Behind the south gate of A University was a mountain with beautiful scenery.
Last year, however, a heavy rainstorm caused a landslide that buried a passenger car.
Fifteen people were killed and two were seriously injured; even after the road was cleared, the area and the road became unusually quiet.

Almost every school has “seven strange stories” or “eight unsolved mysteries,” and the road behind A University’s south gate had become one of them.

“Brother Yang, how is this place?” A boy with *a short-inch hairstyle and holding a basketball lifted his chin towards the person beside him, with an expression of “please compliment me”.

*This is a hairstyle usually found among Asian men.

The person called Brother Yang ignored the boy with the short-inch hairstyle and instead turned to another good-looking boy to his right.
With the same tone and the same expression, he said, “An An, what do you think of this place?”

The short-inch haired boy: “……”

“It’s quiet; it’s quite good,” Yu Ning said, satisfied with the dilapidated but secluded enough basketball court.

Xiang Yang showed a mouthful of white teeth, as if he had received a great compliment.
The boy with the short-inch hairstyle rolled his eyes.
So shameless! He was the one who found this place!

The boys behind them cheerfully coaxed, “Brother Yang, is there a cure for your wife slave disease?”

Xiang Yang’s face immediately sank, and the boy with the short inch hairstyle glared back at them.

Some of the boys shut up, others made a move to zip up their mouths, while others were puzzled and one muttered, “What’s wrong? Wasn’t it fun to talk about Brother Yang like that before?”

“You weren’t around in the past few days, so you don’t know that Lu Anlan is chasing a young white face from the finance department named Shu Yu,” the person beside him explained in hushed tones.

*white face -a derogatory term for men who are very handsome and fair in appearance, as opposed to rough-looking ones.

The man was about to make a snide remark when he remembered who Shu Yu was and his eyes widened.
He looked at Brother Yang’s tall back with astonishment, but also sympathy.

‘Poor thing, the little cabbage vanished in an instant after being guarded for more than ten years.’

Xiang Yang felt the boys’ piercing gazes hit his back and he clapped his hands twice and shouted, “Come on, come on, divide the teams and start the game.
Anyone who can stop me will be treated to Mengxi tonight!”

The boys’ attention was immediately diverted and they gathered in a frenzy, directly allocating and dividing the teams in a simple and blunt manner.

There were eight boys in the group, and You Ning was not in the same group as Xiang Yang, he was in a group with the boy with the short inch hairstyle, Lin Yuan.
It was meant to be a relaxing activity, and both teams played rather casually.

As the autumn breeze swept by, the basketball court was filled with the unbridled laughter of young people.

Suddenly, You Ning caught a glimpse of a figure, and it just so happened that his teammate was passing the ball to him.
His original relaxed and leisurely play style abruptly changed.
He dribbled the ball quickly, made several turns, leaps, and fakes, and evaded the group.
His opponent became Xiang Yang after avoiding his opponent’s interception.

Yu Ning took a quick look around and jumped straight up, ready to shoot a three-pointer.
Xiang Yang jumped up after him and symbolically reached out to block it, but his palm missed the ball and instead brushed against You Ning’s exposed arm, a movement so small and light that the boys around him didn’t see it.

The basketball went through the basket and fell to the ground, making a heartbeat-like “thud, thud, thud” sound.

“An Lan, you’re showing off!”

“Tsk, Brother Yang, this is your fault, isn’t it, blatantly letting the water out!”

“Ugh, my friend, if you’re not in the same group as An Lan, you should have mentally prepared for your teammate to be an undercover agent.”

“Good point ……”

The laughter continued, but Xiang Yang didn’t mind when his friends teased him; he only looked at You Ning’s raised smile and followed it, but the smile on his face soon froze because he realized You Ning’s smile was not for him.

You Ning, or Lu Anlan, motioned to his friends to wait a moment before running a few steps towards the man who had already approached the basketball court.
“Senior, why are you here?” he asked, taking a deep breath to calm himself; his eyes were bright and his voice was full of surprise.
They had a meeting scheduled for half an hour later.

The man looked at him and said, “I came to wait for you.”

The man was dressed casually in a light gray sweater, black casual trousers, and glasses.
He had the air of a top scholar, and he stood out among their ten thousand-year-old school dregs.
But Lu Anlan was unique.
He wasn’t a school dreg; he was also a top scholar, and the two of them appeared to be a perfect match as they stood together.

The group of boys looked subtly at Xiang Yang, and as expected, their brother’s face had darkened.

The boy who had earlier sympathized with Xiang Yang began to whisper and mutter once more, “What are our options? This guy is even more attractive in person, and he is the top scholar.
Simply put, our Brother Yang can’t…”

Lin Yuan, who was standing next to Xiang Yang, stared at him threateningly.

The boy’s desire to live was so strong that he changed his tune right away: “Bah! He’s just a white face.
He may appear attractive, but he is worthless! Brother Yang is a thousand times superior to him!

You Ning’s face was flushed; it was unclear whether this was due to the exercise he had just completed or because the man in front of him had stated that he would wait for him.
He wanted to reach out and pull Shu Yu, but then he noticed the sweat stains on his hands and withdrew them, hiding them behind his back in shame.
“Will you then wait for me for a while, senior? We still have a little bit of time to play.”

Shu Yu took in his small actions and a sneer crossed his bottomless eyes, but he nodded with a faint smile.
“Okay, you guys play.”

