After parting with Shu Yu, the expression on You Ning’s face changed and became one of indifference.

This was actually considered Lu Anlan and Shu Yu’s third life.
Shu Yu had become the Xiang family’s young master, but he seemed intent on pushing Lu Anlan into hell.

It seemed that he hated Lu Anlan not just because he had hindered his plans in their first life, but for other reasons as well.
But what else was there? What could make Shu Yu hate Lu Anlan so much?

As You Ning was thinking, Su Fu stepped through the moonlight and stood right outside the window.
From THIS angle of You Ning’s angle, he could see the professor’s strong and thin waist and the two long slender legs below it.

Legs …… You Ning sat up with a thought in mind!

You Ning raised a smile, Su Fu came in from the window and asked him why he was smiling, he then told him what he had just thought im in detail.

Shu Yu was impotent.

Impotence; an extreme fear of the Five; he was reborn.

Putting these points together, Lu Anlan and Shu Yu must have been in a relationship even in their first life.
Lu Anlan must have invited Shu Yu to the resort on Saturday, and the date might not have been at night but during the day.

Perhaps Shu Yu was deliberately late, or perhaps he was late because of something, in any case, he didn’t make it to the resort during the expected time, and like Lu Anlan, he bumped into the group of five when he was halfway there.

Shu Yu was also very handsome, after all, he wouldn’t be called the school grass for nothing.
As long as someone was good-looking, those five didn’t seem to mind whether it was a man or woman.

If he really fell into the hands of those five, then Shu Yu must have gone through what Lu Anlan did.

But there was a good chance that he wasn’t rescued and died.
He must have hated and resented the fact that he had died like that before his plans and future had been realized.

Then he was reborn, back to the days when he was ready to accept Lu Anlan’s pursuit and also knew that Xiang Yang liked him.

But then he discovered that there was something wrong with him, and it wasn’t a physical problem per se, but a psychological one.
If he couldn’t untie the knot in his heart, then he would probably be like that for the rest of his life.

No man could bear such pain and Shu Yu tried to find a psychiatrist but to no avail.
If he couldn’t get rid of what he was afraid of, he would not heal.

So Shu Yu came up with a solution, a vicious but curative solution – to transfer what he went through to another person, perhaps he would feel relieved if he knew that someone else was suffering instead of him.

But, who?

And like that, Lu Anlan was chosen as a substitute.
If Lu Anlan hadn’t asked him to go to the resort, he wouldn’t have suffered that kind of thing, and he would have been able to implement his plans, everything was Lu Anlan’s fault!

Not only that, but Shu Yu also thought of everything that came after that.

If Lu Anlan died from the torment, Xiang Yang would be devastated, and that would be a good opportunity for him.
If Lu Anlan did not die …… then he would propose to Lu Anlan, marry him and let Xiang Yang die of heartache.

Then, he will play the role of a good husband to Lu Anlan, and take good care of him.
It would be best if Lu Anlan got a mental disorder or depression, then he would find an opportunity to let him see the five people’s photos or something to stimulate him.
Then he would reveal the news to Xiang Yang, who would fight the five people to death for Lu Anlan’s sake.

“So all he had to do was sit back and reap the benefits.
In the end, no matter who won or lost, who died or lived, he would be the winner.” You Ning smiled and looked at Su Fu as if he was waiting for something.

The archangel who had been a single dog for thousands of years was stuck for a moment, then he generously complimented, “You’re so clever.”

The little incubus showed a hypocritical expression of modesty.

Lu Anlan, as the person in question, naturally could not be as calm as these two non-human species, and he had been trembling in the ring since You Ning started talking.

You Ning suspected that he would probably rush to the toilet and throw up if he was allowed to return to his body at this moment.

He held on stiffly, and first calmed down before asking You Ning: “You said that he didn’t touch me in the last life because of that, but I already replaced him, so why was he still…?”

You Ning had just been praised and was in a good mood, so he patiently explained to him, “It’s very simple, he discovered that having someone replace him wouldn’t work, especially if it was you.
He had to see you almost every day, and as soon as he saw you, he would remember his past life.
He realized that only with your death would he be cured.”

Lu Anlan suddenly recalled the relaxed smile on Shu Yu’s face when he went to see him after his death.

He closed his eyes and felt chills all over his body, even though he was now in a soul state.

The person he once loved was that horrible.

But he didn’t find Shu Yu that scary now that he was spending his days with a demon.

When You Ning said Shu Yu let Xiang Yang and those five people fight to the death, Lu Anlan was curious yet scared to know Xiang Yang’s ending in his last life.

Seeing that the demon was in a good mood at the moment, Lu Anlan bit the bullet and asked, “My Lord, I would like to implore you again, could you let me hug my family and friends as a farewell when the deal is done?”

You Ning didn’t say yes or no, but only sighed with Su Fu, “Greed is indeed human nature.”

