You Ning took in all of Shu Yu’s expressions, he hid the sneer under his eyes and got off the sofa happily, “Wow, it smells so good, senior, you actually made so much!”

Shu Yu suppressed his unnaturalness and handed the phone back to You Ning.
He then walked to the dining table, pulled out a chair for You Ning, and said, “I hope it’s to your liking.”

You Ning blushed and then took his seat.
Whether the food was to his liking or not, the anxiety Shu Yu was desperately trying to hide was quite good.

It was still early when they finished the meal, so Shu Yu proposed to walk around the resort, saying that there was a bonfire tonight.

You Ning was not surprised, and he agreed, but he secretly glanced at Shu Yu.
Given Lu Anlan and Shu Yu’s age, they don’t have that many chances to get intimate.
Now that they had finally left the familiar surroundings of their friends and entered a two-person world, they should have used every single moment of their time together, and even had a night of sex immediately after dinner.

Shu Yu’s proposal to go out was appropriate during the day, but there was something distinctly odd about it at night.

Although Shu Yu knew that today’s impromptu plan might not work, he didn’t expect today’s date to actually happen.
Knowing the probability was one thing, but he was still expectant.

You Ning’s little glance wasn’t exactly subtle, so Shu Yu naturally saw it, and he knew that You Ning was suspicious of him.

He had been scared of him last time at Xianhe Mountain, and if he didn’t do something tonight, the other party would be even more suspicious.

But what could he do? Taking pills wouldn’t even help!

Shu Yu looked at the blazing fire burning in the clearing, and it was like a fire was burning in his heart too.

You Ning wore a smile all night, dancing along at the bonfire.
He bought a snack on their way back and held the bag of sweet, fried chestnuts happily.

When he returned, he sat on the sofa and slowly peeled the chestnuts, and ate them while watching the fermentation of the incident with the Five.

After one night, the incident had become a big deal, and unlike the last time they were caught doing drugs, which could be considered a danger to themselves, they had not only endangered themselves, but had also “shared” the drugs with others with the sole purpose of causing the other party’s death.
If convicted, the charge would be murder.

What’s more, the crime was caught on camera, and the circulating video was divided into two parts, one showing two of the five men placing the blue vial in the victim’s hood, and the second showing the horrifying scene of the man driving on the highway before the police arrived to take the suspect on the motorbike and the other four men to the police car.

“Oh my God! What the hell is wrong with this society? How dare you treat murder as a joke?”


here’s a version of the scene without mosaic, and look at their expressions, they’re not alarmed at all, they’re as calm as can be.”

“They are calm because it has nothing to do with them.”

“Damn it, who hired the water army! You don’t know right from wrong because of money, get out of here!”

“ Check out this link, friends; someone got the identities of these five people, and it’s simply amazing!”

“All I want to say after reading this post is: amazing! Having a background is great, you can get away with anything.

“Why are you guys making a fuss? The police let them out, which means they aren’t guilty.”

“Heh! Being let out only means there’s not enough evidence to convict them, not that they’re not guilty!”

“You know what? These five were released within a couple of hours the last time they were on the news, I wonder if these posts are going to disappear within a few days once again.”


You Ning put away the phone after eating the chestnuts.
The poisoning incident had come to light, but from Lu Anlan’s memory and the corpse in Xianhe Mountain, these five were definitely repeat offenders but have never been caught.
Aside from being vigilant in their actions, they must have some people behind them to wipe their asses.

It was no surprise that these five were released for lack of evidence.
But people will no longer be fooled by their courteous appearance; they will be spurned and abused.
Of course, this would not cause any substantial harm to the five men but only stir up their anger.

You Ning intended to release the video of them kidnapping the girl and dumping her body as soon as those five were released from the police station to completely enrage the public.

They will be branded as “inhuman,” and this way, the five who think they are above the people and can cover the sky with a wave of their hands will be knocked down by the people they treat as ants.

But now, You Ning had to seduce Shu Yu for the second time.

The cottage had only one floor and two bedrooms, each with a bathroom.
When they came back, Shu Yu went to the bathroom in his room to wash up, and You Ning could still hear the sound of water running inside.

You Ning threw the empty bag of chestnuts into the bin, clapped his hands, and also went to the bathroom in his room.
He adjusted the temperature of the water and wet himself, then put on his robe and came out again.

When he came out, You Ning was twice as seductive as he was in the tent last time.
Just the way he stood there, with wet hair and wet eyes, his bare feet on the floor, the pink toes shrinking helplessly, was enough to make the blood boil, not to mention the half of his chest that he had casually exposed.

The black cat that was waiting on the cabinet by the bathroom door nearly got a nosebleed after one glance.

