Xiang Yang went to buy Lu Anlan a cake and as soon as he turned around, he noticed that Lu Anlan had disappeared.

He was anxiously looking for him when he followed people’s gazes and noticed the young man beside Fu Yan.

The boy’s eyes were curved and smiling, and his face beat all kinds of stars.
He attracted everyone’s attention without doing anything, as if he was a protagonist that came with an aura of fascination.

Xiang Yang shook off the strange thoughts in his head before noticing that his An An was in front of them, talking to the unbelievably beautiful boy.

Secondly, Xiang Yang noticed that the boy and Fu Yan were extremely close, and Xiang Yang, who also had a sweetheart, could immediately see Mr.
Fu’s jealousy.

Xiang Yang knew that look very well, where he wished no one else could see his beloved.

As for the scene from last night, he believed there should be a reason and it wasn’t what it appeared to be.

Furthermore, An An had spent last night with him.
There wasn’t a single ambiguous trace on An An’s body when they were having sex, moreover, it was particularly ……

It made him wonder if it was An An’s first time.
After all, An An and Shu Yu had been together before.

Of course he wouldn’t dislike him if it wasn’t, he would only blame that scum Shu Yu, how could he blame his beloved An An.
Of course, if it was true, then he would really laugh out loud.

Xiang Yang, who later learned the truth, did laugh very loudly.
After all, anyone who hears that a love rival is incapable of doing it would want to set off firecrackers to celebrate.

Xiang Yang found Lu Anlan crying, and he was so confused that he frantically tried to calm him down.

When he asked Lu Anlan why he was crying, the other party just buried himself in his chest and shook his head.
Xiang Yang had no choice but to quietly wait for him to stop crying, and when he did, he opened the cake box and fed Lu Anlan spoonful by spoonful.

Lu Anlan then took Xiang Yang to have dinner with his parents, and when he arrived, he introduced the latter to them, “Dad, Mom, this is Xiang Yang.”

His dad looked confused and unsure, “Yeah, I watched him grow up, what’s wrong? Did I get amnesia without knowing about it?”

Mother Lu rolled her eyes and elbowed her slow husband, gesturing for him to look at the two young men’s clasped hands.

“……” Father Lu’s face immediately became complicated.

Xiang Yang was too familiar with them to pretend to be civilized, and could only say, “Dad, mum, I’m An An’s boyfriend.
No no no, Aunt Jiu, Uncle Lu ….”

He then looked into Lu Anlan’s eyes carefully and was relieved to find that Lu Anlan was laughing at him and not angry.

The discontent in Mother Lu’s eyes disappeared as she watched Xiang Yang’s small movements.

They had watched Xiang Yang grow up, and they knew everything about him.
Despite some flaws, he was generally a good boy.

However, as elders, they still had to put on a show and put some pressure on him.

So Mother Lu said with a scowl, “Did I agree with you calling me that? I don’t agree with you being with our little An!”

Father was still brewing his next threat when he heard his wife’s outright refusal, he pulled her hand, signaling her not to go too far and break the children’s hearts.

“Mom—” Lu Anlan also did not expect his mother to object and was a little anxious.

Xiang Yang also stared at her with grievance, “Aunt Jiu, I’ll definitely be good to An An, I’ll listen to anything he says!”

Mother Lu snorted and didn’t say whether she agreed or not, but only picked on him: “Look at you, you’re always fooling around, you’re not serious and only know how to play.
Yes, Sister Qiu has left you a large fortune, but what will happen if you keep playing like this? Don’t say you haven’t thought about the future— if you’re not going to be with my Little An for the rest of your life, then stay away from him from now on.”

Xiang Yang had always dreamed of being with Li Anlan for the rest of his life, and he was content with the fact that Lu Anlan was now his.
But Mother Lu’s words shocked him.
He realized that he couldn’t live the rest of his life like this and let An An suffer after him, so he said, “Yes, Aunt Jiu is right.
I won’t play around anymore.
I don’t want to go back to the Xiang family, nor do I care about them but I don’t have an elder to teach …… Uncle Lu, can you teach me how to take care of my property?”

The child’s motivation was certainly a good thing, and Father Lu directly agreed: “OK, come to my company on the days you don’t have school.”

Mother Lu glared at him, and he muttered in a small voice: “What did I say wrong? Why are you glaring at me again ……”

Mother Lu said furiously: “You… we really don’t have any tacit understanding ……”

Lu Anlan sat with Xiang Yang, he watched his parents flirt and felt that there was nothing better than this.

