“Jiang Chi, I gave birth to a daughter for you.” The woman sitting opposite You Ning said.

Seeing that You Ning was unmoved, she emphasized, “I had a daughter for you, a gay!”

Her shoulders trembled as she said this, as if the memory made her sick.

You Ning finally raised his eyes and looked at her, but not with the anger or guilt she had expected, but with mockery.
He placed his hands on the table and said, “You expect me to believe that you didn’t know I was gay before you came crawling in my bed? Didn’t you know who I was?”

Zhou Min did not expect You Ning to speak so frankly.
She froze for a moment and added with a glare, “Your parents drugged me, I didn’t know anything!”

You Ning sneered: “Really? Then why did you agree to get married? Why didn’t you call the police? Wasn’t it because you drugged me so that you could marry me?”

Zhou Min searched her brain for words to retort, but You Ning interrupted her before she could open her mouth.

“You were showing pictures after the wedding and showing off your wealth in your circle of friends.
Is this what you were forced to do?” You Ning didn’t give her any face, “Don’t use Yingying as an excuse either.
You have only raised the issue of her custody once ever since we started talking about divorce, and the only reason you are delaying to sign the contract was because the alimony I offered wasn’t up to your expectations, right?”

Zhou Min was dumbfounded, she couldn’t understand why Jiang Ji, who used to speak less than three sentences, was so blunt today! Did he take the wrong medicine?

You Ning continued to list her bad deeds: “You cheated on me, so you are the one at fault in the marriage.
If I sue you,” he raised the corner of his mouth and smirked at the woman, “you may not get a single penny.”

Zhou Min racked her brains, and finally choked out a sentence: “Would I need to find another man if it weren’t for you?”

“But you asked for it.” The answer was thrown back at her.
You Ning pushed the divorce agreement on the table, and said in a somewhat commanding tone, “Sign it, don’t make me repeat myself for a third time.”

Zhou Min looked at You Ning’s cold, almost ruthless face, and then at the amount of alimony on the divorce agreement.
She picked it up and looked through each clause before a manicured finger stopped on a line.
“What does this mean? I won’t have visitation rights for Yingying?”

At the mention of this, Jiang Chi who was in the depths of the body, spoke up before You Ning, he glared at the woman in front of him and uttered a few words that were full of killing intent, “You don’t deserve it.”

“……” Zhou Min’s instincts made her realize how dangerous this man was and her momentum instantly weakened.
She quickly signed the agreement, stuffed the thin piece of paper into her bag haphazardly and quickly left the office.

When the woman left, the man whose aura was dangerously cold a moment ago instantly calmed down, and he lazily leaned back in his chair, his already handsome face became even more appealing because of his demeanor.

You Ning crossed his legs, and casually swung the chair as he said to Jiang Chi, “How rare, you are finally willing to say something.”

However, the human soul inside this body returned to its original quietness, as if it didn’t exist at all.

You Ning pouted, feeling bored.
He picked up a book and read it casually.
The title of the book was “In the Name of the Father.”

When the previous deal was completed, You Ning did not go back immediately but wandered around in Lu Anlan’s world with Su Fu and only left when it lost its novelty.

This world was interesting, it was a novel called “In the Name of the Father”— the book You Ning was currently reading.

But the title was modified, the original name was “Silver Wolf”, a suspenseful criminal investigation novel about a retired special forces soldier who comes back as a criminal detective.

But later, the author was hit hard by reality and he frantically changed the text, the setting, the protagonist and the plot, turning what was originally a good and righteous criminal investigation novel into a satirical novel with a wrong outlook and negative energy.

The author died not long after the novel was completed so he didn’t know that the novel he had put so much emotion and feelings into would generate a whole other world.

“Silver Wolf?” You Ning flipped through the pages and spoke to Jiang Chi, “Is that your old codename?”

Jiang Chi still didn’t respond, and You Ning was bored out of his mind.
He wanted to find a particular someone at the moment, but for some reason, couldn’t remember who that person was, and didn’t know why he wanted to find them in particular.

“Strange ……” he muttered to himself since Jiang Chi was ignoring him, “My memories are sealed? Why? Who did that?”

You Ning called his cat and stroked it to calm himself.
The cat which used to pretend to be a cold AI, was particularly docile today.
It even jumped into his arms with a “please feel free to pet” attitude like before.

Su Fu, who was disguised as a black cat, stretched out his tongue and licked the back of You Ning’s hand.
He hadn’t seen the little incubus for awhile and had missed him.

In the previous world, Su Fu made a preposition to seal each other’s memories for the next deal and play a love game with the little incubus.

But it could be seen by the black cat’s clear eyes that he cheated!

Because of the contract between a magical creature and its master, Su Fu couldn’t play any tricks directly, and he was also afraid of being discovered by You Ning, after all, the archangel and the clingy cat had very different personalities, so he had to leave the cat occasionally so that it could act cute and avoid suspicion.

At the same time, he copied the cat’s bond with its master as if it were a piece of data.
He could now pretend to be the black cat and accompany You Ning directly, so the original version was no longer of use.

The cat that was kicked away was confused: Boss, didn’t we agree that I loan you my body and you would introduce me to someone in exchange?

The innocent cat burst into tears: Master, be careful! This old angel seems to have a plan!

That said.

Petting his cat was really helpful, You Ning was no longer thinking about his suspected memory loss, but he continued to stroke the cat with one hand and read the book with the other.

