The doctor in the infirmary gave Shu Yu medicine, and he and You Ning were the only ones left in the ward with a few small white beds.

Shu Yu had also thought and guessed a lot along the way.
He looked at You Ning, who was hanging his head and fiddling with his fingers, and spoke up to interrupt the silence in the room, “I only just found out about it ……”

You Ning raised his head to look at him.

He continued with a sigh, “My mother used to tell me that my father had died when I was a child.
I didn’t know he was actually alive ……”

He then spoke with fury: “My mother and I planned to live our lives in peace; how much did that person hate me? And Xiang Yang, he ……”

He was about to go on and on when You Ning interrupted him.
He sat on the small bed adjacent to Shu Yu and looked at him with downcast eyes.
“Senior, what I want to know is, did you agree to be with me because of Xiang Yang?”

You Ning looked calm on the surface, but there was nervousness and sadness in his eyes, vividly portraying the sadness and loss of someone who suddenly learned that his boyfriend was not with him because he liked him too, but something else.

“Little An,” Shu Yu held back the pain and stood up; he didn’t like being spoken to condescendingly, and his expression was serious with a bit of anger, “You don’t trust me?”

You Ning bit his lip, and with red eyes, he asked again, “Senior deliberately did that at the basketball court earlier, right? Did you let me see Xiang Yang make a move on you on purpose?”

Shu Yu frowned and did not answer for a while.

You Ning clenched his hands into fists and trembled slightly, “I rushed towards the basketball court anxiously once I heard that Xiang Yang had gone to look for you, but you had someone stop me, and by the time I came, Xiang Yang had already attacked you.”

“What?” Shu Yu finally sensed that something was wrong, “When did I ask someone to stop you? No, who was the person who stopped you?”

You Ning tilted his head to the side, stubbornly refusing to answer.

Seeing this look on his face, Shu Yu changed tactics and let out a hiss.
He pretended to be so stimulated that he pulled his wound.
He sat down dejectedly and said, “Even you…forget it, you can go first, I’m fine.”

You Ning wanted to say something but hesitated several times, but finally he couldn’t help but give Shu Yu a worried look before leaving the infirmary.

When You Ning had gone, Shu Yu quietly thought about who had stopped Lu Anlan and caused such a big flaw.

He knew that Lu Anlan would definitely come, but he didn’t need to stop him at all.
He aimed to put himself on the weak side and gain sympathy, deliberately stopping Lu Anlan would be a stupid move.

But, who was it?

Suddenly, Shu Yu had a thought.
It startled him so much that he moved too much and pulled a sore spot, causing him to cry out in pain.
He held it back forcefully and promised to pay Xiang Yang twice as much!

After You Ning left the infirmary, Lu Anlan was so curious that he asked him why he said that as soon as You Ning reached a deserted place.

You Ning laughed: “Of course it’s to prepare for the breakup.
Do you still want to be his boyfriend for the rest of your life?”

Of course Lu Anlan didn’t want to.
He wanted to break up with Shu Yu as soon as he was reborn, but You Ning said that it would be too abrupt and would arouse suspicion; after all, Lu Anlan had pursued Shu Yu quite seriously.

You Ning snickered, “As for that non-existent person who stopped me, Shu Yu wouldn’t dare to check anyway.”

“Why?” Lu Anlan was even more puzzled.

You Ning had no choice but to explain to him, “Who do you think broke this story today?”

Lu Anlan: “There are so many people who hate Shu Yu… and he happened to have seen those guys do drugs last week, maybe it was a threat from them.”

“Are you really stupid?” You Ning knocked on the ring and said, “He exploded this himself.
It’s his means of saving his life.
He knows how dangerous those five are, and he happened to have seen them doing drugs.
Who’s the first person they would deal with when those five get out of the police station?”

“Do you think he’ll survive the end of the day if he were just an ordinary? It’s different if he’s the son of the wealthy Xiang Chaodong.
Even if those five people have great backgrounds, they will wait and see if Xiang Chaodong acknowledges this illegitimate son.
If he does, Shu Yu would survive the crisis, if he doesn’t, then Shu Yu’s life will be over.”

You Ning couldn’t help but sigh, “So, this Shu Yu is really smart.”

Given the way things were going, Shu Yu probably knew who his father was from a young age and had made it his goal to return to his father.
He excelled in his studies, had an excellent character, was sensible and obedient, and was praised by everyone, he was the type of child parents would love to have.

Xiang Yang, on the other hand, was a school dreg, always in trouble, rebellious, and had not called Xiang Chaodong his father since his mother died.
But because of the operation Xiang Yang’s mother secretly performed on Xiang Chaodong, he was never destined to have another son.

So for so many years, he had only endured having this kind of son.

But if someone suddenly told him, he had another son, one hundred times better than the rebellious son in the family, then what would he do? He would not hesitate to kick that vicious woman’s son out of the house.

And as long as the new son used his excellence to cover up the ugliness of being an illegitimate child, he would emerge victorious.

