With a ‘tsk’, You Ning quickly finished the entire book, and he spoke to Jiang Chi again, “Are you interested in working for me? This transaction can be regarded as an advance to your salary.”

This time Jiang Chi did not remain silent, but said, “Thank you, but no need.”

“All right then.” You Ning shrugged his shoulders and expressed regret, “I was going to tell you that you could have a long life and an ageless body, but you probably don’t care.”

Jiang Ji gave a cold “mmm”, cherishing words like gold.

You Ning no longer bothered him.
Heaven would be rushing to have a human like Jiang Chi, while hell would also use all kinds of means to have him— killing was not a criterion for judging good and evil in the two realms.

At this time, there was a knock on the office door.

You Ning put away the book, put down the cat, and said in Jiang Chi’s usual cold voice: “Come in.”

Jiang,” the person who came in was Linda, the special assistant.
She put a document that needed to be signed onto the desk, and said, “Ms.
Zhou has already left the company building.”

“Hmm.” You Ning nodded, raised his wrist and looked at his watch.
“Buy me a vanilla cake, the portion shouldn’t be big….have it in the shape of a bear.”

Linda saw his hesitation and her eyes contained a little smile, she knew that the cake was for Jiang Yingying.
In fact, their boss has always been like this, he looked cold and difficult to approach, but his heart was very soft, especially when it came to pampering his daughter.

Unfortunately, the little princess had such a mother.

’I really don’t know why Mr.
Jiang married such a woman.’

Not only Linda wondered about this, but also the company’s many young unmarried women.
With Mr.
Jiang’s management, the company has been going uphill, so there wasn’t even a need for a marriage alliance.
Yingying’s mother was so superficial that she couldn’t even hide it.
She really didn’t look like the type of woman Mr.
Jiang would like.

In addition to the women, the small zeroes hidden in the company secretly discussed it in private.
They saw Mr.
and Mrs.
Jiang together at one time but there wasn’t a single interaction.
There could be other reasons aside from emotional discord.
Perhaps Mr.
Jiang was gay, just because the family got him a woman to marry, it doesn’t mean that he could reverse his sexual orientation, so he was forced to maintain the superficial relationship.

But someone pointed out the fact that they have a daughter, how could Mr.
Jiang be gay?


At five o’clock, You Ning left work on time.
He got in his car, carrying the cake that Linda had bought, and was ready to pick up Jiang Yingying from school.

In You Ning’s opinion, Jiang Chi was not cold, he just wasn’t good with words.
He was quiet even with his daughter.
There are times when even loved ones may not know how much you love them if there is no communication.

Just like Jiang Chi with his daughter.
Jiang Chi grew up without much communication with his parents, and thus developed this dull and reticent personality, so he had no experience on how to get along with his daughter.

In fact, You Ning also doesn’t have this experience, after all, he doesn’t have a child.
But he had a cat.
He felt that raising a child should be similar to raising a cat.

For example, send her favorite food, buy the little dress she wants to wear, send her the most beautiful little gifts, take her to the places she wants to play and nothing can go wrong.
One word— spoil, and it’s done.

Jiang Chi specially chose a school not far from the company so that he could pick and drop her off every day.
However, he did not know that his daughter couldn’t stand the daily pick-up and drop-off time.
She was always tense and she sat straight, afraid that her father would be displeased for being sloppy.
She also did not know that her father was always worrying whether she had a good rest last night.

Soon, the car arrived at the elementary school.
You Ning did not sit in the car and wait like Jiang Chi, but got out with the cake and stood in the most conspicuous place at the school gate.

Many eyes looked over the moment he got out of the car.
No matter which age group, all would find Jiang Chi good looking.
His features made him seem sunny but his cold temperament made people not dare to approach to strike up a conversation even if they wished to.

Jiang Yingying saw her father as soon as she left the school and she wondered why he got out of the car today, her classmates started whispering: “That uncle is so handsome ah! Much better looking than my dad ……”

“Is that uncle here to pick up someone? I’ve ever eaten that brand of cake in his hand, it’s super delicious, but my dad rarely buys it for me ……”

Young children unconsciously turn red and bashful when they hear others praise them or their families.

Jiang Yingying squeezed the strap of her school bag and whispered with a red face, “That’s my dad.” She added, “He comes to pick me up every day.”

There was a burst of “wows” from the students, all full of envy: “Your dad is so nice.
My dad rarely comes to pick me up.
It’s always my mom or my grandma.”

Jiang Ying pursed her lips and smiled secretly.
She saw her father looking at her and quickly said “goodbye” to her classmates before running to the particularly handsome uncle under the envious eyes of her classmates.

“Daddy.” The girl’s sweet and sticky voice made You Ning immediately think of his cat.

‘Tsk, my hands are itchy, I want to stroke.’

