You Ning slept until noon the next day.
He woke up and stretched out in someone’s arms, looking like a cat after a good meal and a good night’s sleep.

Su Fu looked at the hickeys on the smooth back of his little incubus and couldn’t help but rub his palm against his waist, loving the delicate feel of the skin under his palm.

You Ning grabbed the hand that was making its way around his waist and blinked, his voice soft and sticky, “Professor, can I call you whenever I’m hungry?”

As a man who had been seduced again and again, he naturally could not refuse, and Su Fu nodded, “Yes ……”

Before the “but” could even come out of his mouth, the little incubus’s eyes curled up in a smile, like a poppy in full bloom, so beautiful that he knew he would be poisoned if he tasted it but still couldn’t restrain himself.

However, Su Fu still had to make a point to him first: “But you can’t find anyone else.”

You Ning blinked innocently, as if he didn’t understand what he meant.

Seeing this, Su Fu was both amused and annoyed.
He pinched the tip of the tail that was exposed from under the quilt and said, “I can be your “food,” but in the meantime, you can only look for me; if you don’t want to continue or want to taste other foods, then we won’t see each other again.

The meaning of this was quite understandable; he wasn’t asking You Ning to reciprocate his feelings, but was willing to feed him.
He had a cleanliness problem and would not allow You Ning to get a taste of other people during the time they maintained their relationship, and if You Ning finally got tired of him, then he would turn around and leave without looking back.

It was straightforward and so much to You Ning’s liking that he agreed without much hesitation.

He didn’t notice that the archangel’s calm face looked slightly relieved the moment he nodded his assent.

Jones had been right for once; if he couldn’t have his heart, at least he could tie this person to him.

The two didn’t get cuddly in bed any more; after all, they weren’t in a relationship.
The little incubus was now satisfied and had no needs for the time being.

The human body that Su Fu borrowed was named Fu Yan.
He was 35 years old, owned a multinational conglomerate, and was a young business emperor.
Unfortunately, he was also sick and dying.

Su Fu borrowed his body and identity and promised to give him longevity in exchange.
This type of deal was also commonly referred to as an “angelic favor.” There was no taking or cheating, and it was the opposite of a deal with the devil.

Of course, someone who could receive an angel’s favor had to have a clean soul and should not be a sinful person.

You Ning returned to Lu Anlan’s body and first stretched it as it had been lying on the sofa all night, then went to the bathroom to wash up.

Su Fu looked in the direction of the bathroom, took out his mobile phone, and asked someone to send two sets of clothes over.

After taking a shower, You Ning changed into the clothes that Su Fu had someone bring over, and while buttoning his shirt, he said, “Won’t people misunderstand my relationship with you if they see us going out together?”

Su Fu didn’t need to go to the bathroom, and he didn’t want You Ning to see another man’s body, so he directly used cleaning magic and changed into a suit in a second.

He looked over at You Ning’s words.
The misunderstanding You Ning was talking about was certainly not theirs, but Fu Yan’s relationship with Lu Anlan.

Before he could answer, You Ning thought of an answer by himself: “You can take Lu Anlan as your godson, and then I can call you Daddy in the future.”

Su Fu: “……”

They were restricted from using their powers among humans but there was no need for that concern when it was just the two of them, so naturally, they knew everything that had happened last night.

When Su Fu took You Ning to the restaurant for lunch, the head of the clubhouse came running over with trepidation and earnestness, “Mr.
Fu, I just heard Xiao Li say that he saw you in the suite, but I thought otherwise.
When did you return to China?”

Su Fu said indifferently, “Last week.”

The manager was about to say something else when he saw Fu leading You Ning towards the restaurant and pulling out his seat for him, and only then did he realize that there was a pretty boy following Su Fu, and he heard the boy say “Thank you, Daddy,” in a pleasant voice.

Did Su Fu spend the night with him? Did he hear the commotion in the clubhouse last night? He didn’t expect the big boss to be around, and the manager felt like he was going bald.

After eating, You Ning then asked Su Fu, “Daddy, where is my cat? I haven’t seen it since last night.”

The corners of Su Fu’s mouth twitched when he heard this address.
He called out to the manager, who had been waiting at the side, and said, “Go and find a black cat with green eyes.”

The manager looked at You Ning, who was so well behaved, and thought that this person was not simple.
He had come to the room with their president and brought a pet with him, even though they didn’t allow pets in the clubhouse.

But he still nodded and said, “Yes, please wait a moment, I’ll send someone to find it.”

Shu Yu was about to leave work and had just arrived in the dressing room when he saw a security guard coming to him.
When the guard saw that he hadn’t left yet, he asked, “Where is the cat you caught last night? The front desk said that no one brought it to them.”

