The sun came out a little late the next day, and the sky was gloomy as if signaling something.

Those who got up early in the morning habitually yawned and opened their phones to read the latest hot news.

The first entry read;

#The five suspects in the gas station poisoning were released without charge.#

Many people remembered this incident because of how unusual it was, and they immediately clicked on the link.

There wasn’t much description, just a few sentences saying that the incident had nothing to do with the five men, but the case really was under investigation.

Many people sneered at the content and then typed in comments, “Heh, I’m really not surprised at all.”

“The video was captured so clearly, and there’s no sign of processing, even that can’t even be used as direct evidence?”

“The world is going to end.
This is the world of the powerful, we ordinary people are not human beings!”

“The victim’s family must be furious.”

“I’m the victim’s childhood friend, he’s a typical wife slave who gives in all his salary, has to report how much he spends every day, and has no money to buy those things.
If the police hadn’t been called that day, he would have died, and then the police would have suspected him of being a drug addict.
Then what would his family and colleagues have thought of him, and what would society have thought of him?”

“Holy shit! I’m terrified just thinking about it!!!”

“What do we do? I’m now anxious, what if I am driving on the same road as these guys one day and don’t notice that I overtook them? Won’t I die like that too? In addition, my reputation would get ruined and my death would be a worthless one!”

“Let’s hug upstairs, I’m shivering in fear.”

“We pay taxes for the country’s prosperity and to have our rights protected, not to put certain people on the top so that they can use their power for personal gain and escape the law.
Giving a fair trial is fundamental.”


in one of A City A’s private villas

A mobile phone was smashed onto the floor, and then a slap rang out.

“Look at what you’ve done!” The man’s face was red with anger, and his chest was constantly heaving, making one worry that he would pass out from anger.

As soon as he started scolding, his wife, who had a fleshy face, went to look at her son’s battered face and turned to scold him, “That’s enough! My son has suffered enough in the police station in the past few days, and now you want to beat him up!”

“You!” the man yelled, pointing at his wife’s nose, his hands shaking with rage.”You only know how to spoil him, look at what he’s become because of you!”

“Hua Guang! I dare you to yell at me again!” The woman glared at him fiercely and pulled her son away, “Come, you don’t have a father, but you still have an uncle.”

The man watched his wife and son walk out the door, he felt suffocated, and he nearly passed out with anger.

The servants who were watching quickly went to help him sit down on the sofa.
He poured a glass of water and swallowed a pill before he could calm down.
His face was filled with remorse, if he had not been greedy for that bit of power and had not married this woman, he would not have had such a son……

Compared to the chaos in this family, the other three families were peaceful.

A pair of twins returned home and leisurely sat on the sofa.
They casually picked the fruit that had been cut into flower shapes and ate it.

Their mother put her bag down and frowned at the casualness of her two sons before ordering the kitchen to prepare two meals.
She had to go settle a case where the judge and jury were mostly her students.

The other two returned home with their parents and were not scolded, but were scolded along the lines of, “How could you be so careless and make such a mess of things, it took a lot of effort to sort it out, so be careful next time.”

The two young masters also hurriedly replied along the lines of, “I know, I know, how many times do you have to say it?”

However, the indifferent, unconcerned expressions on their faces had been recorded without their knowledge; they’d be getting a big gift this New year.

You Ning looked at the images his cat had gathered and turned to face Su Fu, saying, “Tsk, humans are such terrible creatures.
There have been many like this throughout the ages.”

Su Fu peeled the mangosteen for him, placing the snow-white flesh on the porcelain plate in front of You Ning, before expertly picking up the next one and continuing to peel it, saying, “Not everyone is like that either.
There is no such thing as pure black and white; light and darkness, good and evil, will always coexist.”

“Generally speaking, light dominates a large area, but darkness often possesses a greater power.”

You Ning was just making a casual comment, but at Su Fu’s serious answer, he immediately dove into the topic.
He pointed his finger at Su Fu’s heart and asked, “Professor, you are much more powerful than most demons, is it because your heart is black?”

Su Fu held You Ning’s finger and said lightly, “You can go inside and see.”

He was willing to construct You Ning’s favorite world for him, and it would be best if he could come in, see it, and then decide to live in it.

You Ning smirked and easily drew his finger back.
He then took advantage of his sudden action to grip an indescribable part of Su Fu and fondled it provocatively before releasing it, saying, “I don’t want to, I just want to try it.”


This was a particularly naughty incubus.

Just as the little incubus and the archangel were doing shameless things, the internet exploded with another wave.

The day wasn’t over when the netizens were caught off guard and ate another big melon.

