Lu Anlan didn’t expect You Ning to casually give away the gift he had prepared, he didn’t dare to lose his temper and could only say, “I intended to give it to Xiang Yang before I left.”

You Ning blinked, “Oh.”

“……” Lu Anlan wanted to say something, knowing that the deal was almost done, but You Ning smiled and teased him, “Don’t feel too bad, it won’t hurt.”

Lu Anlan smiled bitterly, he hoped that Xiang Yang would not like him so much, and that he would forget about him after a while.

The thought of Xiang Yang being intimate with his puppet after he left, made his heart ache— if only this demon was willing to be a puppet in his place.

After his experience with Shu Yu, he came back thinking that he would never love again, but he was touched by Xiang Yang, he wanted the sunny warmth Xiang Yang radiated.

But given the current situation, such expectations were a luxury.

The winter vacation was just around the corner, and the school had started its final exams, so Shu Yu had to come back to school.

It wasn’t that he had finally calmed himself down, but that he had also heard about the banquet Mr.
Fu was holding to recognize Lu Anlan as a godson.

After going around in circles, Shu Yu never thought that his last straw would be Lu Anlan.

The Fu family’s prestige was not only domestical, but of the whole Asia, and even globally.
The enterprises under Fu Yan’s name were beyond ordinary people’s imagination.
The most important thing was that the Fu family’s background was actually a little bit unclean, so anyone who tried to make trouble would probably get killed before they even finished reading the article.

No matter how arrogant those families were, they wouldn’t dare touch the Fu family, right?

So he had to get back together with Lu Anlan!

Shu Yu couldn’t concentrate on the test paper at all, he hurriedly finished writing and handed in the paper early.
The invigilator frowned at him, but seeing that he seemed to be under a lot of stress and was in a bit of a daze, he said in a gentle voice, “You can ask for leave if you are unwell.”

Shu Yu didn’t hear what he said, and only rushed out of the classroom.

He had flushed his phone down the drain without saving the contact numbers from it.
Although he had social networks on his new phone, he and Lu Anlan had broken up, and the other party no longer paid him special attention nor returned his messages as soon as they arrived.

He had sent messages to Lu Anlan before today, but nothing came out of it.
He didn’t remember Lu Anlan’s phone number, so he couldn’t contact him directly.

He was already at odds with Xiang Yang’s group, so getting Lu Anlan’s number from them was out of the question.
In addition, anyone who knew Lu Anlan wouldn’t add the number of a student who already had a boyfriend.

This was why Shu Yu had to get out of the house and look for Lu Anlan after failing to find his number, and the messages he sent weren’t being replied.


Although Xiang Yang was in a very good mood, he didn’t dare to harass Li Anlan, it doesn’t matter if he didn’t do well in his exams, but he couldn’t disturb Lu Anlan and affect him.

Moreover, Lu Anlan didn’t say anything about accepting or not, and when he tried bringing up the topic, the other party avoided answering.
Xiang Yang didn’t dare to ask more questions and kept his distance these days, not crossing the boundaries of a good friend.

‘An An probably needs time to think about it, after all, he took me as a good brother, it is normal for one to be uncomfortable when a brother suddenly pursues them.’

Xiang Yang also took his exams today, but with his grades, it didn’t matter whether he took the exams or not.
He also turned in his papers early in order to wait for You Ning.

Nowadays, he would ask You Ning out; sometimes You Ning would say yes, sometimes he would say he was not available.
It was similar to the old days, the only difference being that it was just the two of them, much like a date.

This alone made Xiang Yang jump for joy.

However, Xiang Yang suddenly saw Shu Yu figure on campus and his face immediately fell.

He stepped forward to stop Shu Yu: “What are you doing here!”

Shu Yu didn’t want to pay any attention to him and said with a sullen face, “I’m looking for Little An— it’s none of your business.”

Xiang Yang sneered and spoke with confidence: “Heh, how is it none of my business? I grew up with An An, what are you to him? An ex-boyfriend? He doesn’t even want to see you! Get lost before I do something!”

Shu Yu’s veins throbbed.

Seeing that the two young men were about to get into a fight, the plain clothed officers following Shu Yu came out to persuade them to talk properly.

Xiang Yang had only noticed Shu Yu as these two officers were not following closely behind like the bodyguards; they were talking next to the green area of the school when Shu Yu came over.
After all, Shu Yu was not a prisoner so they would not interfere with his normal social life.

Xiang Yang looked at Shu Yu and then at the two officers and suddenly understood something, he looked at Shu Yu coldly and said, “Could it be that you heard Fu Yan was going to officially adopt An An as his godson, so you came over to look for him?”