Then the cat’s face went completely black, but unfortunately, the cat’s fur was pure black so its gloom couldn’t be seen.

–He’s actually going to meet the human looking like that!

Su Fu only felt his temples throbbing, he jumped lightly to the ground and quickly disappeared.

You Ning didn’t notice this as he entered Shu Yu’s room, and nonchalantly laid down on the soft bed in the room.

Shu Yu didn’t hear Lu Anlan knocking on the door, but he knew he couldn’t hide for too long.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t come up with any excuses or solutions after being in the bathroom for a while.

The light in the room was dim, and there was a bulge in the white bed.
This would have looked extraordinarily ambiguous in the eyes of a normal lover, but all Shu Yu felt was a headache and discomfort in his stomach.

It wasn’t that he found Lu Anlan disgusting, but having a physiological reaction that he couldn’t vent was a pain.

You Ning pulled the covers down to reveal a damp head, he was blushing profusely, but his eyes were also exceptionally bright.

“Let’s rest, senior.” With just one sentence, he showed how nervous, expectant, and shy he was, and after saying that, he covered his head with the blanket and hid it as if he no longer dared to look at Shu Yu’s reaction and eyes.

Shu Yu stood by the bed for a moment, pondering what to do.
He opened the drawer of his bedside table, revealing the usual hotel essentials inside.

–He could use his hands.

With this thought, Shu Yu finally relaxed a little.

Yu Ning hid under the covers, and as soon as Shu Yu came up, he rolled into his arms, moved around, and one of his legs straddled Shu Yu’s legs.

Shu Yu resisted the urge to kick his leg away, instead looking down into his beautiful eyes and making a move to kiss him.
You Ning ducked his head and pressed his face against his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

Then he did the same thing he had done last time, curling his leg up and rubbing against Shu Yu.

Shu Yu quickly grabbed his leg, and instead of struggling, You Ning suddenly sat up.
The red on his face faded, and he quickly became pale.

His voice sounded a little shaky with sadness, “Senior, you lied to me.”

Shu Yu also sat up.
You Ning’s series of movements completely took over the initiative, and he couldn’t even start the kiss or anything.

Shu Yu only felt his head hurt more, “Little An, listen to me ……”

“You don’t like me at all; you lied to me,” You Ning said as he jumped out of bed, biting his lips in sadness.

“We were so close to each other, but you didn’t even have a racing heart, you don’t have feelings for me.
…… You never had any feelings for me!” You Ning’s eyes quickly filled with water, he looked at Shu Yu, who was speechless, turned his head away, closed his eyes, and said, “Senior, let’s break up.”

With that, You Ning turned around and quickly left the room.
Shu Yu hurriedly got out of bed to chase him, while shouting, “Little An, Little An don’t go, I didn’t lie to you …… stop and listen to me, okay?”

You Ning went back to his room and picked up his clothes and phone.

Without even changing, he ran straight to the door as if he was afraid that Shu Yu would catch him.
From the back, he looked like he would regret breaking up if he stayed any longer.

Once he came out, You Ning saw the car that had just stopped outside.
The door to the driver’s side had just opened, but on seeing You Ning come out, the man closed the door and opened the passenger door.

You Ning raised his eyebrows, wiped the nonexistent tears, and ran to the car.

At that moment, Shu Yu came out after him, his mouth still calling out for him and asking him to stop.
But when the passenger door of that car opened and he saw who was driving that car, he couldn’t say anything more and could only watch as that person took You Ning away.

When You Ning got into the car, the first thing Su Fu said was, “Put your clothes back on.”

You Ning raised an eyebrow and pulled at the lapels of his bathrobe, “Professor, what brings you here?”

Su Fu stared forward and did not speak.

You Ning crossed his legs, tapped a finger to his lips, and asked again, “Professor, what brings you here by such a coincidence? It makes me wonder a little if you’ve set something up around me, are you spying on me?”

Seeing that Su Fu was still looking straight ahead and not making a retort, You Ning made an exaggerated expression of surprise, “I never thought an archangel would do such a thing!”

He moved closer and sniffed Su Fu’s body, “Oh, why does it smell sour?”

Then he came to a sudden realization coupled with disbelief and teased, “Professor, you’re not jealous, are you? Did you see me going to seduce Shu Yu and rushed over here?”

He expected the archangel to stare ahead without a word and turn a deaf ear, but Su Fu suddenly turned his head and looked into You Ning’s still-smiling eyes and said, “Yes, I am jealous.”

“Even though I know that it is that human’s body and not yours.”

He looked into You Ning’s eyes with seriousness and affection that You Ning was most uncomfortable with.

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