Shu Yu did not expect the police to come looking for him.
To him, the protection of the police was simply a death sentence!

He held on to his last shred of composure and asked the policemen who had come to protect him, “Why? I haven’t done anything.”

The officers who came were two men and one woman.
The woman looked at him and said, “Please believe us, we are here to protect you, you don’t need to hide anything but we won’t force you if you don’t want to tell us.”

Shu Yu was going crazy, what the hell did that mean? What was he hiding? He didn’t do anything! He hadn’t even succeeded in his little plan for Lu Anlan, so what could he be hiding!

The other two officers saw that Shu Yu was not in the right mood, so they explained to him: “Student Shu, didn’t you go online this morning? Someone posted your report on young master Shen Yi and the others on the internet, and made your personal information public.
We are dealing with the matter so you don’t need to worry…”

Shu Yu was shocked and he rushed upstairs to find his mobile phone and computer, his hands were shaking as he opened the computer and opened the screen of his mobile phone.

No, no, no, this must not be true, he didn’t make any reports, this had nothing to do with him!

As the webpage loaded, Shu Yu thought of the person who had sent him the video earlier.
Yes, it was him, he was the one who had reported it, but he was hiding behind the scenes, pushing it all on him and making him stand in the limelight.

Shu Yu really wanted that person to die!

The internet speed was fast.
Shu Yu took a deep breath to calm himself down, and then looked at the phone to see what was happening.

After a long morning, the initial post that appreciated, but exposed all of Shu Yu’s information was no longer there.
In its place were angry rebukes from netizens.

This was the same as an undercover cop receiving appreciation from the police for the publicity, saying words of thanks and proving their sense of justice to people, only to put the undercover cop in danger by exposing his information.

This kind of behaviour was not gratitude at all, it was murder, and there was no justice in it.

No one cares about your sense of justice, but because of your words, all the hard work of the undercover police officers is wasted and their lives are in danger.

This was not something that could be dismissed as ignorance.

Especially after the recent attack on the police officer who investigated the five men and nearly lost his life, wasn’t exposing the information of a citizen who reported the incident a convenient way for some people to take vicious revenge?

They dared to attack a police officer, would they be afraid of an ordinary person?

Oh, Shu Yu is a rich second generation, and his father is wealthy but so what?

So what if it wasn’t easy for the five families to make a move, what if they joined forces? After all, this was the culprit who had gotten their precious sons convicted of murder, their sons would probably spend the rest of their lives in jail! How could they let Shu Yu have a good time?

Those who were following the story were furious.

“How dare you say thank you for this?”

“I request the police to find the person as soon as possible and deal with them seriously.
This kind of behavior is too bad!”

“I’m really …… speechless.
Does this person have a conscience at all?”

“That’s why there are good people, but very few dare to lend a hand to justice.
Who will dare report a criminal in the future?”

“I just hope that the police will protect this student and then convict the Five as soon as possible.
Let’s see whether evil cannot prevail over good.”

“Good people should live in peace! This is not a ridicule or a joke, I hope that student is safe.


Shu Yu saw this and just felt a headache, good people should live in peace?! This was simply mocking him!

But that was not all.

His phone had been turned off until now, so the messages from various social networking apps were flooding in.
Shu Yu didn’t look at them, but he still scanned them when they popped up.

They were all “I’m sorry for misunderstanding you before”, “I’m sorry for looking at you that way before, you’ll always be the best, senior”, “Come on, we’ll support you no matter what” Etc.

There were also a few fake messages from You Ning but Shu Yu didn’t want to see any of them at this moment.

It was over.

These were the only words that came to Shu Yu’s mind.

He couldn’t help but fall into a state of extreme confusion.
What was the purpose of his rebirth? Just to experience a different kind of despair from his previous life?

No, his life was not supposed to be like this.
What had gone wrong?

It wasn’t Lu Anlan who had exposed his information on the internet, but there were people who always wanted to fish in troubled waters.

Although people were saying “we’ll support you”, it was sent secretly, those five people had great backgrounds, so ordinary people would be apprehensive about lending Shu Yu a helping hand.

If something were to happen to Shu Yu at this time, the first suspects would be the families of the five.

A game was being played in the background and the Five were at the centre.
Maybe it was for justice, but there were interests at stake.

Shu Yu was already calm by the time he came downstairs.
At this time, Xiang Chaodong also returned, he saw the plain clothed policemen and the way he looked at Shu Yu had changed.

Shu Yu hadn’t grown up around him, and the time they spent together was short, so Xiang Chaodong didn’t really see Shu Yu as his own son, just as a tool that was more obedient than the rebellious Xiang Yang.

With his years of experience, he could naturally see that his illegitimate son was deep-minded and not as perfect as he appeared to be.

