Lu Anlan discovered Xiang Yang and he became so anxious: “Xiang Yang! Xiang Yang saw you!”

Lu Anlan’s voice interrupted You Ning and he remembered that he was still using Lu Anlan’s body.
This was the second time this situation had come up and You Ning felt slightly incredulous.

Su Fu had already put away his human body, and he stared at Su Fu with rapt attention, his patience to talk to Lu Anlan was already gone so he only threw down a sentence: “Go play by yourself.”

Lu Anlan was about to say something when he suddenly felt the world spin before his eyes.

This was not the first time he felt this way, he had returned to his body once when he had to make jewelry.

This demon had returned his body to him once again.

Lu Anlan didn’t dare disturb them, he adjusted himself, then silently walked out of the room and closed the door.
He then took out his mobile phone to call Xiang Yang.
He desperately wanted to explain things to him.

But when the call was made, he suddenly felt that he shouldn’t call.

–It was better to let Xiang Yang misunderstand him like this.

This way, Xiang Yang would be disappointed and sad, but after a while, he will slowly forget, and find the bright future that should belong to him.

But …… Lu Anlan clenched his phone tightly, he didn’t hang up until the call automatically disconnected because no one answered.

He stood there for a moment, hesitated, but finally walked towards Xiang Yang’s room.

In the end, Lu Anlan found Xiang Yang in a bar, drunk and mumbling his name.

Lu Anlan looked at him for a long time, and finally couldn’t help but reach out and stroke his furrowed brow.

Xiang Yang opened his eyes in a daze, it took him two seconds to focus his vision, he grabbed the hand before Lu Anlan withdrew it and cried out, “An An ……”

Lu Anlan’s heart softened at the call, he let Xiang Yang hold that hand and pull him closer, watching as the other party kissed on the back of his hand almost reverently.

“Yang Yang ……” Lu Anlan couldn’t help but call out the way he used to when they were children.

It was only after Xiang Yang graduated from primary school that Lu Anlan stopped calling him this, fearing that he would find it childish and make Xiang Yang lose face in front of outsiders.
However, he indulged Xiang Yang once in a while.

Xiang Yang whimpered like a puppy and immediately let go of Lu Anlan’s hand and hugged him instead, repeating “An An” unconsciously, as if he had finally found a way to vent his love and grievances.

Lu Anlan’s eyes turned red, and he also hugged Xiang Yang tightly.

Lu Anlan calmed himself down, he blinked back the tears, helped Xiang Yang up while coaxing: “Come on, don’t drink, I’ll take you back to your room to rest.”

Xiang Yang’s friends always laughed at him for being a wife slave, and this drunkenness made him obey Lu Anlan’s words like a puppy that had finally found its master, wagging its tail happily as he followed, going wherever Lu Anlan said he would go, and doing whatever Lu Anlan said.

Xiang Yang’s drinking capacity was actually very good, so one could imagine how much he had drunk that could make him so drunk.

After taking Xiang Yang back to his room, he asked the waiter for some hangover soup and coaxed him to drink it.
He then took off the clothes Xian Yang had worn to the party and then wiped his body with a hot towel to make him comfortable.

He had done this kind of thing before, but he didn’t know Xiang Yang’s feelings at that time, so he didn’t feel anything.
But he now felt stimulated as he wiped Xiang Yang and listened to his humming sounds of comfort.

He felt his face become hot and stopped wiping when he saw that Xiang Yang was now comfortable.

He threw away the towel and was just about to get up when a hand was suddenly wrapped around his waist.
He looked up and his eyes met a pair of affectionate, drunken eyes.

Something in Lu Anlan’s heart collapsed at this moment.

He decided to be selfish for once, Shu Yu was already taken away, the deal was almost done, maybe he would disappear tomorrow morning.

He wanted to cuddle with Xiang Yang before he disappeared.
He wanted to feel the warmth of this little sun for once.

Xiang Yang was half-drunk, half-awake.
He had a feeling that this was reality, but it didn’t make sense so he believed it was a dream.
It wasn’t until An An, whom he was holding, didn’t wrench his hand away from him, but leaned down to kiss him, that he was sure-

It was a dream.
A very beautiful dream.

A dream in which he embraced his An An and felt his tenderness and warmth.

It was such a beautiful dream that Xiang Yang woke up with a smile on his lips, but it froze with the sudden attack of a headache.

‘Fuck! What a fucking pain! How much did I fucking drink last night?’

He rubbed his head and went to touch the phone on the counter.
Because of the movement, his leg stretched back a little, and it touched a smooth and warm leg.

Xiang Yang immediately froze, his brain turned back like a rusty machine, and he frantically searched his mind for anything related to last night.

He saw An An’s formal dress, and got a nosebleed so he went back to his room to stop it; then he accompanied An An at the banquet; after the banquet, he went to look for An An, but he saw his An An fall into Fu Yan’s arms and let him take him away – his heart ached just thinking about it; then he went to a bar to get drunk; after that, An An found him and brought him back to his room…..

Could it be, could it be his An An?

What if it wasn’t, but someone came up to him and he mistook them for An An?

Xiang Yang gulped nervously.

Then Xiang Yang saw the back of a head, and the thumping of his heart slowed down.
Even if it was just the back of the head, he would never mistake it, it was indeed Lu Anlan.

But why was An An here with him?

Xiang Yang gulped again.
It was so loud that he was embarrassed, and at the same time, the heartbeat that had calmed down quickly jumped up again.
It was like a beating drum, so loud that he could not bear it any longer.

