You Ning and Shu Yu had been in a cold war for some days now.
It was not until when You Ning had to participate in a jewellery design competition that Shu Yu reappeared by his side.

The Lu family was In the jewellery business, and Mother Lu was a well-known jewellery designer in China.
Lu Anlan had also followed his mother’s choice of major, and would join the company after graduation, or go abroad to study.
Father Lu even joked that mother and son would be in charge of designing, and he would be in charge of selling.

But this casual and simple plan never came to fruition.

Fu Yan’s company chose to be the organiser of the competition not to give You Ning a back door, to let Lu Anlan’s parents get to know Su Fu and have some understanding of him.

When Shu Yu heard that You Ning was going to participate in this competition, he found an opportunity to apologize to You Ning, saying that he didn’t know Xiang Yang was his half brother, and that he didn’t accept Lu Anlan’s pursuit because of Xiang Yang, but because he really liked the way Lu Anlan looked at him, as if he were looking into starlight eyes.

He also said that he liked Lu Anlan and didn’t want them to break up.

You Ning looked touched and indecisive, but was sneering inwardly.
Yes, how can you separate when you haven’t landed a critical blow to Xiang Yang, and taken revenge on Lu Anlan?

So You Ning gave him the chance, and they reconciled.

During the preliminary round, Shu Yu accompanied You Ning to submit the design draft, and he finally met Su Fu.
His concerns were dispeled when he heard You Ning address him as Godfather.If they really had something going on, You Ning wouldn’t have been so open about it and brought him along.

At the same time, Shu Yu couldn’t help but lament At You Ning’s luck, his life was so peaceful and smooth that even helping a random person got him into a relationship with someone like Fu Yan.

When Shu Yu first returned to school as the newest member of the Xiang family, the students with whom he usually had contact were not used to it at first, but Shu Yu didn’t change and acted in the same way as he did before.

When his name was changed to Young Master Xiang, he would respond calmly, but even when he was called Shu Yu or senior, he would turn around and stop in his tracks to listen.
He was open and unobtrusive, and didn’t become arrogant when he became a rich man’s son overnight.

Apart from the fact that he was born out of wedlock, those who liked Shu Yu liked him even more, and those who were jealous of him were even more jealous.
Many people know that Xiang Yang and his father didn’t get along, and it was possible that Shu Yu, the illegitimate son, would inherit the Xiang family’s wealth in the future, seeing as he was much better than Xiang Yang.

So even though there were those who were jealous of Shu Yu, and wanted to blacken and slander him, they would only dare to say it behind his back, not because they wanted to curry favour, but because they feared offending him.

But there are exceptions, such as Xiang Yang’s group.
They didn’t like him before, but it had now evolved into enmity.

Xiang Yang was really hurt when You Ning and Shu Yu made up.
Although he had expected it, his heart still broke when he saw You Ning and Shu Yu walking together again.

A good friend was only a good friend after all, and An An was not his An An.
Even if Shu Yu was Xiang Chaodong’s illegitimate son, and even if An An had taken his time reconciling with Shu Yu, he knew that a good friend could never compete with a sweetheart.

Especially after spending time in a two-person world with An.

So Xiang Yang was devastated for days, and Lin Yuan, a single dog, had no choice but to ask reinforcements(Cousin Xia), to come and think of a solution.

Xia Congxin didn’t expect things to go this way.
After hearing Lin Yuan’s story, she patted her cousin’s shoulder sympathetically and was more than supportive of his poaching, but it was a pity that the poacher had lost his strength recently.

In the afternoon, Xia Congxin escorted Xiang Yang to class and they happened to run into You Ning and Shu Yu.

You Ning has been busy with the design draft of the competition, while Shu Yu is still in the student union, so they were too busy to have lunch together, and this was the only time they had got some free time.

Xiang Yang and Xia Congxin stopped in their tracks, and You Ning frowned for a moment when he saw Xiang Yang’s poor complexion.
However, he greeted them as if nothing had happened, while Shu Yu kept a smile on his face.

Xiang Yang gritted his teeth and finally fled on the pretext of taking his cousin around school.

Xia Congxin looked at You Ning and said goodbye before running after Xiang Yang, and it was only after they had walked some distance away that You Ning withdrew his gaze and continued to talk with Shu Yu happily, as if he had not been affected in any way.

Shu Yu’s mind was so consumed by the joy of winning another round that he didn’t notice the small details that You Ning was showing.

He didn’t notice, nor did the absent-minded Xiang Yang, but Xia Congxin did.
“Ugh, don’t break your crystal glass heart just yet, I think there’s something wrong with An Lan…” she patted her cousin.


The design competition went on for nearly a month, and although You Ning did not win the championship, he was the runner up.
Lu Anlan’s parents were quite satisfied with this result, and they quickly organized a celebratory dinner on the day the competition ended.

At this time, You Ning announced that aside from the fact that he was talented, there was someone who helped in achieving this result.
This person was, of course, Su Fu.

The Lu couple were surprised when they met Su Fu.
In the past, the Fu family dominated A City and it was only because they moved their focus abroad that other families could develop.
So it was no surprise that they were shocked by the fact that their son got acquainted with the current head of the Fu family.

But their first thought was not one of interest, but of worry.
They feared that Su Fu had approached their son with an agenda, and that their foolish son might be unaware of it.

When they got to the table, Father Lu toasted Su Fu before asking, “Mr Fu, I’m just a little curious, how did you meet Little An?”

Su Fu first drank the glass of wine and then fondled the ring on his right index finger as if it was a regular action, the material of the ring was so beautiful that Father Lu, a jeweller, didn’t even know which material it wS, only that it was very beautiful and gorgeous.