But it didn’t matter, he could give Shu Yu everything and he could also take it back.

For example, if he messed with the wrong people and touched his own interests, then this cheap son was not wanted.

Xiang Chaodong tore off the mask of a loving father immediately, he coldly said a few words to Shu Yu, then went up to his study, saying that he had work to do.

Shu Yu took in Xiang Chaodong’s expression, he expected it, but when it really happened, he couldn’t help but feel that it was all a bit ridiculous.

He had gone to great lengths to return to this Xiang family, and what had he gotten out of it?

The same thought was expressed in the Lu couple’s eyes.
They were looking at each other with a grateful expression: Fortunately, Little An had broken up with that Shu Yu!

What Shu Yu did was right and they would also call the police if they came across something like that.
But the post said that he called the police several times, and he was the one who took the video.
Although it was good, it gave the impression that it had been planned for a long time – this person was trouble.

It’s good to have the criminals punished and bring the guilty to justice, but what if it failed? Didn’t he consider the personal safety of his family and friends?

It was selfish of the Lu couple to think that way, but it was normal.
Shu Yu was a student with no ability to defend himself, so although he was heroic, he didn’t give a sense of security.

In addition, the Lu couple had dealt with Xiang Chaodong several times, although he had a successful career, his relationship with his family was really …… they all felt that Xiang Chaodong would choose his personal interests and sweep Shu Yu out of the house.

What would Shu Yu do when the time came?

The couple came to the same answer and grabbed You Ning who was nestled in his room playing games, and gave him an admonition.

“If Shu Yu comes looking for you, you must not see him.”

“And don’t go anywhere with him!”

“Mum knows you’re soft-hearted, but it’s not safe to be around Shu Yu right now.
You are Mom and Dad’s only one child, you can’t put yourself in danger just because of a moment of weakness, or else Mom and Dad will die of grief, understand?”

You Ning was originally upset that his game had been interrupted, but at Mother Lu’s words, the two crying figures in Lu Anlan’s memory appeared in his mind, so he nodded his head obediently.

When they saw that You Ning was not being perfunctory or hesitant, the couple calmed down and breathed a sigh of relief.
They only had one child, they didn’t need him to be successful and outstanding, they just wanted him to be safe and sound.

Lu Anlan, in the ring, thanked You Ning after his parents left the room.

You Ning pretended he hadn’t heard it.
He put his phone away, called his cat out and started stroking it.

He didn’t know what was wrong with his cat nowadays, it didn’t act like a cat or purr when he touched it, and its cuteness level had dropped.

‘What kind of drama has my little cat gotten itself into? Is it so hard to stop playing the cold AI?’

You Ning thought worriedly.

Su Fu (with a paralyzed face): “……”

You Ning rubbed the cat’s ears and was about to ask his cat what was wrong when he received a message from Su Fu.

The real Fu Yan had planned a luxury cruise ship and Su Fu was using it as a venue to publicly recognize his godson, the cruise ship would set sail during this winter break.

Father Lu had already received an invitation, he was surprised that Su Fu was serious about recognizing Little An as his godson.
In this way, their family could be said to have really climbed into the Fu family, and was directly a part of the family itself.

This was something Father Lu could only describe as a mixed blessing.

Although Su Fu did not mention this matter, everyone in the A city circle had basically heard about it, and they all sighed at the Lu family’s luck.

Xiang Yang had also heard about it and just as was just about to secretly purchase tickets on the cruise ship’s pre-order website, he received the tickets You Ning had sent to him.

Xiang Yang, who had been in hiding for days, was close to tears of joy.
He opened the package with fear that Lu Anlan had wrapped all the gifts he had given him before and returned them.
Although he knew that Lu Anlan would not do such a thing, Xiang Yang had recently fallen into self-abuse, so he wasn’t so optimistic.

The courier box was small and there was something else aside from the ticket.

Xiang Yang put the ticket away and opened the box.
On the velvet cushion were two cufflinks, they were made of ruby and were dazzlingly beautiful.

Xiang Yang picked them up and held them in his hands.
His brain’s CPU was overheating, causing the expression management system to go straight to paralysis, so his sunny and handsome face looked like a handsome retard.

He recognised these two cuffs, they were Lu Anlan’s entries for that design competition.

At that time, Xiang Yang only thought that his An An was so good, the jewellery he made was not worse than the branded ones!

But looking at these cufflinks now…he was wrong! They were better than all the other jewellery! They were so good that he wouldn’t exchange them for stars.

Shu Yu didn’t have these pieces of jewelry, but he did.

Shu Yu did not cherish Lu Anlan, but he will.

Xiang Yang held the two cufflinks and kissed them lightly, his eyes had a tenderness in them that could not be contained.

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