The case of the corpse on Xianhe Mountain attracted the attention of the public.
At present, the police had not yet caught the murderer, and what people talked about most was that girls should not go to remote places alone, should not travel late at night, and should know how to protect themselves.

Most people believed that this was another case of a university student who was murdered while hanging out alone in the tourist area at night.

Only a few people knew that the girl had not traveled to Xianhe Mountain but had instead been “taken” there.

When Officer Xiao Chen of the North District Police Station found an anonymous tip in his mailbox, he secretly forwarded the email to his private mailbox, not handing it over, but planning to investigate it himself.

A week later, the case had made no progress, public attention had continued to decline, and the little incubus was starving.

Ever since he met that man at Xianhe Mountain, You Ning has been itching to get his hands on him.

He knew who the man was, and although his appearance was different, his scent and everything that attracted him was familiar.

It was definitely Su Fu, that archangel professor.
In his early years, he was known for his endless stream of binding attacks that strangled his enemies and won many battles, which earned him that name.
Later, he introduced himself as such, and You Ning guessed that he was probably too lazy to pick a name.

Su Fu was very similar to You Ning in that they were both conceived by the world and were born as adults, fatherless and motherless.

This man had a very high force value, and once, when Heaven and Hell were in conflict, he alone killed tens of thousands of demons.
He was even more demonic than the demons, so much so that people wondered if he was born in the wrong realm.
Even now, when the two realms were at peace, many demons were still terrified of him.

Perhaps it was because You Ning had not experienced that era, so he did not find Su Fu terrifying at first sight, he only thought that the latter must be powerful, and facts proved him right.

However, Su Fu’s proposal took You Ning by surprise, and although he later thought it was a ruse, he still chose to run away the second time.

The little incubus only knew about sex, so the deep, affectionate eyes terrified him.
In addition, he was a little afraid of how powerful the archangel was.

He didn’t even need to guess when he heard the headmaster was sending an angel to assist.

You Ning turned his head towards the man who came in through the door of the bar.
He gave him a small smile and toasted the glass in his hand towards him before tilting his head and drinking it in one gulp.
A little wine spilled from his lips, the clear liquid sliding over his neck, his Adam’s apple, and down to his collarbone.
As he put the glass down, it sank into his half-open collar, making people unconsciously think about where the liquor would eventually slide underneath that shirt.

The man at the door moves his Adam’s apple: “……” He’s seducing me again!

He lingered in place for a second before moving towards You Ning and frowning unhappily: “Why did you choose this place?”

He was referring to the meeting venue.

You Ning looked at the bar and blinked back, “Professor, isn’t this a good place? The lights are so bright and festive, what an atmosphere.”

“It’s noisy.” The man remained frowning and said, “I don’t like it.”

You Ning listened to the songs in the bar and shrugged indifferently, “Fine then.”

In fact, the bar was in a very good environment, and the people were not as noisy and chaotic as in a normal bar.
The music was at the right volume and would not have a deafening effect.
In addition, the waiters were all handsome men and beautiful women with generous smiles, which was very pleasing to the eye.

This was a high-class private club.
As soon as You Ning came to this world, he took advantage of his free time to apply for membership here.
Those who could enter the club were either rich or noble.

You Ning also chose this place because this was Shu Yu’s new place of work.
In addition, the group of five were regulars here, and unlike You Ning, who was an ordinary member, they were senior members.

Shu Yu did not work in the bar, but in the tea house further inside the clubhouse, which was also for senior members only.

When You Ning’s cat came into contact with the group of five last time, You Ning had the cat follow them from time to time and then found out that these five people came to the clubhouse now and then to have fun and play with drugs.

You Ning’s plan today was to catch those five people doing drugs.

Seeing that You Ning did not intend to say anything more, Su Fu sat down on the sofa beside him, ordered a glass of water, and asked You Ning, “What do you need me to do?”

You Ning saw the waiter step back with a wink and did not answer the question, but instead asked, “Professor, is this body yours?”

“Its borrowed.” Su Fu said as he looked at You Ning.

You Ning nodded and returned to the previous question, “I don’t need anything from you yet, if anything, I won’t be polite to you, after all ……”

You Ning smiled at him, his seductive look finishing the unfinished sentence: …after all, we already slept with each other twice, we may as well just go and continue with that.

The glass of water that the professor ordered was served, but before he could take a sip, he went with the little incubus to get a room.

The rooms in the clubhouse were spacious and decorated in an elegant style that was both classy and romantic.
Su Fu did not like bars, but he was quite happy with the place.

Once inside the bedroom, You Ning pressed the man against the door.
But when he came close to him, the man frowned and avoided him, saying in a slightly calm tone, “Take it off.”

Naturally, he was not talking about clothing.

It was only then that You Ning remembered he was using Lu Anlan’s body, and he frowned with slight annoyance.
Tsk, he was so dizzy from hunger that he forgot.

The room was large, with a bedroom as well as a living room.
You Ning threw Lu Anlan on the sofa and went back into the bedroom.
The man in the bedroom had also returned to his original appearance, and as for the human body, You Ning did not care where he had thrown it at the moment.