Shu Yu was about to speak when he saw You Ning come out, and he called out in a gentle tone that Lu Anlan once loved to hear, “Little An ……”

Shu Yu thought that the deep affection and tenderness in his expression and tone were spot on, but he neglected the state he was in now, and the unconcealed anxiety on his face made this deep affection and tenderness look extraordinarily false.

You Ning was happy to see this look on his face, but he held back his glee before he spoke in a rather polite manner, “Senior Shu Yu, what do you want to see me about?”

“……” Shu Yu had never seen Lu Anlan look this distant before, and was momentarily stunned as he glanced at the furious Xiang Yang and said to You Ning, “Lu An, I have something I want to say to you… …”

You Ning pursed his lips and glanced at Xiang Yang, who shook his head frantically.

“Little An ……” Shu Yu made himself extra polite and called out to him again.

You Ning pretended to hesitate for a moment and said, “Okay.
Just go to that milk tea shop across from the school entrance.” Seeing that Xiang Yang was about to retort, he added, “Xiang Yang, why don’t you come with me?”

Xiang Yang did not object again, but walked with You Ning on his right hand side, not letting Shu Yu get close.

Shu Yu felt choked but he followed behind them.

The milk tea shop in front of the school was small, and Xiang Yang sat at the table by the entrance, the two police officers were at the table next to him, and You Ning and Shu Yu sat on the inside.

You Ning ordered a cup of milk tea, just to warm his hands, and didn’t drink it directly.

Shu Yu rambled on about the past while You Ning looked down at the words “You big pig’s foot” printed on the cup of milk tea and thought the font was quite cute.

The milk tea wasn’t so hot anymore, and You Ning’s patience had run out, so he looked up at Shu Yu and said, “Is that why you’re talking to me, Senior Shu Yu?”

Shu Yu, who hadn’t really loved anyone, didn’t know what to say or do like a lover asking to get back together.
He wasn’t calm recently, so he didn’t bother to find out any strategy or anything like that.
He just relied on the fact that Lu Anlan loved him so much in his last life, and would come back to him with a little coaxing and an excuse like he had suffered some kind of psychological trauma before so that’s why he was temporarily unresponsive.

You Ning looked into his eyes and continued, “Do you think that I can come back to you as long as you coax me?”

Shu Yu stared at him, his mouth dry and unable to speak.

You Ning smiled mockingly, “I was blinded by love, thinking that Senior Shu must also like me a lot.
But when I calmed down and looked back …… I discovered that many things were fake, so fake that they couldn’t be true.”

“I still admire senior because of the recent online thing, after all, not everyone has the courage to do that.” You Ning gave a polite smile and ruthlessly exposed Shu Yu’s purpose, “But, you didn’t take the initiative to say anything to me two weeks after breaking up, you didn’t send a message or even call.
I guess you heard about the banquet that Godfather is throwing for me so you remembered me, the ex-boyfriend who once adored you.”

You Ning’s gaze swept over every inch of Shu Yu’s face with disappointment, “Senior, you’re not the senior I knew.”

He sighed, “Senior, there are people waiting for me, I’ll go first, take care.”

You Ning had been gone for a long time, and the milk tea had completely cooled when Shu Yu decided to get up.

He was lost in thought, and on the surface, it was as if he had suffered the shock of a broken relationship, but his vacant eyes looked as if there was more to it than just a break up.

But he himself did not understand what he had lost.

On his way back, Shu Yu was hit by a car.
The perpetrator claimed he was drunk and didn’t see clearly.

Shu Yu was badly injured, one officer who was with him for protection was killed and the other was injured.

The incident blew up immediately.
First, the case against the Five was delayed, then the investigating police officer was attacked, the citizen who reported it was injured, and a civilian police officer was even killed as a direct result.

The public was in an uproar and those handling the cases were busy.

You Ning went to visit Shu Yu in the hospital, many students and teachers also went, but he certainly didn’t go there to send warmth, but to appreciate Shu Yu’s current tragic state.

You Ning and Lu Anlan celebrated, “It’s great that this guy didn’t die straight away.” It would have been too cheap for him.

Lu Anlan was speechless.
In his previous life, the person lying in that snow-white hospital bed was him, while the person standing by the bed and looking at him was Shu Yu.
Now that the tables had been turned, he could not say he was happy, but he did not pity Shu Yu either.

After all, this person blamed him for what those five had done to him for no reason, and also blamed him for not completing his life plan.

He could never forgive him.

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