In the days when Shu Yu was in the limelight, Xiang Yang spent all day with You Ning.
Although it was a bit shameless, he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to squeeze out Shu Yu, that scum.

But his An An was not someone like Shu Yu who casually took advantage of other people’s feelings, he really liked Shu Yu, and even if he knew that Shu Yu approached him for other purposes, he couldn’t just give up this relationship.

Xiang Yang could see that, although You Ning seemed to be having a good time with him these days, he was still thinking about Shu Yu, and he felt bitter.

He hated Shu Yu, that scheming dog, and hated himself for being so slow in the beginning, but he couldn’t bear to blame Lu Anlan for not knowing people well.

If he knew how to scheme, he would have taken advantage of this gap to create more conflicts between Lu Anlan and Shu Yu, just like the second leads in those idol dramas, so that the relationship could not be redeemed.

Unfortunately, he was really too big of a fool, and he only knew how to buy things and get himself drunk.

The purpose of drinking was to forget about the issue, but as one knows, drunk people often can’t control themselves, and Xiang Yang called Lu Anlan in a daze.

You Ning was watching a movie with his cat and was a little upset when he was interrupted by the ringing of his mobile phone, but when he saw it was Xiang Yang, he patiently answered it, and got a drunken conversation.

Xiang Yang was talking a lot, reminiscing about the old days, counting the moments he and Lu Anlan had experienced together.
You Ning paused after one sentence and tossed the phone next to the jeweled ring on the bed, leaving the drunkard to speak alone.

Then he came back and continued to hug the cat, muttering, “Love is so annoying.”
The black cat in his arms tilted its head to look at him with a pair of unreadable turquoise eyes.

Then You Ning added, “It’s not as fun as petting a cat.”

Su Fu silently stared at his current pair of cat paws: “……” He was actually no better than a cat.

Cat: “……” Master, if you dislike love, why do you cue me in, ah?

You Ning finished watching the movie, yawned, and climbed into bed with his cat.

At this moment, Xiang Yang had not yet finished speaking.

He wanted to hang up on him, just in time to hear Xiang Yang finally enter the subject of this call: “An An, in fact, in fact, I have always liked you.
I was too stupid to realize it before and you were already in love with Shu Yu when I did.
 I, I …… An An, don’t go back to Shu Yu, and stay with me, okay? He’s not a good person.
I’ll be good to you for the rest of your life …… just like you used to force me to do my homework, I’m sure I’ll do everything you say ……”

You Ning heard a choked sob, it was Lu Anlan.

He withdrew his hand; forget it, it didn’t bother his sleep anyway, it wasn’t as loud as his cat’s purring.

When You Ning woke up the next day, his mobile phone was already off due to a lack of battery, and he didn’t know how long the call had been.

While You Ning was washing up, Lu Anlan appeared in the mirror, his eyes were red as if he had been crying and he looked a little nervous.
He finally took a few deep breaths before calling You Ning.

“My lord, may I implore you?”

You Ning spat out the toothpaste foam in his mouth and wiped his face with a clean towel before he casually glanced at the mirror, “What is it?”

Lu Anlan looked at him pleadingly and said, “After the deal is done, can you make a puppet of me to live in my place?”

“I know my plea is excessive as it’s not in the deal.
But, but …… I just can’t imagine how upset my family, and my friends will be when it’s all over and I die again.”

Lu Anlan held back from responding to that long phone call from Xiang Yang last night, and he didn’t say a single word to him.
He was greedy, if he could, he would have loved to try it out with Xiang Yang, to see the good life he was talking about.
But alas, he had made the deal, and they had no future.

They couldn’t be together, but Lu Anlan didn’t want Xiang Yang, his parents, and his friends to watch him die again.
He really didn’t want to put them through that kind of pain again.

You Ning let out an “mmm” and looked at Lu Anlan in the mirror, only saying, “I’ll think about it.”

Lu Anlan wanted to beg him again, but he knew this demon’s temperament, he didn’t like to hear the same words twice, so he didn’t continue.

You Ning didn’t have any classes that morning, so Su Fu asked him out for lunch, and he nonchalantly chose a private restaurant that he had seen but had never been to.
The owner of this restaurant was also extremely rich, so only the wealthy usually went to it.

As he ate, You Ning suddenly asked Su Fu, “Professor, may I ask you a question?”
Su Fu put down his cutlery, took a sip of tea, and listened attentively.

You Ning organised himself and said, “I’m a very picky eater, and it’s because I’m picky that I personally come and watch over the food to make sure it’s fresh and won’t get sour or unpalatable for various reasons.”
Su Fu glanced at the ring on his right index finger and said, “Continue…?”

You Ning: “But the problem now is that the time for the food to ripen is almost here, yet I know that when it is finally time, it will be sour—not so much that it is hard to eat, but it won’t be tasty enough.”

Su Fu looked at him and said, “I am patient with my food and indulgent enough.
Apart from the basic feed and nutrition, I can let them have freedom, enjoy love, and reproduce the next generation.
They will have a short but very satisfying life, and in the end, they will happily become my food, and the taste will be the best.”

You Ning nodded, seeming to understand.
Suddenly, he smiled slyly and brought the tip of his shoe to Su Fu’s firm calf, “Professor, your serious look makes me want to eat some other kind of food.”