The archangel looked at You Ning’s perfect jawline and then at the book in front of him before jumping onto the table and getting You Ning a fragrant cupcake and a cup of hot, sweet milk tea.

You Ning chuckled and reached out to give the black cat’s round face a good rubbing, and sighed, “Having a cat is really the right thing to do.”

The black cat meowed and shook its ears.
If it wasn’t for the black fur, You Ning would have smiled wickedly at the cat’s reddish ears.

Unfortunately, You Ning could not see them.

After rubbing the cat’s face, he went back to reading his book.
In the book, Jiang Chi, codenamed Silver Wolf, retired and came back home to inherit the family business.
He actually had a younger brother, and the family’s original plan was for his brother to inherit the family business while he continued to serve his country.

But the younger brother turned out to be gay.
He insisted on being with his partner and his stubborn father ended up breaking one of his legs.
Instead of suing his father, the younger brother eloped with his lover with his crippled leg.

Jiang Chi was shocked when he heard the news.
His father was also a former soldier, but was extremely controlling, stubborn and old-fashioned.
His word was law, and the home felt like a prison.
It only felt like a home when his father was away.

It was also because of this that Jiang Chi joined the army early.

The other reason for his shock was that his brother was actually gay, like him.

In the author’s world, readers were already cursing by this point in the book.

–WTF? It’s fine if the novel doesn’t have a female protagonist and no CP, but why suddenly make him gay? And the brother is also gay? The father is so stubborn and rude?

–I don’t know what I’m reading! I’m so angry! Perhaps the author isn’t right in the head!

The plot became even more outrageous as it progressed.
Jiang Chi inherited the family fortune and served as president of the company but his father soon discovered his sexuality.

One son was already ruined, this one couldn’t be ruined as well, so he came up with a plan.
He stuffed a woman into his son’s room and threatened to drug him if it didn’t work out.

By this point, readers were already clutching their fists and saying goodbye.

–*CNM, this is the first time I’ve seen such a male lead abused this much! Stupid novel, stupid author!

*CNM = Cao Ni Ma(操你妈) in Chinese Pinyin.
It means “fuck your mother”.
Chinese people use it as “fuck”.

–Holy shit! This is so fucking sick! A gay man being forced to sleep with a woman ……I can’t read this anymore.

Later, the woman got pregnant.
Jiang Chi married her, but the marriage was so bad that family relations were naturally poor as well.

Jiang Chi’s daughter grew up as time went on and because of her cuteness and liveliness, and Jiang Chi’s love for her, the readers became a little less resentful and hoped the author would write properly and stop tormenting Jiang Chi.

But the author showed how well behaved and sweet the daughter was just to open the path of Jiang Ji’s blackening.

His wife cheated on him and they divorced, but Jiang Chi cared too much about his daughter and did not want to let her lack her mother’s love.
He did not tell his daughter the truth and was soft-hearted enough to let his ex-wife come and visit her occasionally so that she could have a pleasant childhood.

Unfortunately, this led to an unfortunate event.
His daughter visited his ex-wife at her current boyfriend’s house, but was raped and murdered.
His ex-wife found out but she didn’t avenge her daughter, and instead hid it from Jiang Chi, telling him that his daughter was going to spend a few more days with them.

Jiang Chi did not get suspicious at first, but felt something was wrong after not receiving his daughter’s scheduled call that night.
He felt uneasy and booked a flight overnight.

By the time he arrived, all that was left was the body of his daughter whose organs had been taken out.
His ex-wife had been silenced and her boyfriend had taken the money and fled.

Jiang Chi spent the whole night that day at the morgue, guarding his daughter’s body.

One night later, the former Silver Wolf was gone, replaced by a fearsome murderer called The Judge.

Although he only killed scum who molested children, abducted or trafficked them, his brutal methods and demonstrative actions where he uploaded videos of his killings on the internet caused a great deal of fear among the people.

This was when the main protagonists of the novel finally made their appearance.
They took over this exceptionally difficult case and launched a manhunt for Jiang Chi.

But no one suspected Jiang Chi because of the honorary medals he received and his military achievements.

It was not until Jiang Chi found his ex-wife’s boyfriend who was in hiding and killed him that he became a suspect.

The author also made the characters of these two protagonists strange.
One was Jiang Chi’s former teammate in the army, and the other was a weakling who only relied on hugging golden thighs to close cases.
He always hid behind his colleagues for protection, but was called a detective.

When this protagonist appeared, readers began to suspect that the author was satirizing certain officers who don’t do any real work.
But the scolding continued because Jiang Chi’s former teammate, despite having a righteous and passionate heart, was always led by the nose by the weak chicken as if he was a blind retard.

At the end of the story, Jiang Chi, who had killed hundreds of people, finally came to his daughter’s grave after several tussles between the two sides.
He knew that he had to be brought to justice and he made a list that pointed out every crime he had committed and provided the relevant evidence.

In addition, he listed the crimes of every person he had killed.
He had never implicated a single innocent person from the time he started the killing spree and had even saved hundreds of trafficked children.

But this was no reason to hide his crimes, he was never what one would call a “judge”; he killed with hatred and without justice.

Everyone thought of him as a murderer, but they didn’t know that he was just a father.

In the end, he shot himself at his daughter’s grave and died in front of the two protagonists.

–If there is an afterlife, I would give my life in exchange for Yingying to grow up safely and live a peaceful life.

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