You Ning glanced away and coughed lightly, muttering, “This human body is really troublesome.”

With that, he draped the coat he was holding over his body, covering his slightly open chest.

The breeze from the air conditioning was warm, and the only sound that could be heard in the quiet car was the faint sound of the breeze.
You Ning touched his nose and gave Su Fu a sidelong glance.
He knew fully well that he’d be burned, but he was curious, “Professor, why do you like me? You know that incubi don’t know how to love, we only follow our nature.”

Incubi are only suitable for being friends, not lovers because they will not respond even if you give them your heart.
They can be with you in bed in the morning, and with someone else in the afternoon.

To them, sex is food.
You can’t force someone to eat only one kind of dish for the rest of their life, can you?

Su Fu said, “You’re the only incubus I’ve ever seen who hasn’t followed his nature even at a hundred years old.”

You Ning wanted to open his mouth and retort, he was just a picky eater.

“Maybe it’s because you didn’t notice it before, but there’s no denying it.” Su Fu slowly stopped the car and looked at him, “Do you want to try?”

You Ning was a little confused, “Try what?”

“Try to see how different you are from other incubi, to try and see if you can love.” At the moment, Su Fu was like a demon seducing a human.

You Ning blinked and said wryly, “But why should I try?”

The ten-thousand-year-old single dog was at a loss for another moment, then he regained his logic and said, “Didn’t you ask me why I like you?”

You Ning nodded, “Yeah…”

Su Fu revealed a light smile and said, “It was love at first sight.
I told you, but you didn’t believe it.”

This was You Ning’s first time seeing Su Fu’s smile, even though it was in a borrowed human body, it was still extraordinarily eye-catching, and he was suddenly interested in the “love” he was talking about.
It was a bit like the “law of true love” in fairy tales, which said that when you met someone you liked, you could tell at a glance whether they were your true love.

This law actually existed; the only difference was that it was hard to love someone purely nowadays, whether in heaven, hell, or the human world.

Before this, You Ning didn’t believe that Su Fu was in love with him, but he had a little faith now.

You Ning said, “How do I try?”

Su Fu glanced at his ring and said, “Let’s seal our memories of each other before the next transaction begins.”


The next day, Su Fu sent You Ning back to the Lu family.
The Lu couple was so shocked that their eyes almost fell out, and as soon as Su Fu left, they hurriedly asked if You Ning had spent the night with Su Fu.

You Ning laughed and said, “Mom, Dad, don’t get any ideas, my godfather and I are innocent.
I broke up with Shu Yu last night, and Godfather happened to be nearby, so he took me away.
We slept in two separate rooms, so you guys shouldn’t worry.”

Father Lu and Mother Lu exchanged, “…”

After a while, Mother Lu remembered the name Shu Yu, “Little An, is the Shu Yu you are talking about the illegitimate son of the Xiang family?”

You Ning nodded, “It’s him.
I thought he was with me because he liked me too, but then ……”

You Ning smiled bitterly, “I tested him last night and found out that he really did have an agenda, so I broke up with him.”

Mother Lu comforted him: “It’s better to separate, there is no need to be sad, that kind of person is not worth grieving over.”

“Well, mom is right,” You Ning said with a smile.

As soon as You Ning went upstairs, Mother Lu immediately drew her husband aside.
“Quickly, quickly, find a new boyfriend for Little An.
That Fu Yan looks very dangerous, he took advantage of Little An’s breakup to abduct him, don’t let him take advantage of the situation again……”

When You Ning heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh and wonder what kind of mood that archangel would be in when he heard it.

The black cat that appeared as soon as You Ning entered the room looked at the other party: “……” Was You Ning laughing at him?

But what could he do? What could he do but let him laugh?

The black cat sighed helplessly.

The short break ended, and You Ning didn’t go to the student union or the finance major that week, and Xiang Yang, who had been shriveled up for some days immediately noticed it.

Then he learned that – Lu Anlan and Shu Yu had broken up!

Xiang Yang could not wait to cry out to the sky when he heard this!

‘They had broken up! They really broke up!

I have an immortal cousin!’

Xia Congxin felt that something was wrong with the way Lu Anlan looked at Xiang Yang when they met last week, and her suspicions nearly frightened Xiang Yang as he remembered the drunk call to Lu Anlan.

But Xia Congxin didn’t say anything more, she just had a gut feeling that Lu Anlan and Shu Yu’s reconciliation was temporary.

Facts once again proved that his cousin was really powerful (and scary) and it kind of made one sympathize with her future boyfriend.

But when Xiang Yang happily went to get closer to Lu Anlan, he suddenly realised that Lu Anlan was avoiding him.

This time, he didn’t look for Xia Congxin again, he was sure that Lu Anlan had heard his confession that night.

Lu Anlan in the ring looked at the lost Xiang Yang, who was standing at the library’s stairs and watching You Ning walk away.
He felt a little sad, but You Ning did the right thing.
They had no future so why dwell on it, he didn’t want to cause Xiang Yang more heartache.

