You Ning planned to wait and see when he arrived.
Sometimes, careful planning is no match for the saying “plans can’t catch up with change.”

After eating, You Ning hypocritically sent a message to Shu Yu, asking him about his health.

Shu Yu replied that he was now fine.

You Ning then invited him for lunch, wanting to see how he looked before deciding whether to go for the date in the evening.

Unsurprisingly, Shu Yu declined You Ning’s lunch date, saying that he was now at the Xiang house and already had plans with his father.

When the two got back together, they never mentioned Shu Yu and the Xiang family, so when Shu Yu brought up this topic at this time, You Ning didn’t continue talking about the issue but asked when they were leaving and whether they would have dinner together in the evening, or if they were going to meet at lunchtime.

Shu Yu first snickered at You Ning’s anticipation for this date, then replied to him with a gentle tone.

“What would you like to eat tonight? I’ll go to the resort first and order for you, so don’t come too early, I want to surprise you.”

Heh, it was going to be a big surprise.

Shu Yu was from a single-parent family before, sometimes his mother would get so busy with work that she couldn’t take care of him, so he learned to cook for himself.
Later, his desire to win or his persona made him focus on upgrading his cooking skills.

Shu Yu was a scumbag, but his food was so good.
He used to cook for Lu Anlan when he was recovering in the hospital, he cooked a lot of food with love and care, which softened the Lu couple’s attitude towards him.

So Shu Yu was hinting that he wanted to cook a meal for You Ning and would wait for You Ning to eat it in the evening.

You Ning sneered as he typed back a string of delicious but difficult-to-handle dishes, then he sent a few emojis to show how excited he was about knowing that his boyfriend was going to cook for him.

Shu Yu put his phone away and his fingers trembled slightly.
He couldn’t tell if it was fear of this day, excitement at finally getting rid of the fear of this day, or that twinge of unease deep in his heart because he knew the damage he would bring to Lu Anlan by doing this.


Lu Anlan had been trying to recall everything that happened when You Ning suspected that the five men were responsible for that day’s car accident.

He hadn’t paid any attention to the news because of his own affairs, so he couldn’t remember anything about the car accident no matter how hard he tried.

There was nothing he could do to help.

You Ning could sense his mood, and made a guess, “Maybe you don’t have any memory of it because someone watered it down or made you not pay attention to it.”

At this point, his cat appeared and reported, “They are half an hour away from the petrol station.”

“Okay, we’ll know about the accident from the trip.” You Ning drove the car towards the resort at the same time as Lu Anlan in his last life.

The drive was a bit boring, so You Ning left Lu Anlan’s body to drive normally, and took the ring with him to that gas station.

Humans couldn’t see him when he is detached from the body, and as long as he didn’t do anything, he wasn’t breaking the rules.

So, he took Lu Anlan and graciously let him watch the proceedings.

This time, Lu Anlan saw the five people properly, and he felt a great deal of resentment and fear.

These five were all sons of wealthy families, one of them was the son to a judge in A city court, one a son to a high-ranking politician, one a nephew of the chief of the police department, and one was the crown prince of a business empire second only to the Fu family.
Ordinary people would avoid any one of them, let alone when all five are together.

After being reborn, Shu Yu chose to find someone to replace him in the torture instead of having these five brought to justice because he knew that he could not shake these five big trees.

On the surface, these five men were polite, with the elegance and reserve of the rich, but unfortunately, they were all ferocious beasts on the inside.

At the moment, four of the five were standing at the gas station, taking a break from the crowds at the resort.
There were many cars at the petrol station, so their car had to wait for a while.

The four chatted for a while, then two of them went to the public washroom.
They came back a short while later and got into the car that had been refueled, and drove off.

You Ning followed them out of the toilet and asked the black cat at his feet, “Did you get everything?”

The black cat nodded its round head.

The two men had just uncorked a small vial of liquid and placed it inside a man’s hood.
The light blue liquid was actually poison.
It evaporates at a warm temperature, and when inhaled by a person, it would cause hallucinations.

The man got into his car; the windows were closed, and it looked like the air conditioning was on.
The weather was unstable in winter, and it was not uncommon for the weather to be sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon.

The man was driving towards the resort, in the same direction as You Ning and the others, and it was foreseeable that he would crash into a guardrail or the flower bed in the middle of the road due to hallucinations.
The car would overturn because it was going too fast, and he would die instantly from the inhalation of the drugs and the blood loss from his wounds.

The police would later detect the drugs, and his family would be sad and angry, and then bewildered and confused that he would take drugs.
Drugs? How dare he drive after taking drugs? Then their friends and relatives would know that he was a drug addict and say that it was a shame and that he deserved It.

But they wouldn’t know that all this started because this man was in a hurry to get out after washing his hands in the toilet.
He shook his hands without looking around, causing the water to splash onto young master Shen’s face.
In retaliation, they also gave him a few drops of “water”.

The black cat looked at You Ning, waiting for his next instructions.

Lu Anlan asked directly, “My lord, what should we do now?”

You Ning said, “Of course we should call the police!”

Of course, there was more to just calling the police.

You Ning said with a smirk, “Send the full video you just captured to that officer Chen, and then post the condensed version on the internet with an outraged headline.
Film the process of the police finding footage of the man, and put it online as a follow-up.”