You Ning looked at Su Fu’s holy robes with an undisguised eagerness in his gaze; he was going to strip them all off!

Soon, the bedroom door closed.

Lu Anlan in the living room was embarrassed.

You Ning had left the ring with Lu Anlan’s soul on the latter’s discarded body.
Yet even though he wasn’t taken to the bedroom and the room was soundproof, Lu Anlan could still hear the faint, intermittent sound of something.

Next time, he’d better remind the Lord not ……not to be so spontaneous.

You Ning was rolling with heat and passion, while Shu Yu was left to his cat.

Fortunately, his cat was very reliable, it would not be perfunctory or mess up the task because its master was not available.

Shu Yu naturally liked the private club more than the shopping center.
Not to mention making friends, he could also gather information and learn the preferences of the senior members who came here, which would definitely benefit him in the future.

Moreover, this club belonged to the Fu family, who were based abroad, and no one among their sons and nephews here knew him, so there won’t be a situation like the last time when that fool from the Wang family flaunted his power and got him fired.

Shu Yu had just helped deliver a tea set into the guests’ tea room, and was now standing in the corridor, when suddenly, the figure of a black cat appeared at the corner of the corridor.

Lu Anlan’s cat?

Shu Yu’s eyes widened slightly, how could Lu Anlan’s cat be here? Pets were not allowed in this clubhouse at all – how did it get in?

He also suspected that he was mistaken, but when he looked again, the cat had changed from having its back to him to facing him.
It stared at him with a pair of turquoise eyes before making a humane sneer.

Shu Yu was overwhelmed with shock.
His mind began to spin quickly, and he immediately turned around and knocked on the door of the tea room.
The guests had not yet arrived at this time; only the tea master and her assistant were inside.
He said he had seen a cat running into the clubhouse and was going to call the security guard.

Shu Yu was a handyman here, so they asked him to go and help, as it would be bad if the cat ran off and disturbed the guests.

Shu Yu made up his mind to get rid of the cat once he had caught it.

Shu Yu spoke to the security team, and they started searching for the cat.
However, the cat ran fast and disappeared in just a few moments.

After searching for a while, he finally saw the cat’s tail right in front of a tea room.
The tearoom had just been opened, and the cat was about to enter.

Shu Yu stepped forward and caught the cat, but when he got up, he happened to see the scene in the room, and his pupils shrank.
He immediately held his breath and retreated.
Fortunately, the damn cat hadn’t made a sound at that moment.

A cold sweat had broken out on Shu Yu’s back as he left the tea house.

In that tea room, the man sitting at the top narrowed his eyes and said, “Why was the door left open? Did someone just pass by?”

The head waiter turned around in horror, with cold sweat rising on his forehead.
He wiped away his sweat and assured, “Don’t worry, I’ll go check it out right away.”

Shu Yu came to the security team with the cat, and they asked, “Did it disturb the guests?”

Shu Yu immediately thought of those people in the tea room and shook his head.
“No, it didn’t make any noise.”

The security guard looked at him and said nothing more.
He only told him to take the cat out and not throw it away, but to let the people in the front hall watch it first.
They couldn’t afford to offend anyone here, so in case it was a cat brought by a particularly distinguished guest, they’d let them take it back.
If it was brought by an ordinary member, they’d give the cat back but also cancel that person’s membership.

Shu Yu agreed, but he knew that it was Lu Anlan’s cat, not for a guest.
Unless Lu Anlan had somehow applied for a membership here and happened to come and play today.

But with Lu Anlan’s personality and hobbies, how would he come to a private club like this?

In the end, Shu Yu avoided the other people and cameras in the clubhouse and found a glass jar with a good seal.
This kind of jar was for storing tea leaves in the tea house.
He put the cat in it and put the jar in a locker in his dressing room, planning to throw the cat’s corpse out at the end of the day.

As he did all this, the cat did not cry out or struggle, but just watched him silently.
He was so scared that he wanted to throw it out, but he really hated the cat.

He couldn’t do anything to Lu Anlan for the time being, but why shouldn’t he do anything to a cat?

The door of the locker was closed, and there was no sound from inside.
The glass jar was surrounded by soft clothes, so even if the cat moved inside, no sound would be heard outside the locker, and the sealed jar was airtight, so the cat would suffocate in less than two minutes.

Shu Yu closed his eyes, and every little detail was noted.
No one would notice and no one would know.

He went back to work, and as the night deepened, the place started filling up with customers one after another.
But while the whole clubhouse was bustling with activity, the sound of sirens suddenly rang out outside the clubhouse.

“What’s going on? Why did the police come?”

“Did someone call them? Is that the criminal police?”

“It’s been a long time since the police were called here to make trouble.
Huh, I’m afraid the good times are over.

It was indeed a team of Interpol officers who had come, and they had a clear target.
They went straight into the tea house and found one of the tea rooms.

Shu Yu followed the others to take a look, and then his heart skipped a beat, it was those five people who were taken away.
He knew all too well what kind of people these five were, and his face went uncontrollably white.

It suddenly occurred to him – all they had to do was check the CCTV, and they would know that he had been in front of their tea room earlier in order to catch the cat!

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