“Little Ann helped me find something that is very important to me and I am grateful to him.” Su Fu looked down at the ring on his hand and smiled gently, a smile that contained nostalgia and love.

Father Lu saw that his expression did not look fake and believed it seven times over.
He would also feel grateful if he had lost his wedding ring and someone helped him find it.

The little Incubus was smiling like a good boy, but he was rolling his eyes in his heart.
What does this old angel mean? What’s this old angel’s point? A wedding ring? He didn’t find it romantic at all, just old-fashioned.

After the meal, the Lu family sent Su Fu out of the hotel, and it seemed that the two sides had gotten along quite well.
The Lu family was really nothing before the Fu family, so they knew Fu Yan would not go to the trouble of playing any mind games before them.
As for their Anlan, although they think their son is the best in the world, what kind of people has Fu Yan not seen?

And according to their observation, Fu Yan was not particularly close to their Anlan, so it should be just like he said, a reward for Anlan after helping him retrieve something important.

However, Mother Lu suddenly remembered something, “Little An, Mum heard that you’ve recently got a boyfriend?”

“Mom, you don’t need to ask; it won’t be long before he isn’t, and he won’t be my future boyfriend either,” You Ning said, smiling.

“Huh?” Mother Lu didn’t understand what he meant for a moment.

But Father Lu understood and asked, “Is someone bullying you? Tell Dad who it is, and I’ll make him know what’s good for him!”

You Ning calmed down his father, “Don’t worry, Mom and Dad, I can handle it.
If I can’t handle it, I’ll definitely come back and tell you.”

“This child…” the Lu couple petted You Ning’s head as they laughed at his childish words.

They were preparing to go back when a staff member from the competition came looking for them.
He was carrying a box in his hand, and was still wearing the white gloves he wore at the competition venue before.
He handed the velvet box in the box to You Ning and said, “Student Lu said he didn’t want to sell it, and Mr.
Fu sent it since student Lu was still here, that way, you wouldn’t have to make another trip.

You Ning took the box and smiled politely, “Thank you.”

The man was relieved to have finished his task.
He wiped his brow and waved to indicate that there was no problem.

Back in the car, You Ning opened the box and took a look at it, before closing it and setting it aside.
It was a pair of ruby cufflinks, like the sunrise and a fire; a never-ending passion.

“Little Sun” was something Lu Anlan intended to give to Xiang Yang.

You Ning was too lazy to make any jewellery, and when he went to roll around in bed with the professor, he let Lu Anlan go back to his body for one night, and Lu Anlan made this.

In the early stage of the competition, the design drafts would get assembled, and only those which enter the finals are eligible to use gems to make finished products and this design was the only one that qualified for the final round of the competition.
The gems are provided by the company running the competition, and the contestants can choose to sell the final products to the company or buy them back themselves – they only needed to pay 80% of the price of the raw materials.

Lu Anlan got the ones he made for free, after all, he was the boss’s godson, they wouldn’t dare accept money for them.

Lu Anlan actually wanted to make a few more for his parents, but You Ning had already made an exception once, it would be shameless for him to ask for more, so he could only secretly pray that this demon would let him “borrow” his body again when he was in a good mood.

After late autumn, it was early winter.
But this year’s winter came with a vengeance, bringing with it a cold wave and a sudden drop in temperature that made people in A City to shiver and complain about the cold.

On Friday, You Ning went to see Shu Yu.
The cold wind blew his fair face a little red, and with those clear eyes, he looked a little pitiful, yet especially cute.

Most people would not be able to resist saying no to him.

Shu Yu put a scarf around him and You Ning’s face became even redder.
He seemed a little embarrassed, and hd covered the lower half of his face with the scarf.
“Senior, why don’t we go on a date at the resort this Saturday?”

“Saturday, good…” Shu Yu’s words came to a screeching halt and his expression looked strange, “Is it the Yujiumei hot spring resort? “

You Ning nodded, his expression pleased and a little shy: “Senior also knows, ah? Are you thinking of the same thing as me?”

No, it hadn’t occurred to Shu Yu, he had been having such a good time recently that he had forgotten such an important day!

Saturday, December 7, Yujiumei Hot Spring Resort.

Shu Yu’s legs went weak, his vision went black, and he almost fell to the ground, his face as white as a ghost.

You Ning was stunned and he hurriedly helped him sit up and asked with concern, “What’s wrong with you, senior? Have you caught a cold? Do you have a fever? You’re so pale…”

Of course Shu Yu wasn’t sick, but his reaction was just too strange.

His reaction was a bit over the top when he saw that corpse at Xianhe Mountain and You Ning just thought he was a coward, but today’s reaction was worse.

He seemed so scared because he knew what the five men had done.
But why?

In those few seconds, You Ning pondered; he wondered if Shu Yu had witnessed what the five men did to Lu Anlan, and thus had a psychological shadow.

You Ning tentatively said, “Since senior is not feeling well, let’s not go this week, we’ll …… have another chance next time”

“No,” said Shu Yu, “I’m fine, I’ll be fine after I get some sleep tonight.
If you’re not convinced, I’ll take another day off tomorrow during the day and we’ll go at night, okay?”

In the few seconds that You Ning was thinking, Shu Yu had obviously thought a lot too, even much more than You Ning had.

At night? You Ning narrowed his eyes, it was at night that Lu Anlan had an accident.
But he didn’t refuse, he looked even more shy, as if he had only picked up the word “night”.

Shu Yu looked at him, and a trace of cruelty flashed across his eyes.

‘Don’t blame me for this, Lu Anlan; after all, you owe me this, I’m just paying it back.’

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