Shu Yu instinctively sensed that something was wrong, and he quickly gave his answer, “I was going to send it there, but isn’t there a courtyard past the tea house? I wasn’t paying attention and the cat ran away.
I tried to chase it but it jumped from the tree in the yard to the wall and ran away.”

The man was a bit skeptical: “Really? The guest is looking for his cat, and he will blame us if he can’t find it.”

Shu Yu frowned and said, “Who was it?”

The guard sneered: “The boss’s boy, he must be good, seeing as he was so proud and arrogant that he brought in his pet as if the reminder at the door is invisible.”

Shu Yu was puzzled, that didn’t sound like Lu Anlan, so the cat wasn’t his? Were they just similar?

Shu Yu remembered that when he was alone with Lu Anlan, that cat was always meowing, and it was completely different from the extremely quiet one from last night.

The security guard left without getting any more useful information, and Shu Yu opened the locker, where a dead cat was lying in a glass jar.
He calmly changed out of his clothes, put the cat into a bag and then put the bag in his school bag.
He washed the glass jar and put it back when he leaving work.

Over here, You Ning’s cat had returned to his side and was rubbing against his trouser leg with a sticky look that begged for a compliment.

You Ning picked it up and rubbed his fur, praising him generously.

Su Fu had driven over, and he let You Ning get into the car first and turned to the manager and said, “In future, don’t just let anyone in and don’t just recruit everyone who comes.”

The manager was startled and immediately understood that the big boss actually knew everything.
He nodded his head in agreement and watched his car leave.

When he returned to the clubhouse, he had the five people who were taken away by the police blacklisted and fired the foreman of the tea house as well as the tea masters and assistants who were often in the tea room of those five people.
When he was done, he still felt that something was wrong, so he took the list of employees again, and the first people he crossed out were those who had been recruited in the past two days.

Shu Yu was among them.

The incident made the news, and there were photos taken at the scene, although the faces were mosaicked.
The headline read, “Five young men, led by young master Shen, were arrested last night on suspicion of drug abuse.”

The photo was taken at the entrance of the club, and naturally, many sharp-eyed people recognized it, saying it was some rich people with too much money to burn.
However, just as they were about to comment, the news disappeared.

Shu Yu returned home but he had not yet gotten over the shock he got at the clubhouse.

He was leaving the clubhouse and happened to glance back to see Lu Anlan coming out with a man, holding his cat in his arms.

The one bowing to the man was the general manager of the clubhouse, and the security guard said that the one looking for the cat was a young boy who had been adopted by the big boss.
It was not difficult to guess that the man was the big boss, and Lu Anlan…

He couldn’t believe that Lu Anlan was the young boy who had been adopted and was acting arrogant!

And the cat was fine, so where did the cat he was carrying come from?

Shu Yu’s scalp was on the verge of exploding, he felt like he was carrying a ghost from a horror movie on his back.

He looked at the bag on the table and frowned, not even moving it for a long time.

“Little Yu?” Shu Yu’s mother saw that her son had been standing by the table for a long time and asked, “What are you doing? What’s in the bag?”

She stepped forward and unzipped it with a strange look on her face.
Shu Yu called out to stop her, but she had already seen the cat’s corpse inside and let out a small gasp.

Shu Yu’s mother was rather timid, and her voice was trembling, “You, why did you put a dead cat in your bag?”

At his mother’s appearance, Shu Yu first frowned habitually before looking inside the bag and saying, “I don’t know, maybe someone else put it there.”

Shu Yu had encountered this kind of thing since childhood.
Because of his good looks and grades, he was a particularly bright presence in the eyes of the teachers and the girls, attracting the jealousy of many boys, and some of them found ways to deal with him.
It was common for him to find dead rats and cockroaches in his things, or his books and clothes soiled.

Shu Yu’s mother noticed the indifference in his words, and she calmed down and said, “Mum will throw it out for you.”

Shu Yu didn’t say anything else and went back to his room.
He had just taken a look at the cat’s corpse; it was just an ordinary black cat, although it resembled Lu Anlan’s.
He figured that he had been overly worried and that this one must have happened to run into the clubhouse.

With a deep sigh, he removed his glasses and sat on the edge of the bed, pinching the bridge of his nose wearily.
The most important question now was, how should he escape unscathed? He had passed by the tea room of those five people when trying to catch the cat and knew there’d be a misunderstanding.

As for Lu Anlan, he didn’t have the heart to care about it for the time being.

Three days later, several low key luxury cars were parked in front of the police station.
The doors to the lobby were opened, and several young men walked out, flanked by a team of lawyers.

The police officers watched them leave unharmed, some indignant, some fawning.

When they got into the car, the young man, surnamed Shen, fondled the ring on his little finger and said in a calm tone, “Go and find out who made the tip-off.
I’d like to see who is so righteous.”

‘Let’s see who is courting death.’

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