The dense forest below Xianhe Mountain was large, and because of the waterfalls on the mountain, many streams had been formed at the foot of the mountain.
These streams were so clear that many tourists would stop by, so these mountain streams were paved with many stone paths, making the original mountain paths much better.

Except for the regular clearing of the grass around the stone paths, the dense forest maintained its original appearance.
This of course had advantages and disadvantages – tourists would enjoy how natural it looked, and some people would find it a good place to dump a body.

In the early autumn morning, the forest at the bottom of the mountain was blocked from the sun.
It was so cold and dark that the girl from the student union would have felt scared if she came alone.
Even with so many people, she was still a little afraid of going into the deep woods alone.

But her bag had fallen over the cliff, so it would certainly be in the depths of the forest.

The grass was wet and slippery, and the signal down here was a bit poor, so it wasn’t very reassuring for the girl to go looking for it alone.
Those who were close to her went in with her, while the others waited.

You Ning did not follow because that direction was not his target.
He put the cat on the ground and gave it a look.

The cat suddenly cried—not in a cute way, but in a threatening way as cats do in fights or when they are hurt.

It suddenly cried out and with the overly quiet environment, it sounded quite creepy.

One senior joked, “With this environment and the cat’s cry, doesn’t it seem like we’re in a horror movie?”

A girl rubbed her arm, not liking his joke at all, and said, “Stop it.
Little Lu, what’s wrong with him? Did he get a tummy ache?”

“I don’t know.
……” You Ning looked like he was going to squat down to look at the cat, but its fur suddenly exploded, and it ran into the woods.

Of course You Ning was anxious to catch up, and as soon as he started running after it, Shu Yu, as his boyfriend, naturally had to follow him.

Needless to say, Xiang Yang also went after him.

Shu Yu, who was chasing after You Ning, really felt that this cat was annoying.
Lu Anlan did not have such a cat in his last life, so why would he have one in this one? Moreover, black cats have always had all sorts of mysterious rumors about them, and as a person who had experienced something mysterious like rebirth, he felt frightened because those rumors might be true.

There are so many unknowns and unbelievable things in this world.

The forest was really slippery with fallen leaves, moss, and dew, and Shu Yu nearly fell into a slowly decaying puddle of fallen leaves and water as he chased after You Ning.

He mentally cursed You Ning’s cat once more and wished that cat would never appear again.

But sadly, when he caught up with You Ning, the damned black cat was at You Ning’s feet, and he was soothingly smoothing its fur.

The cat was still howling, and Shu Yu really wanted to kick it to death.

He held back his irritation and asked in a lower voice, “Little An, what’s wrong with it?”

As soon as You Ning saw Shu Yu, he naturally showed a frightened expression and pointed in the direction the cat was facing, saying, “Over there, it looks like there’s something…”


Shu Yu frowned, but then quickly remembered that there were no large animals in the tourist area, so he took a few steps in the direction You Ning pointed.

Thus, he was unprepared when he saw the female corpse.

He hastily took a few steps back and covered his mouth, his face showing unconcealed horror.

“Senior?” You Ning followed him over and asked in a trembling voice, “That, what is that… ”

The corpse had been tortured beyond recognition, and one could make out the tales of a young girl beneath the mottled scars.
She was just dumped in the mountains, left to wait for the fallen leaves to pile up over her body and cover everything.

You Ning didn’t have much trouble with human corpses, but when Lu Anlan looked at the girl, he thought of how lucky he was.
If someone hadn’t passed by and been willing to make a phone call for him, he might have been like this girl, dead and not knowing how long it would take for his body to be found and then returned to his family.

You Ning wanted to act weak and let Shu Yu comfort him, but Shu Yu reacted much more than he did, his complexion was extremely pale.

This relieved Xiang Yang, who had followed them.
He was afraid of finding Shu Yu and You Ning intimately hugging each other.

Then later, Xiang Yang saw it too.
He had never seen a dead person before either, and his expression looked bad.
But he turned his head and said to You Ning, “An An don’t be afraid, I’ll call the police.”


In the Public Security Bureau of A City, Xiao Chen was lying on his desk bored, he had something on his mind, so he was in such a state these days.

A week ago, Xiao Chen received a distress call.
The distress call was about a suspected kidnapper and a request for police assistance.
The person who called told him everything he had seen and learned about the situation.