You Ning blushed a little more when he saw his smile, looked around, and found him a good seat.
“You sit over there, Senior, where the light isn’t too harsh.”

Shu Yu nodded, crossing his gaze over You Ning’s shoulder to meet Xiang Yang on the basketball court.
He curled his lips lightly and walked to the place You Ning had mentioned.

Xiang Yang clenched his fists, then unclenched them again, looking at You Ning who was coming with reluctance written all over him.

Lin Yuan looked at his expression and asked him in a whisper, “Are you still playing?”

Xiang Yang wiped the sweat from his forehead, “No!” ‘Still playing my ass, someone’s mind had already flown away.’

“Huh?” You Ning, who was running back, heard this and wondered, “Why won’t you play anymore?”

Xiang Yang mocked him with half-truths, “Heh, why should I continue to play? Just to see you throwing winks at your senior while playing? That’s an eye sore!”

You Ning looked at him, his expression saying “Single dogs are scary”.
He then asked the others, who naturally said they wouldn’t play as they knew Xiang Yang was finished.
“Alright, Senior, and I will go first, then bye!” he said, shrugging his shoulders carelessly.

The others looked at each other with blank faces, “…… Oh, okay.”

Xiang Yang looked at You Ning who didn’t linger, and even walked a bit of impatience towards the shade, then angrily picked up the jacket that he had put aside and yelled, “Let’s go to Mengxi, my treat!”

You Ning said a few words to Shu Yu and then went to the washroom near the basketball court.
Because of the issue at the south gate, few people visited the restrooms on this side of the building because they believed there was more of a spiritual aura in a filthy place like the restrooms.
Because of the less traffic, there was less trash and odor in the restroom.

When You Ning noticed that no one was in the restroom, his sunny and shy demeanor vanished in the blink of an eye, leaving only a good-looking boy with a seductive air.

He had turned into a completely different person.

He lazily washed his hands at the sink, his beautiful lips turning up in a careless but sexy smile, “Does that fool like you?”

He was talking to himself in the mirror.

Soon, the classic scene in ghost movies appeared – the mirror image remained standing with a dazed and bewildered expression while You Ning bowed his head as he washed his hands, and it said, “I …… I don’t know, I didn’t know he ……”

He always thought that it was just a joke.

If someone came in and saw this scene, they would have screamed in shock, putting South gate directly on the throne of the most talked about topic overnight.

“Heh,” You Ning wasn’t interested in the emotional aspects of his food, he had only mentioned it casually and then added, “That scum was very hostile to your big fool.”

The boy in the mirror stiffened, as if he had caught something, but when he considered it again, nothing was there.
He couldn’t understand despite being reborn, so he had to be honest: “I didn’t notice…”

You Ning turned off the faucet and gave a soft “tsk”.
Though he didn’t say anything, the person in the mirror could sense that he was calling him stupid.

The boy in the mirror smiled to himself.
He was indeed stupid, stupid enough to die before realizing that the person he loved was an abomination.

But it didn’t matter because this demon could exact revenge on him.
He had struck a deal by using his soul as a bargaining chip.

You Ning used a tissue to gently wipe the water stains from his hands.
It was a simple gesture, but he performed it with such grace and elegance that it appeared as if he were wiping a priceless jade ornament with a fine silk handkerchief.
He raised his eyes to meet Lu Anlan’s in the mirror and said with a half-smile, “What, do you think I’m amazing?”

“Of course, you are very amazing!” said Lu Anlan without hesitation.
Not to mention the rest, but his impersonation of him was flawless.

You Ning was pleased by this human’s sincere praise, and his smile deepened.
His black eyes, which had been clean and clear before, gradually transformed into devilish pupils with a seductive red tint.

Lu Anlan in the mirror glanced away in a panic, not daring to look further.
He had seen the original body of this demon at the start of his rebirth, but he couldn’t describe it in detail.
If he had to describe it in one word, it would be thrilling—this demon was so beautiful that it was thrilling.
With just one glance, one would willingly sink.

You Ning was not surprised by this at all.
There were many demons and angels that would become like that in front of him, and it was only natural that a human could not resist.

In fact, he had become the incubus’ domain master simply by virtue of his appearance.
It was a little better than having the lazy demons choose their domain master through a guessing game.
You Ning didn’t feel like there was anything special about it, but it was extremely irritating.
His door was always flooded with demons or sneaky angels begging to sleep with him, making him want to beat them up.

Yes, You Ning was an incubus, a demon with nothing better to do but have sex and feed on it all day.
You Ning was probably ten times more soft and charming, especially his temperament of not being interested in anything, which increased people’s desire to conquer geometrically, and anyone who looked at him would think of or want X, which was very frustrating.

But You Ning was showing his eyes at this moment not because he wanted to charm this human, but rather because he was vain.
He adored compliments, especially genuine ones, which caused his tail to twitch upward and curl up.

But there was a no-go area, and that was to compliment his face.
For one thing, it was boring after hearing it too much, and for another, mentioning his face made it seem as if there was nothing to say about him other than that he looked good.This was similar to someone who has been looked down on because of his good looks, and when he becomes famous, he believes his fans only love him for his looks, so compliments on his good looks are considered pretentious.
Of course, there was the assumption that those who complimented him on his good looks did so with the intent of sleeping with him and were not simply admirers of his face.

To be honest, You Ning had never met anyone who complimented him on his good looks and didn’t want to sleep with him.
But as he is an incubus …… this no-go area of his seems contrived and pretentious to others.

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