A pop-up video was dropped on various websites, there was no caption or description, just a scene where a few men could be seen doing something.

Once they clicked on it, many people watched it with their scalps tingling.

It was not a film or TV production, but a real video and the location was vaguely visible from the lighting of the landscape at the top of the video – it was at Xianhe Mountain in A City.
Everyone knew the five men now, and despite the dim lighting, it was easy to recognize who they were from their highly recognizable faces.
But what was most noticeable was the object they were carrying.

It was a dead girl! The exposed parts of the girl were mosaicked, but the abnormal crookedness of her limbs and neck indicated that she was already a corpse.

There was no panic or caution on the faces of the five men, as if they were used to doing something like this.
Two of them even seemed to be talking about the experience they just had, as if they were reviewing a dish after tasting it, with expressions of satiety and reminiscence.
Then one got impatient with carrying and said something, and they stopped to look around, before throwing the body on a random pile of fallen leaves.

The video followed the five men as they left, but suddenly, one of the men felt something and looked back, and then the video went white.

Those watching the video were already too shocked for words.

The netizens were fast, and by dinner time, many people in A City were talking about this incident.

As she listened to her daughter-in-law talk about the video she had just seen, the woman who ran a night stall chopped up the pig bones with anger, saying, “Such scum should be slaughtered!”

When the customers who were eating heard this, they asked if it was the video of the body being dumped on Xianhe Mountain, and they immediately joined in, “Yes! It was too heinous!”

“Ugh, you guys don’t know, these guys have big family backgrounds, didn’t you see what happened to them last time ……”

The night began, and the talk of the streets was all about the videos on the internet.

Sirens rang out from the south of the city to the north, such sounds were common every two or three days, but the people of A City just felt that the police were going to catch those five animals tonight.

Just before midnight, the police replied to the agitated netizens: The five men have been detained, the victim’s family has been notified, and the case is under further investigation.

The netizens didn’t celebrate this time, and each turned on the tenth level of mockery: “They must have invited the young men to drink tea for two days and then get released without a charge.”

There was no confusion over the skilled and simply unconcerned expressions of the five men in the video.

Without a doubt, they were repeat offenders!

People wondered how many other people died at their hands before that, and yet certain people weren’t doing their jobs and were covering up for them at every turn instead, causing the families of the victims to be unable to find justice.

Even blind men could see that they are guilty and evil, and if such people were allowed to return to society, then the people would really be disappointed with the government.

In just one night, the people of City A and the rest of the country were paying attention to the development of this matter.
On the surface, the case seemed to be about a group of rich kids who had no fear when committing murder, but in reality, this case led to an investigation into their families, and one could imagine the resistance.

The families of the five men were also under a lot of pressure.

First, there was the drug incident at the clubhouse, then there was the gas station poisoning incident, and now,  the body dumping incident at Xianhe Mountain.
The matter slowly grew bigger, and they had to use their contacts and a lot of effort to save their people time and again.

Each incident was undoubtedly a heavy blow to them, but who was behind it all?

No matter who it is, they will find them and make them regret doing all this!

Within a few days, they found out that someone had reported the incident to the police that night on Xianhe Mountain, and the call was answered by a newcomer who had been with the North City Police Department for just over a year.

This newcomer promised not to investigate, but he secretly went to Xianhe Mountain.
He was really very disobedient.

Just after the body dumping incident at Xianhe Mountain, there was another hot story on the internet, also related to this case – the officer who tried to investigate the incident at Xianhe Mountain was attacked and nearly killed.

It was like a fuse had been lit, and the nation was furious.

Shu Yu barely leaves the house these days, he doesn’t go to school much, and he resigned from the student council.

The school didn’t miss him much, they were only glad that the new rich kid who brought bodyguards to class was finally gone!

But when a post suddenly appeared on the internet, everyone’s impression of Shu Yu took a sharp turn.

—-So this is why Shu Yu needed bodyguards wherever he went! I actually misunderstood him!

Shu Yu didn’t dare to search for news about those five people nowadays, he was afraid that his computer and mobile phone would leave traces of his browsing, and some people could restore it even if he deleted everything.

Even if the five were convicted, Shu Yu would not be able to rest assured because behind them were their parents, and behind their parents were their families, and as long as one of them did not die, and as long as their families did not fall, Shu Yu would not be able to rest assured.

He had reason to believe that their families were no better than the five, and that there was a high chance that they would retaliate against him for being caught up in this affair.

It was revenge that Shu Yu could not afford.

Just when Shu Yu was about to run mad, the police knocked on the door of the Xiang family.

When Shu Yu saw them, they said to him with a serious expressions, “Don’t be afraid, student Shu, the police will protect you!”

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