Xiao Chen, of course, took it seriously, immediately reported the situation to his captain, and stood by, ready to go.

He relayed the words of the citizen who had called the police to the captain, but he waited for more than ten minutes without getting an order to launch a rescue operation.

He was very anxious, if what the citizen had said was true, the girl must be in great danger, and the rescue operation should not be delayed.
He went to ask the captain, but he was told that it was a false alarm.

It was just another case of someone having a bit of time on their hands and deciding to amuse himself.

But how could it be? Xiao Chen didn’t believe him and called back himself, but it turned out to be a number that doesn’t exist.

The captain ignored him and walked away cursing, as if he didn’t intend to check out the issue.

But Xiao Chen felt uneasy.
He went to check the traffic system, and saw the vehicle the citizen had mentioned.
The SUV was a very expensive model that he could not afford in his lifetime.
A thought crossed his mind, and he decided to check it out for himself.

In their line of work, it was not that they were afraid of wasting time, but that it would be too late.

He made a casual excuse that someone had called and had something stolen, and he headed out of the police station.
He quickly drove up the road where the SUV had passed, but he ended up with nothing.

He wanted to look further, but was called back by the captain, who said that there was a mob brawl over on the north side and that he should go back to help.

The brawlers were a group of junior high school students, and once they saw the police coming, a few snot bubbles nearly came out, so it didn’t take much effort to subdue them.

The feeling in Xiao Chen’s heart grew a little heavier.

And today, he received another phone call from a university student who said that they had come across a corpse on a trip to Xianhe Mountain.

He immediately thought of that call from a week ago.
The SUV had driven in that very area.

You Ning and his group were in a low mood at this time, the girls didn’t even dare to take a look, and two of the boys only took a quick glance.

You Ning’s jacket was over the corpse, and he was now covered with Xiang Yang’s jacket.

In fact, the cat had once again called the police after finding the girl dead, but no one answered, which was very strange.
The same thing happened with Lu Anlan in his previous life, the incident was investigated for many years without any progress.
This obviously had a lot to do with the backgrounds of those five people.

Some people could cover up all their ugly deeds with power and money.
To have them get the punishment they deserve, the only way is to let their scandalous deeds be completely exposed to the public and make it so that they can’t hide it.

You Ning looked at the policemen who came, by using his demonic eyes, he could see the ugliness of their souls, and only the youngest one was more agreeable, he heard his colleagues call him Xiao Chen.

You Ning asked the cat to find this Officer Chen’s email.
He was going to give him all the evidence the cat had captured earlier.
But that would be later, of course….

You Ning looked at Shu Yu’s back and smiled evilly.

The incident ended up on the local news, the deceased was a sophomore student.
She was nineteen this year and had said she was going home last weekend.
However, that was the last they heard from; her family and the school administration were anxious, and they reported the case, who knew that this was the news they finally got?

When her family heard the news, they rushed to the police station and cried their hearts out.
The other students who were watching You Ning and his group assist with the investigation also got red eyes.

They didn’t know the victim, and they didn’t know why she had been killed, but from the injuries she had suffered, one of the girls said, “Even if there was a deep hatred, revenge like this is too beastly.”

When You Ning heard these words, he looked at the well-dressed Shu Yu and agreed that it was beastly.
This beast had gotten revenge on Lu Anlan in this way in his last life.

After leaving the police station, the group was no longer in the mood to have fun, and they all went back home separately.

When he got home, You Ning immediately went to take a shower, the tent they slept in last night didn’t have such conditions.

When You Ning came out, Lu Anlan asked him, “What are you going to do with the evidence? Are you going to hand it over to the police?”

“I’ll hand it over, of course,” You Ning rubbed his hair and deliberately left Lu Anlan in suspense, “but not us.”

“What do you mean?”

You Ning laughed: “Let Shu Yu hand it over.”

“Shu Yu? Why would he…” Lu Anlan suddenly paused.

You Ning raised an eyebrow: “How can the perfect Shu Yu, who happened to see something sinful, turn a blind eye to it? He would definitely fight for the innocent, even if the background of those criminals can cover the sky, he will not back down.
Even if he encounters their revenge and threats, he will definitely contribute to this society so that everyone can remember him.”

“Doesn’t he like to act benevolent? I’m going to make him cry and beg people to believe that he’s not a good person.”

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