A month’s cruise passed and early spring arrived.

On the day the ship docked, Lu Anlan and Xiang Yang stood together on the deck, enjoying the spring breeze and sunshine and the warmth of the people around them.


Lu Anlan successfully graduated from A University, and Xiang Yang invested in him to open a studio for him.

Xiang Yang and Lu Anlan got off work one day and saw a beggar in ragged clothes.
The beggar looked miserable, he had missing limbs and a missing eye, his face was full of dirt and he was covered in horrible scars.

Xiang Yang stopped and felt his pockets but there was no change, so he gave him a hundred yuan.

The beggar lowered his head and bowed towards them, his hair was in knots and his vocal cords seemed damaged, whirring as if he was saying thank you.

Lu Anlan sat in Xiang Yang’s car and let out a deep breath.

He knew that was Shu Yu.

When the last of the five fell into the net, the police learned of a big drug lord related to the Shen family.
After more than a year, the police finally destroyed their lair and successfully rescued some of the villagers, including Shu Yu who had been tortured beyond recognition.

When Lu Anlan heard the news, he did not bother to find out more about Shu Yu’s current situation; he just wanted to live out his life properly.

He often thought of You Ning, demons were naturally bad in nature and they liked to play with people, but Lu Anlan was still incredibly grateful to him.
It was You Ning who plucked him from the mess and left him with a quiet and beautiful life.

He didn’t have the confidence to successfully get revenge without implicating anyone.

Xiang Yang snapped his fingers in front of Lu Anlan’s eyes, “Baby, what are you thinking about so seriously?”

Lu Anlan’s cheeks reddened slightly, “How many times have I said it, don’t call me that!”

Xiang Yang studied under Father Lu for two years, and was already exuding an air of a president.
His clothes had also matured and Lu Anlan’s heart beat faster every time he looked at the mature Xiang Yang and heard him call him “baby”.

Of course, when Lu Anlan said that, the domineering president immediately became a puppy and he complained, “But you are my heart and soul, baby.”

Lu Anlan blushed and looked out the window, compromising, “Anyway, don’t call me that when we have dinner with Lin Yuan and Xiao Xia.”

Xiang Yang: “Okay, baby.”


Shu Yu thought of committing suicide when he was dragged into that remote village, but the fear of death from his last life still lingered in his heart, he was afraid, he was afraid of dying.

Moreover, because of that particularly realistic dream, he believed he would be able to get his life back on track as long as he was rescued.

He did get rescued, but he was already wasted.
The drug dealers constantly tested new drugs on him, and was beaten up every now and then…… There wasn’t a single good spot left on his body.

But it didn’t matter, those damn people died after all.
He could still go back.
Xiang Chaodong didn’t recognize Xiang Yang, he was the only one worthy to be his son, as long as there is money, all these injuries could be healed.
Hehe …… he still had hope!

But reality and imagination were two different things.

He went to the villa in his memory but the security guards directly escorted him out, he didn’t even get to see Xiang Chaodong’s face.

Later, he was defeated by hunger and addiction and he was forced to beg.
He looked pretty miserable so he managed to get a lot of money a day.

He gradually got used to this sad life.

One day, a middle-aged couple passed by and the woman stopped in front of him and gave him a hundred yuan.
Shu Yu froze for a long time before he looked down and took it.

It was his mother.
She was holding the arm of a strange man and smiling so happily that she did not recognise him.
Because in her memory, Shu Yu would never fall this low.

Shu Yu silently put the hundred yuan in the innermost part of his tattered clothes, he didn’t plan to use this note.

Later, Shu Yu became addicted to dreaming.
He always dreamt of how powerful he would be after getting the Xiang family.

The dreams were very real and as each day passed, he began to feel that the dreams were his reality and that reality was just a nightmare.

Today he had another nightmare.

He was begging on a street corner and met Lu Anlan and Xiang Yang.
The two of them were together.
Lu Anlan glanced at him twice and Xiang Yang gave him a hundred yuan, then they walked away side by side.

He took the money and looked up at the sky, his vision was a bit blurred because of his eyes– was this really a dream? He felt a bit cold in the dream, was it because it was almost winter?

He had to wear more clothes when he woke up, it wouldn’t be good to catch a cold.
He had to attend a certain rich man’s reception tomorrow.

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