Su Fu saw the smile in You Ning’s eyes and said, “That’s not necessarily true.”

“It may not just be human nature.”

You Ning glared at him coquettishly and said,” Professor, did you come to stay the night?”

The archangel looked nervous for a moment, and a rose appeared in his empty hand.
It was delicate, and its petals were still covered with night dew, it was obvious that it was picked recently.

The flower was handed to You Ning, who took it helplessly, “You came just to give me a flower? I don’t mean to be rude, professor, but this…” This is too old-fashioned.

Su Fu’s face stiffened, and You Ning did not have the heart to continue.

Still, the professor showed that he had indeed come over just for something as boring as sending a flower.

You Ning watched the corners of the archangel’s robe slowly fade out of sight before he began to play with the flower in his hand.

Lu Anlan didn’t find it strange, so he adjusted his mood and said, “It’s beautiful.

You Ning curled his lips: “It’s very ordinary, just a normal rose.”

“But one doesn’t send flowers to let the other person appreciate how beautiful they are, it’s just an excuse to meet them.
That lord was probably trying to say that he misses you.” Li Anlan was worthy of someone who had been in a relationship – even though the other person was a scum, his analysis was spot on.

You Ning half understood and gave a “mmm”, he placed the flower in a vase by the windowsill, and the night dew on the petals reflected the moonlight.

The truth was not far from what You Ning had guessed.
In his last life, Shu Yu planned and tricked Lu Anlan into going there.
No one had discovered and disrupted his plans, so he had the chance to learn the style of those five people’s crimes.

For example, they didn’t mind who the victim was as long as they were particularly good-looking.
So, Shu Yu was sure that as long as those five saw Lu Anlan, he would become their prey.

But You Ning had messed up this life’s trajectory, so Shu Yu was not sure and would just try.
Those five had already made him a target, they might choose to torture him even if they saw Lu Anlan.

In the last life, Shu Yu had made the plans, he took the initiative to invite Lu Anlan to the resort, and the two of them did not need to go together.
But this afternoon, it was You Ning who brought it up, and even when Shu Yu suggested they go at night, the plan was for them to go together.

So when You Ning mentioned the date, Shu Yu quickly thought about it and cane to the same plan as that

in Lu Anlan’s last life.

To verify this, one only needed to wait for Shu Yu to give an excuse for moving separately tomorrow.
Only that once this excuse was made, it would leave a flaw, after all, the plans were made face to face.
There was no need to go separately, and when things went wrong later, he risked being suspected.

Improvised plans are often full of flaws.

The next day, You Ning woke up as usual.
The steamed buns Aunt Fang made were so good that You Ning ate several of them.
After eating breakfast, he asked his cat to check the whereabouts of the five men.

The black cat disappeared into thin air and quickly appeared: “They checked out of the resort at ten in the morning.
They have an off-road vehicle and a black motorbike, the off-road vehicle has less than ten percent fuel, so they will go to a gas station on the way back to the city.
According to their plan and speed, they should reach the gas station at three in the afternoon.

You Ning looked at his cat in curiosity, “Cat, did you secretly watch any AI movies last night? Are you pretending to be an ice-cold system?”

Su Fu, who was controlling the cat’s body, was expressionless.

You Ning, on the other hand, became even more certain of his suspicions, and he shook his head and sighed, “Even cats are so fond of acting these days.”

Cat: “……” I’m not, master, take another good look at me, ah! QAQ!

Lu Anlan was also listening carefully, today was not only Shu Yu’s nightmare, but it was also his, and he couldn’t miss a single detail.

He had a weird feeling when he heard about the black motorbike, and when You Ning finished teasing his cat, he happened to remember something.
“My lord, there was a traffic jam between 3 pm and 5:30 pm when I was going to the resort in my last life and I remember that a black motorbike had stopped next to my car – that motorbike had also stopped next to other cars, so I just assumed that he was there because he couldn’t move due to traffic, so I didn’t think much of it.”

“Heh, so that motorbike is what they use to find their prey?” You Ning had a suspicion, “I suspect that lunatics like them would have something to do with the car accident that caused the traffic jam.”

After a moment of silence, Lu Anlan whispered, “I never thought that there were such people in the world before.”

You Ning nodded: “Yes, even the devil is disgusted.” This demon was quite disgusted with those five.

You Ning turned his head and asked his cat, “What about that scum, Shu Yu? When is he planning to go?”

Su Fu didn’t need to go check, he had just been to Shu Yu’s place.
“He’s planning to go after lunch.”

“Oh, in the afternoon.” You Ning said with a smile and looked at his cat with slight dissatisfaction, “Are you getting too much into the act? You won’t even call me master anymore?”

Su Fu who tried to open his mouth but still felt too ashamed to call out: “……”

You Ning waved his hand, too lazy to bother with him, and only instructed, “When he leaves the city, drain some of the fuel in the car he’s riding, so he can go to that gas station as well.”

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