite the whole body.
So although You Ning’s actions were a little bold and proactive, they were considered normal.

Then, Shu Yu’s dark and gloomy face became very abnormal.

You Ning rubbed against him again and called out in an incomparably seductive voice: “Senior ……”

Even angels couldn’t resist the temptation of an incubus, let alone Shu Yu, who was only human.

Shu Yu didn’t know what was wrong with You Ning today.
His lips looked particularly soft, his eyes were particularly sticky, and his voice sounded so good that all Shu Yu knew was that he wanted to kill someone right now.

You Ning understood his anger because the lump his knee touched was as soft as noodles!

–exactly as he had guessed.

Why did Lu Anlan beg for Shu Yu’s company like that in his last life, but Shu Yu was unmoved? It wasn’t that Shu Yu really hated Lu Anlan and wasn’t even remotely interested in him; moreover, if Shu Yu was after revenge, then he could have slept with Lu Anlan and gotten the thrill of revenge that way.
He didn’t touch the other party simply because he couldn’t.

In the end, Lu Anlan never guessed why and lost his confidence and felt inferior, but You Ning was different.
Combined with Lu Anlan’s memories of that night in the tent, Shu Yu had only helped Lu Anlan that night, but he didn’t let Lu Anlan touch him at all.

Shu Yu grabbed You Ning’s leg.
He was using a lot of strength, his eyes were bloodshot, and he spoke through gritted teeth: “Stop it.
Be good; there are people outside now.”

You Ning appeared startled by his fierceness, he struggled a little but did not break free, and his eyes filled with moisture as he cried out pitifully: “Senior, it hurts ……”

Such a tone of voice, at such a time, and with such an expression ……

Shu Yu took a deep breath.
He kept suppressing the thought of strangling the person in front of him, and slowly let go of his hand.
Earlier, he had planned to do something for Lu Anlan to enhance their relationship, as he felt that the latter didn’t love him as much as he did in his last life, but at the moment, any planned thoughts were burned away by the fire inside that couldn’t be let out.

You Ning touched his leg and gave Shu Yu a timid look, as if he felt terrified of his senior at the moment.
He sat up and whispered, “I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable, senior.
I, I’d better go to bed, my cat might miss me.
Good night.”

But he knew that Shu Yu would not have a good night.

As soon as You Ning came out, he saw his cat crouching just outside Shu Yu’s tent.
He picked it up with a smile and walked briskly back to his tent.

He didn’t notice that in the darkness not far from him, a man withdrew the foot that was about to walk this way.

As soon as You Ning returned to his tent, Lu Anlan immediately spoke up, “How did you know?! I never thought of that.”

You Ning heard the administration in the human’s tone and was in an extremely good mood: “Didn’t I say I prayed Shu Yu can never get hard in his next life?”

Lu Anlan: “……”

Is this what you meant?

“But,” You Ning sat in the tent and stroked his cat, “do you know why he hates you so much?”

“I’m not sure; I only heard him say that he will live a new life now that he had gotten rid of me, and that nothing was holding him back anymore.” That night, when Shu Yu woke up from his nightmare, he only said a few words and never mentioned it again, so that was all Lu Anlan knew.

You Ning scratched his cat’s chin and thought for a moment, “Nothing was holding him back? Could it be that you chopped off his penis in your first life, causing him to be reborn and remain with after-effects, so he decided to torture you that much, kill you, and take over your family business?”

Although it sounded logical, it was impossible.

Lu Anlan: “……I probably wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Given his character, it was clear that he wouldn’t get into trouble, and even if he did have any problems with people, he wouldn’t choose violent means like that; at most, he would call the police.

Of course, You Ning knew this, he was just throwing it out there.
He had the devilish nature of toying with people, and he felt good at the thought of the fire he had stirred up in Shu Yu tonight, which he couldn’t vent out and could only hold in.

“I’ll give you another surprise tomorrow!” With that, You Ning fell asleep in a good mood.

The black cat lying next to his pillow waved its tail, looking at its master’s beautiful face with hesitation.
Should it take advantage of the archangel’s absence to tell its master that an angel had taken over its body and was deliberately trying to get close to its master?

But what of the blind date the archangel had promised it? Its master was so beautiful that every time it met another magical creature and fell in love, the other party would fall for its master once they met him, and they would always try to steal its place.
That wasn’t true love!

It has been single for almost 100 years ……

Meow! It wasn’t being unloyal, it was sure that with the archangel’s terrible acting skills, its incredibly clever master will be able to spot it soon enough!