You Ning noticed that Xiang Yang had entered the library, and he went down the stairs on the other side.
He went to the school gate because he had an appointment with Su Gu at a Thai restaurant.

When he was almost at the school gate, You Ning saw a particularly funny scene – Shu Yu came out of the school with four bodyguards with him.

You Ning looked at the expressions of the students around him and almost burst out laughing.
He caught a glimpse of Su Fu’s car arriving, so he jogged a few steps, got into the passenger seat, and laughed his head off.
Su Fu glanced at him and skillfully pulled out a packet of snacks for him.

Unlike You Ning’s quiet week, Shu Yu had a particularly lively one.

A day after returning from the resort, he had a vague feeling that someone was watching him, and he immediately thought of those five people.

Those five had an impression of him because of what happened at the clubhouse last time, and he happened to pass by the same petrol station on the same day, he knew it would definitely attract their attention.

Although Shu Yu knew that he had a definite alibi, those five were not ordinary people who could patiently listen to reason.

This time, the incident made a bigger splash, so the five must be extremely upset, they would definitely seek revenge on the person who took the video, or find someone they had a grudge against.
In short, they would definitely find a way to vent their anger.

The psychological shadow from his last life made Shu Yu tremble with fear, he was really scared and he could not put himself in danger, so he asked Xiang Chaodong to give him some bodyguards.

It was not a big deal and Xiang Chaodong did not think much of it.

But the bodyguards felt that Shu Yu was particularly pretentious.

When he first arrived, he acted like he was not interested in the hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, but then Xiang Chaodong showed him kindness, saying things like “you’re the only son I have in my life, I’ve suffered without you for all these years” to close the distance, and then he acted like he was touched by his father and openly accepted everything Xiang Chaodong gave him.

It hasn’t been long, but he now needs bodyguards to stand outside the door of class and the washroom.
Was this a sign that he was not satisfied with the ordinary route he took before and couldn’t help but show off?

They have been bodyguards for many years, but most rich second generations hate having bodyguards because they feel like they are being watched and are not free.

Of course, these rich kids came from wealthy families, and they had drivers and bodyguards to and from school for safety, but how big was Shu Yu that they needed to guard the class?

Perhaps he read too many romance novels and thought it was very stylish to bring bodyguards to class.

Similarly, the impression of Shu Yu among the students and teachers of A University had taken a sharp turn for the worse.
Some of them couldn’t help but roll their eyes when they saw Shu Yu and the four black figures behind him.

It could not be helped, it was too disappointing, and the image of the male god was completely shattered.

Xiang Yang went to chase after Lu Anlan, so Lin Yuan and the rest had nothing to do.
At this moment, they happened to see Shu Yu and the group burst into laughter, causing the surrounding students to follow suit.

It was too hilarious!

Shu Yu only felt his nerves throbbing, he seemed to have caught a glimpse of Lu Anlan, but he couldn’t care less at the moment.
That malicious gaze was following him around and he didn’t feel safe even though he had someone with him at all times.

He got into the car and took a few big breaths.
Just then, he got a message on his phone.

It was from his social account.

Shu Yu removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose before swiping his phone to check.

He only read the beginning and threw the phone away.

The bodyguards in the car were not looking at each other, but they were all exchanging glances from the corner of their eyes, probably saying that the young master was going crazy again.

Yes, from what they had seen in the past few days, they felt that this illegitimate child was not only pretentious but also paranoid.
He was always nervous, and his bloodshot eyes were frightening.

The bodyguards didn’t help him pick up the phone that had fallen at his feet, as it was a private item and they didn’t want to touch it.

Shu Yu didn’t pick it up either, and it was only when he could see the Xiang mansion that he came back to his senses and picked up the phone.

The owner of the mansion was not at home, so he had probably gone out to play with some woman again.
Shu Yu immediately locked himself in his room, deleted everything he had just seen, and then flushed the phone down the drain.

He was panting as he looked at his face in the mirror; his hair was in disarray, his expression was ugly, and his eyes were as red as a monster’s.
There was no trace of his usual meticulousness.

“Who the hell did this!” Shu Yu pounded the sink and growled like a trapped beast.

He had just received a video of the five men dumping a corpse at Xianhe Mountain.
In addition to this, there was also a video of the group doing drugs with psychedelic expressions and a video from the gas station.

The sender was a newly registered account, but Shu Yu knew that it was most likely the person who had called in the report.

What was this person’s purpose? Why would they send these to him?

Last time, he caught the attention of the five with the incident at the clubhouse, and this time, it was with the incident at the gas station …… Shu Yu jerked his head up and the eyes in the mirror looked furious

That person was setting him up!


The author has something to say:


Gong will cheat, he will not completely lose his memories.

Ning (smoke ring): An old angel with a scheming routine!

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