He called out softly, “An An? An An?”

Lu Anlan muttered, “Don’t make noise”, then he shrunk his head back under the blanket, as if he was very tired and wanted to go back to sleep.

Xiang Yang didn’t dare to disturb him, so he sat there for a while and shivered from the cold before he realized that he had nothing on.

Damn it! No way? Wasn’t that a dream last night?

Xiang Yang lifted a corner of the blanket with trembling hands.
He glanced at his body before hastily lowering the covers, his face flushed red and his heart beat a notch faster.
He glanced at the floor and immediately looked away.

‘Fuck! How could you use so many? Can An An stand it? Xiang Yang, are you a person or a beast!’

Little Xian Yang: You also try holding it in for so long and see what happens!

Xiang Yang felt his head hurt even more.
He was worried about Lu Anlan’s condition so he lifted the corner of the blanket with trembling hands in order to take a look at Lu Anlan’s side.
After just a glance, he hurriedly put down the blanket again.

‘Ahhhhhhh! You’re a beast, Little Xiang Yang! How can you stand again …… you go down! You’ve got to go down!’

Little Xiao Yang looked at his big brother angrily.

Xiang Yang simply had a splitting headache.
When he lifted the quilt with shaking hands for the third time, a hand reached out from under the quilt and pressed down the corner of the quilt he had lifted.

“What are you doing!” Lu Anlan could feel the cold breeze of the winter season under the quilt, not to mention that Xiang Yang had lifted it three times.

The slightly coquettish and complaining voice made Xiang Yang’s body tingle.

Xiang Yang came back to his senses and immediately shrank back in the bed and covered him obediently.
He tucked the corner of the quilt for Lu Anlan, and said with a guilty conscience: “I, I just wanted to see how you are An An… I’m sorry, I… last night… “

Lu Anlan interrupted him, “Stop talking, I’m tired and I just want to sleep.” With that, he covered his head with the quilt and went back to sleep.

In fact, that face under the quilt was so red.

There was a slight movement next to him, Xiang Yang was pulling the quilt again.
Lu Anlan didn’t want him to see his current appearance, he spoke in a muffled voice: “What are you doing again?”

“Don’t cover your head, it’s suffocating.” Xiang Yang said cautiously.

Lu Anlan suddenly felt embarrassed about how he was acting; he didn’t have much time left, so he didn’t have time to be embarrassed.

He didn’t show his head, but moved closer to Xiang Yang and hugged him.
He rubbed against his hot chest and coaxed him, “Stop talking, stay with me for a while longer.”

The moment Lu Anlan hugged him, Xiang Yang felt like his heart was about to burst out of his throat.
He opened his mouth and took a few deep breaths before gently lifting the quilt that covered Lu Anlan’s head.
At that moment, he felt like he was lifting a veil.

At the sight of the beautiful person under that cover, happiness, surprise and sweetness, all came together and filled his entire chest.

Xiang Yang had tears in his eyes as he caressed Lu Anlan’s hot face, he wrapped his arms around him and lay together under the covers, saying in a trembling voice, “Okay, I’ll listen to my An An.”

Lu Anlan lowered his head, his eyelashes fluttering.
There was a lump in his throat as he rested on Xiang Yang’s arm, closed his eyes and let out a “mmm”.

—This is probably the warmest winter I’ve ever had.

In the afternoon, Lu Anlan took the initiative to look for Su Fu.
The demon was following Su Fu, only that he didn’t hide from the humans this time.
Everyone on the ship could see him and as soon as they did, they couldn’t tear their eyes away from him.

This caused the archangel to frown, and with a slightly angry face, shoved him back into his room.

Lu Anlan walked towards them, and awkwardly called out “Godfather” to Su Fu, and then said to You Ning, “My Lord, I am ready.”

He had already thought things through on the way here.
He saw Xiang Yang’s overjoyed expression and could not bear to hurt him any more.
He wanted to beg this demon to give Xiang Yang and his parents another Lu Anlan when he was gone.

You Ning had acted as him for so long without anyone noticing the difference, so the puppet he would make would be no worse.

No one would find out.

He would not feel anything after he disappeared, all the sorrows and discontent would disappear with him in an instant.

This was the best ending he could think of.

You Ning casually nodded and said, “The police took the Shen family back last night, and Shu Yu was taken away by Shen Yi’s second uncle.
I think he will end up in a poppy growing village.
Are you satisfied with this result? Remember to give five stars if you’re satisfied.” He even winked at Lu Anlan after saying that.

Lu Anlan smiled and said sincerely, “Yes, it’s good.
Thank you.”

You Ning nodded, “Well then, that’s done, so go do what you need to do.”

Lu Anlan’s eyes widened in surprise, not daring to imagine what these words could mean, so he cautiously probed, “What did you say?”

You Ning curved the corners of her mouth and leaned against Su Fu lazily, saying, “The soul is different from the body, it doesn’t age because of time, it’s only a few decades later, I can afford to wait for the perfect dish.”

“I, I don’t understand ……”

You Ning didn’t say more, just nudged his chin to the person behind Lu Anlan, “Here, someone’s here to see you.

More and more eyes were gathering on You Ning, and as soon as he finished, Su Fu could not stand it anymore, and carried the disobedient little incubus away.

It was only when Xiang Yang had arrived at his side that Lu Anlan realised what You Ning meant.

What that demon meant was that he was willing to wait a few decades, and would collect his reward at the end of his life!

The tears that Lu Anlan had held back for a long time finally fell down.

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