You Ning knew nothing about his pet’s betrayal all because of a verbally agreed-upon blind date.
He got up early the next day and watched the sunrise with his seniors.

Apart from the barbecue food stalls, there were also breakfast stalls at the top of the mountain, mainly because many tourists were coming to watch the sunrise, especially since it was the holidays.

After breakfast, the group headed down the mountain and passed by the entrance of the hotel, where they met Xiang Yang and the other two also coming out.

Xiang Yang was in a dull state, but when he saw You Ning, it was as if he had been poured with water, and he was instantly refreshed.
Xia Congxin said she tried to chat with You Ning last night, but You Ning did not return a single message.

But from what he was seeing…… his An An was not bullied by that hypocrite Shu Yu! This was wonderful!

“Why are you looking at me?” You Ning touched his face, as if wondering if it was unclean.

“No,” Xiang Yang shook his head and smiled brightly, “you look particularly refreshed today.”

You Ning said, “Yeah, I was too tired yesterday, so I went to bed early.
By the way, we’re going down, do you want to join us?”

Xia Congxin didn’t want to walk down, the distance wasn’t that small.

You Ning saw her concern and said, “Don’t worry, we’re not walking; we’ll take the cable car down.”

The money they had saved yesterday was for the cable car ride down the mountain today, the view would be amazing.

Since this was the case, Xia Congxin agreed immediately, after all, she, the light bulb, still needed to shine.

When they arrived at the cable cars, there was one that had just taken off, and a man was standing to one side, as if he was waiting to take the next one.

When he heard people coming, he glanced over his shoulder.
It was like a mere reflexive glance, but it swept over You Ning’s figure in its entirety.

You Ning’s nose twitched as he caught the scent of delicious food.

He hadn’t felt it before, but it had been several days since he had come to earth and days since he had last “eaten,” and the little incubus wanted to eat.

And now, the source of the scent ……

You Ning looked at the man not far away.
The man didn’t seem to notice and was listening to the staff member next to him.

It was only when they got closer that they realized the staff member was not an ordinary one, the position on his work card was not low.
It was because he was being so courteous and overly attentive that they misunderstood and thought the tourist had some complaint, and the staff member was just listening patiently.

Many members of You Ning’s party looked at the man frequently, he was very handsome and elegant, and he looked rich at first glance.
They bought their tickets and boarded the cable car as they watched.

As soon as they were seated, the man waved his hand at the manager of the tourist area and walked off with his long legs to board a cable car.

The cable car was occupied by You Ning, Shu Yu, and Xiang Yang, and when the man got on, the seniors and the rest had to take the next one.

The man got on and sat in his seat quietly.
His eyes fell on the cat in You Ning’s arms once, but that was all.

You Ning looked at the outline of his face and body and licked his lips.
He stroked the cat and then turned his head to look at the scenery.

Because there was a stranger and he seemed to be resting, You Ning and the others didn’t talk much.

Soon, the cable car arrived at the location.
The man went out first, while You Ning and the others stayed behind to wait for their companions.

When the people behind them caught up, they were about to leave when one of the girls said anxiously, “My bag fell! I remember the location and a lot of things are in it, I have to go back and look.”

She was taking a picture over the cable car, but because the morning dew was heavy, she slipped.
Although there were guard rails and she was fine, her bag fell over.
She saw where it fell so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

You Ning secretly raised his eyebrows.
What a coincidence! It would save him a lot of trouble.
Even without the girl’s accident, he would have gone to the woods below.

Because he knew that there was a girl’s corpse down there.
It hadn’t been long since she had died, just last Saturday, the night that You Ning had attended Xiang Yang’s birthday party.

It was a coincidence that when that driver irritated his eyes with the high beam lights and asked the cat to retaliate, he happened to find that the car contained the same five people that Lu Anlan wanted to take revenge on.
In addition to that, an unconscious girl was lying in the car.

The cat called the police at that time and gave the license plate number and the route they were on.
You Ning could not do much with the restrictions on using his powers, and neither could his cat.

The police swore to catch the culprits, and the cat had to report back to him, so it left the matter to them.

When the cat went back to look for the five men again, it found that the girl was already dead and the men were dumping the body.
It only had time to take a picture of them dumping the body.

When it brought the stuff to You Ning later, You Ning was surprised and wondered when his cat had become so smart.

Cat: ‘…… Probably after that archangel took residence in my body.’

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