You Ning guessed why Shu Yu hated Lu Anlan so much.
It was because, in his first life, Lu Anlan had obstructed Shu Yu’s perfect plan and did not let him get what he wanted, so in his second life, he went crazy with revenge.

As for how Lu Anlan had gotten in the way, You Ning did not know yet.

Because You Ning intervened in this life, Shu Yu had to sacrifice this trump card in advance, disrupting his entire plan.

On the other hand, a big, brawny man in a black car that had arrived outside the gates of A University reported over the phone: “Young master Shen, this man seems to be the illegitimate son of the Xiang family.
Xiang Chaodong and his son have been at odds for years, and the sudden appearance of an illegitimate son, I’m afraid ……”

The person on the other end was unhappy, and after a moment’s pause, said, “Then wait for a while.”

“Yes, young master Shen.”


The illegitimate child fiasco eventually spread from the school to the circles of A City.

In the afternoon, a luxury car parked right in front of the school, with several bodyguards beside it.
The students who had planned to get together and sing karaoke after class couldn’t help but stop and look around to see what kind of melon this was.

When You Ning separated from Shu Yu in the morning, he acted dazed and distracted.
Xiang Yang managed to find him at noon, and nervously explained and comforted him.
They had a meal in the school canteen even though the other young masters weren’t used to it.
On hearing that You Ning had to go to the library to study in the afternoon, they clasped their fists and said goodbye, and finally only Xiang Yang and Lin Yuan were left with Lu Anlan.

Lin Yuan did not have a crush to keep him company and slept in the library all afternoon, leaving Xiang Yang to experience a two-person world with his An An, although it was the kind where they did not talk.

At this moment, they were going back and were happily discussing where to eat at night, when Xian Yang saw a familiar car.

Xiang Yang let out a “heh” and didn’t intend to say hello.
He intended to pull You Ning aside and walk away, but Shu Yu happened to come out of the school building at that moment.

As soon as You Ning saw him, he naturally couldn’t just walk away, and had to continue to play the role of gazing at his figure in silence.

When the man in the car finally saw Shu Yu come out, he got out of the car, came up to Shu Yu in a very polite manner, and asked him to get in.
Shu Yu hesitated at first, then spotted You Ning and the others and told the man to wait.

He walked to You Ning and, without even looking at Xiang Yang and Lin Yuan, said to You Ning, “Little An, can you wait for me so we can go to dinner with me?”

You Ning looked at him, then looked at Xiang Yang’s father’s car behind him, then at Xiang Yang’s nervous face and Lin Yuan’s “don’t agree to this scum” expression, and finally shook his head, “No, senior, you still have things to do.
You go ahead and finish them.”

Shu Yu looked at him for a long time, and as if he had finally made a decision, he turned around and followed the people of the Xiang family into the car, leaving behind a cloud of dust.

Many of the people eating melons around them cast their eyes on You Ning and whispered about it.

You Ning chose a restaurant with food he did not like to eat, then acted like he was too depressed to eat.
Xiang Yang was heartbroken on the one hand and delighted on the other.

Although the two did not say they were breaking up, it was clear that something was wrong with their relationship.
Some people said that You Ning had gone too far and that although Shu Yu was an illegitimate child, he didn’t have to dump Shu Yu for such a reason, so they felt bad for Shu Yu.

Others felt Shu Yu was not worth it.
On one side was the boyfriend he has been dating for several months, while the other was his childhood friend, so it was clear which side was more important.

But in the end, these voices faded away when someone said, “It’s not up to you to comment on what’s going on in other people’s lives.”

For the next few days, Shu Yu took a leave of absence from school.
Xiang Chaodong also officially announced that Shu Yu was his son, and he invited many people to the banquet thrown for him.

He was so excited that he made it look as if Xiang Yang and Shu Yu had been switched and he had finally found his son after so many years.

There was a lot of news about Shu Yu, but not a single one about his mother.

Because of the great news of having a son, Xiang Chaodong graciously told Shu Yu that he could let his mother live in the Xiang family and be the matriarch of the family.

When Shu Yu went back and mentioned it to his mother, the woman, who had always been timid, laughed angrily and said, “Little Yu, I don’t know when I stopped understanding, but now that you’ve got what you want, mother can give you her blessing, but please don’t let mother live with a rapist for your own sake.”

Shu Yu pursed his lips and apologized to her, “I’m sorry.”

She shook her head and rolled out the suitcase she had prepared from the room, “Since you’ve got the life you want, then mom will go and live her own life.
Even though mom knows you’re smart, you need to be more careful.
Take care of yourself.”

Shu Yu wanted to say something to detain her, but in the end, he only said dryly, “Okay, call me when you arrive.”

Shu Yu’s mother smiled and waved to him with a relaxed expression that he had never seen before.

He took one last look at the simple home and closed the door.

By the time Shu Yu returned to school again, he had become the eldest young master of the Xiang family.

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