“Mmm……” You Ning thought about what else he could have forgotten.
“By the way, Cat, are you sure the surveillance recorded Shu Yu coming in?”

Su Fu nodded once again, his slightly serious expression looking extraordinarily cute on that cat face.

So You Ning couldn’t help but take him into her arms and give it some kisses, his cat was so cute at pretending to be a serious system!

Su Fu: “…”

With what happened at the clubhouse last time, Lu Anlan could guess why You Ning wanted Shu Yu to enter the gas station as well, but he still had doubts: “My Lord, don’t you need to change the time stamp of when Shu Yu came in?”

Shu Yu had entered the gas station earlier than the five men, having come in at around two o’clock, and was already at the resort by now.

You Ning shook his head with a confident smile.
“It doesn’t matter as long as he came here and was caught on surveillance.”

“Those five caught Shu Yu through the surveillance in the clubhouse last time.
In the eyes of those five, Shu Yu would not be as stupid as to appear in the same time frame if he were to report them.
The more flawless it looks, the more suspicious those smart people would be.”

On the other side, at the hot spring resort.

You Ning had ordered a lot of dishes, and Shu Yu bought them from the city and came with them.
To ensure the freshness of the ingredients, he also brought a portable mini-fridge, which made it seem like he was really caring.

One could choose a cottage for accommodation at the resort, and the cottage had all necessities, so you can cook for yourself on a whim.
You could also order food from the resort or go out and buy it from the surrounding farmers.

The cottage Shu Yu booked was decorated in a rustic style and was surrounded by plum trees, making it very elegant and serene.

When Shu Yu arrived, he followed his plan and started cooking.
Although there was a chance that these dishes would not be enjoyed by anyone, he wanted to do his best.

This way, people would only think of how much effort he had put into this date, and how much he was looking forward to his lover’s arrival.

Even though everything was going according to his plan and he was taking it one step at a time, Shu Yu’s hand trembled uncontrollably as he gripped the knife.

He put the knife down and took a deep breath to force himself to calm down.
He remembered something and put his mobile phone in the living room before returning to the kitchen, picking up the knife, and continuing to chop vegetables.

Time passed little by little, and the food’s aroma slowly wafted out.
Shu Yu methodically arranged the dishes and waited until it became dark before he returned to the living room and picked up his mobile phone to check the time.


The phone was so clean that there was not a single missed call or unread message.

Shu Yu stood still for two seconds and was about to call Lu Anlan as planned when Lu Anlan’s call came in.

He stood there for another two seconds before he swiped the phone and connected the call.

“Where are you, senior? I’ve arrived, it’s so beautiful here.”

Shu Yu gave You Ning the name of the area and door number and hang up.
He squeezed the phone tightly, unable to tell whether he was feeling regretful or fortunate.

You Ning arrived not long after.
Shu Yu welcomed him in, and they embraced briefly without kissing.

Two hot dishes needed to be stir-fried, so You Ning waited for Shu Yu in the living room.
He didn’t run into the kitchen to hug Shu Yu while he was stir-frying, as many people do when they are in love.

But Shu Yu didn’t notice the lack of an ambiguous atmosphere between a couple in the heat of love.

You Ning still had his cat with him, but it was invisible to humans, after all, he had come here to spend time with Shu Yu, and he couldn’t bring his pet.
Shu Yu wasn’t Su Fu.

He glanced in the direction of the kitchen, then took out his phone and watched the news on various social networks with interest.

#A man was poisoned at the gas station and nearly died.
The cause is unbelievable!#

#Suspects say: it was just a joke!#

#A thrilling scene on the highway.
Passing drivers: Fortunately, the police, and ambulance arrived in time#

Shu Yu set the dishes on the table, and when he saw that You Ning was still looking at his phone on the sofa, he called out, “Little An, it’s time to eat.
What are you looking at so intently?”

You Ning then showed him the phone interface and said, “There was a traffic jam on my way here.
A police car and an ambulance passed by but I didn’t know what was happening.
Look – it turned out like this! It’s so unbelievable, just a little accidental splash of water, and they wanted to kill him straight away.
I don’t know what’s going on with these people ……”

Shu Yu was confused, so he glanced at You Ning’s phone, and then froze.

There was the image of the group of five being taken away by the police for their involvement in the case.
Even with the mosaic, Shu Yu recognized them.

“Let me see,” Shu Yu said as he took You Ning’s phone.

Shu Yu did not feel relieved because he knew those people’s backgrounds.
Even if they stabbed someone to death, they would still have ways to get away with it, even if it meant faking a mental illness or something like that.
Not to mention that the description on this report only captures them putting a certain liquid inside the victim’s hood, so they would definitely be released for lack of evidence.

These five can only be defeated when their families fall, something that was difficult for Shu Yu who had not yet established a firm foothold in the Xiang family.

Shu Yu flipped through a few more posts, and his pupils suddenly shrank when he saw one of the photos.

It was a photo of the gas station near the resort.
He had been to that gas station because he realised that he was running low on gas.
The five men had also gone to that gas station!

Regardless of the timing, Shu Yu started having a strong sense of unease.

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