such a disgusting method.

But when they heard that Shu Yu was Xiang Yang’s illegitimate son, they couldn’t sit still.

They all remembered what Cousin Xia had said, that Shu Yu was not sincere with Lu Anlan, they just lacked a definite proof, but if Shu Yu was Xiang Yang’s half brother, then it would all make sense.

Shu Yu approached Lu Anlan because he knew Xiang Yang liked the latter.
He was jealous of Xiang Yang, so he wanted to take possession of what Xiang Yang craved first.

Xiang Yang exploded with anger, not because Shu Yu was his father’s son, but because he was angry with Shu Yu for deceiving Lu Anlan and causing him to fall for him for nothing.

When Xiang Yang found Shu Yu, the latter was making arrangements on the indoor basketball court.
Two departments were having a competition in two weeks.

When Shu Yu saw Xiang Yang coming at him in a rage and frowned.
Lu Anlan wasn’t here, so there was no need to hide the hostility between the two.

There were people on this basketball court anyway, so things were fine.
His expression looked like he was being passive, but because Xiang Yang looked so fierce, he was naturally happy about the way things were progressing.

“Shu Yu!” Xiang Yang said through gritted teeth, “Let’s talk!”

Shu Yu looked at him, and the group of friends that had hurriedly chased after him, pushed up his glasses and said, “Sorry, I don’t know you well and don’t think we have anything to talk about, I have things to do.”

“Heh,” Xiang Yang sneered.
He didn’t bother to remain civil with him, and went straight up to lift Shu Yu’s collar, “Just one question, did you approach An An because of me?”

Huh? The surrounding students were verbally urging “don’t fight, let’s talk properly,” but their eyes were honeyed with excitement about an upcoming fight.
But at Xiang Yang’s words, why did they feel that the lines were a bit off?

Didn’t Young Master Xiang come to make trouble because he heard that Shu Yu was his brother?

Shu Yu scanned the room to make sure that Lu An Lan was not here, then he said in a voice that only he and Xiang Yang could hear: “So what? It’s not like you’re the one Little An loves.
Besides, just so you know, he’s the one chasing me.”

“You bastard!” Xiang Yang was furious and swung his fist at Shu Yu.

Seeing that the fight was starting, those who were trying to persuade with their words started pulling the two away from each other.

As Shu Yu usually maintained a very good persona, the revelation that he was an illegitimate son came as a big surprise, but not to the point of provoking hostility from people.
After all, he was now a rich second generation with the chance to inherit a big family business.

When they saw the troublesome Xiang Yang holding Shu Yu down and beating him up, some girls couldn’t stand it anymore and accused him of going too far.

Some people were like this, they sympathize with the weak, believing that whoever is weak is justified, and without knowing the whole story, they just jump to conclusions based on what they see.
They put labels on people to make themselves look righteous, but in reality, they are incredibly foolish.

When You Ning arrived, the two had already been pulled apart, and he took a look from afar.
He glanced at them from afar, and saw that Xiang Yang was strategic in his attack, he only hit places that were not exposed, so the injuries on Shu Yu’s face were not many.

He was probably afraid that You Ning would see Shu Yu and get angry with him.

However, not only was You Ning not angry, he was quite happy to see it.

But the play must go on; otherwise, it would be too monotonous to let Shu Yu sing a one-man show, even though it might make Xiang Yang a little sad and wronged.

He ran into the basketball in a hurry, passed by Xiang Yang, and went to Shu Yu’s side.
He looked at Shu Yu’s injury with distress and said softly, “Senior, how do you feel? Shall I help you go to the infirmary?”

Shu Yu raised his eyes and gave Xiang Yang a slightly provocative glance, then let Lu Anlan help him up and said with a forced smile, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Xiang Yang was so angry, but he tried to explain to You Ning.
“An An, listen to me ……”

But You Ning just said with a cold face, “Let’s talk about it later, I’ll take the senior to the infirmary first.”

“An Lan! Wait! An Lan?” Lin Yuan tried to call him back to no avail, then turned back and said, “I told you to hold back your temper.
So what if you hit him? It only made An Lan more distressed.
I say, your brain is really ……”

Xiang Yang pounded his fist indignantly, “I just can’t help but be angry!”

But Lin Yuan had a better brain today and wondered, “When I called An Lan on the phone, he was over at the chemistry building, so it wouldn’t take him that long to come here, right?”

Xiang Yang also thought of something and asked, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure!” Lin Yuan had an expression saying, “Am I stupid”?

“I called him to come and stop you because I didn’t want him to come over and watch you beat Shu Yu, he would have been hurt.”

Xiang Yang’s expression changed, and he sneered, “That bastard deliberately provoked me and had someone go and stop An An, he is really scheming.”

“Fuck!” Lin Yuan was shocked.
“That’s so damn disgusting!”

On You Ning’s side, he helped Shu Yu all the way to the infirmary without saying a word.

Shu Yu also frowned the whole way, the smugness he felt in front of Xiang Yang was only momentary, and You Ning’s current silence made him suddenly think of the man he saw yesterday morning.

He was a little far away and only felt like he had seen that man somewhere, but he couldn’t remember where.

You Ning’s current silence and distraction made him wonder once again about his relationship with that man from yesterday.

In his last life, Lu Anlan had loved him so much, and in this life, it was reasonable that he not be involved with another man.
The Lu family was not bankrupt, and only had one child; even if there were any financial problems, it was absolutely impossible to let their son be adopted by a man.

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