Su Fu glanced at him lightly and did not say anything.
He picked up his knife and fork again and ate gracefully.

You Ning raised an eyebrow and removed his shoe, and the sock-clad foot moved up Su Fu’s calf.

Within a few moments, You Ning saw a ripple appear on that calm face.
He hooked his lips into a smile, came straight out of Lu Anlan’s body, and with a snap of his fingers, “Lu Anlan” retrieved his foot and started eating properly.

You Ning was still wearing the same casual school uniform as Lu Anlan’s, but there was a black tail swinging behind him.He looked back in slight surprise, exclaiming: “Yikes.
I’m so careless, I tore my trousers.”

“……” If Su Fu could remain calm at a time like this, then he couldn’t possibly have a fondness for this little incubus.

The chef came out of the kitchen and served a new dish to the two guests dining on the terrace.
Both of them were eating in a very elegant manner, but he was a bit surprised to see that there was no speaking when they were eating.
Why were they so quiet?

However, it wasn’t so quiet just a meter away from the chef.
There were sounds in that area that were high and passionate at times, husky and low at others, like water slapping against rocks, and some weeping sobs.


It was a little after noon when Xiang Yang finally woke up.
His head hurt so much that it was about to explode.
He sat on the bed for a while to get over it, and then habitually touched his phone to check the time.
The screen didn’t light up when he pressed the phone, and his first thought was that it was broken.
It was a few seconds later that he remembered it might have gone off when the battery ran out.

But he had been drinking last night, did he end up playing games?

Xiang Yang shook his head, not understanding his drunken self.

He didn’t care and plugged his phone in before going to wash up.

Halfway through brushing his teeth, the mirror on the sink showed Xiang Yang’s comical face, it was horrified and dumbfounded, with a mouth full of toothpaste foam.

He immediately wiped his mouth with his hand and rushed back to the bedroom.
He opened his phone with trembling hands and flipped through the phone call log.
Xiang Yang was dumbfounded.

‘Fuck! What the hell did I say to An An last night!’

When Xiang Yang called, You Ning and Su Fu were coming out of the restaurant.
It was obvious that he was in a good mood as he was satisfied, making people wonder how good the food in that private restaurant really was.

You Ning got into Su Fu’s car and picked up the phone.

Xiang Yang immediately asked cautiously: “Uh, An An, did I ……did I disturb you last night?”

“Yes.” You Ning replied.

Xiang Yang’s heart thumped, he suddenly got fragments of last night’s memories, and when he got to the end, he remembered that he had confessed to An An.
So what An An meant by disturbing him was…

You Ning continued angrily, “Isn’t listening to a drunk talk about playing in the mud as a child in the middle of the night disturbing? How much did you drink, anyway?”

“Ah? Ah ……” Xiang Yang didn’t respond for a moment, “Haha, I don’t remember either.”
“I’m really convinced.” You Ning said, “I said I was sleepy and I had to hang up, but you didn’t let me, so I listened for half an hour, but I couldn’t endure.
Did you get up okay in the morning?”

Xiang Yang couldn’t tell what mood he should be in at the moment.
He was clearly relieved, but also disappointed, to learn that You Ning had not heard his confession.He pulled a smile and said, “Actually, I just got up.”

“It’s almost two o’clock!” Ning was taken aback.”So you haven’t eaten yet? I’ve just eaten, why don’t you come over here to Guangxia? What do you want to eat? I’ll order it for you and ask someone to bring you here, don’t drive……”

The disappointment quickly faded as Xiang Yang listened to You Ning’s ramblings, and he had a silly smile that could not be put down.

But when he met You Ning, that smile immediately went down, and even went in a downward trend.

“Please allow me to introduce you to my godfather, Fu Yan.” You Ning smiled and said, “Godfather, this is my good friend Xiang Yang.”

The two men being introduced had somewhat similar reactions, one with a noticeable twitch at the corner of his mouth and one with a less noticeable one.
The two ended up shaking hands in a friendly manner.

Xiang Yang finished the meal You Ning had ordered for him in a few seconds, and while Su Fu went to bring the car around, he pulled You Ning to the side and asked, “Isn’t this the man from Xianhe Mountain last time? How did you meet him, and you even made him your godfather? He didn’t force you, did he?”

“Of course not.
……” You Ning pondered for a moment and said, “He did me a big favour and I did him a big favour too.
We both have a good impression of each other, and I saw that he was all alone in his thirties or almost forty, so I took advantage of him and asked him to be his godson.
Don’t look at his coldness, he’s very nice.”

Xiang Yang was particularly helpless and rubbed his head, “Silly An An, don’t be fooled again.
You don’t know him, and you don’t know what is in his heart.”

Xiang Yang was still worried when he went back so he asked someone to check the information of this man named Fu Yan, and found… Little An’an seemed to be the one hugging Fu Yan’s thighs.

But the issue was, someone like Fu had many people that were willing to give him children as long as wished.
He couldn’t have approached An An because he wanted a godson.

First was Shu Yu, that scum, and now there was Fu Yan, an old rascal.
Xiang Yang wished he could put Lu An Lan into his arms, put him in his heart, cover him up tightly, and never let these tigers and wolves see him.

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