But Jiang Chi was one step ahead of him, he stretched out his hand, gently stroked his daughter’s dark, soft hair, and gave a suppressed and restrained “mmm” before handing the cake in his hand to his daughter.

Jiang Yingying’s eyes shone brightly as she took the cake and sweetly said “Thank you, Daddy”.

You Ning secretly sighed: his daughter is such a cute creature, just like his cat.

Jiang Chi and You Ning shared a body.
This was naturally with You Ning’s permission.
Jiang Chi was not like Lu Anlan whose sole purpose was revenge, he only wished for his daughter to be safe and sound and the rest didn’t matter.

You Ning was stunned at the time, thinking that this human was really strange.
Most humans are selfish, but there are some people who will give up themselves for others.
Most of them are parents.

You Ning has no concept of affection or love, after all, he was already an adult as soon as he was born, without a father or mother, no feelings and experiences of a family.
The little incubus was curious about many things and he wanted to experience family affection.

Although the wish was for his daughter to grow up safely, You Ning knew that he wanted to watch his daughter grow up so he reserved a place for Jiang Chi in this body.

After the father-daughter daily interaction ended and You Ning was ready to take Yingying to the car to go home, when someone called out to him at that moment: “Jiang Chi!”

You Ning retracted his foot and looked in the direction of the source of the voice.

The man had a cigarette in his mouth, but it was not lit and he was just biting it idly.
On his right was a young boy, so he probably did not light the cigarette because of the child.

You Ning quietly looked at him for two seconds, sizing up his unkempt hair and eyes that had obviously been up all night, as well as his somewhat wrinkled clothes, and then called out the other party’s name: “Chen Yao.”

Chen Yao’s teeth lightly grinded the filter of his cigarette, giving You Ning a feeling of gnashing his teeth.

He also looked at You Ning carefully, and finally his eyes rested on the little girl beside You Ning who was holding a cake and looking at the two adults.
The sexy thin lips hooked out a smile similar to mockery and said, “Long time no see…Chief?”

You Ning did not get angry at his attitude, but instead looked at the little boy and took the initiative to ask: “He is?”

For some reason, Chen Yao put his arm around the boy’s head, pressed it against his body, and said with anger: “My son, Chen Xiaoxing!”

You Ning went silent for a second and did not speak.

However, Chen Xiaoxing, who smelled the cigarette smell of Chen Yao’s clothes, couldn’t take it anymore and denied it with a red face: “You’re lying! I’m going to tell my father!”

After saying that, a pair of eyes went to Jiang Yingying who was like a little princess, the gaze saying “don’t believe it, this scruffy person is not my father, I can not have such a father”.

You Ning secretly breathed a sigh of relief and Chen Yao took in this tiny action.
As long as one once served in the army, they’d develop good observation skills.

“This little brat!” Chen Yao put his thoughts aside, and cruelly rubbed his nephew’s hair until it became messy.
“Didn’t your father throw you to me, so an adopted father is not as good as your real father, huh?”

Jiang Yingying looked at Chen Xiaoxing’s unruly hair and covered her small mouth and laughed.
Chen Xiaoxing, who had *idol baggage at a young age, felt that he had lost face in front of his cute female classmate, and the small face turned red with anger as he glared at his uncle.

*”Idol baggage” means “The excessive self consciousness”.
This Internet slang term refers to the fear of losing fans that causes celebrities to hide their true selves in public.
They might hold fast to an established image on purpose to maintain popularity.

“Oho!” Chen Yao was happy at this and said to You Ning, “The little emperor is having a tantrum again, no more chatting, I’ll go first.”

You Ning looked at his smile and lowered his eyes, like he had something to say.

Chen Yao waited, only to hear a faint “mmm”.

The two men passed by each other with their children.
Chen Yao could smell the faint scent of men’s cologne on Jiang Chi, while Jiang Chi could smell the smoke and sweat from Chen Yao’s body that he would occasionally think of late at night.

Chen Yao was Jiang Chi’s ex-boyfriend.
He was also one of the two protagonists in “In the Name of the Father”.

The author did not mention the ex-boyfriend bit in the book, but in this world, the characters had their own ideas and developed their own stories.

They met in the barracks, trained together and fought together with comradeship and also love.
They admired each other, and although neither declared their love, they both knew how much they valued each other.

They had agreed that when they retired in the future, they would return to C City as criminal detectives.

But because of his brother’s affairs, Jiang Chi was called home in a hurry.
The night before he left, he and Chen Yao rolled in the small bed in the dormitory all night.

It was inconvenient to communicate with the outside world when in the army, so when Chen Yao returned, he was not greeted by his cold captain’s warm embrace, but by the news that Jiang Chi, the new president of the XX Group in C City, was about to get married.

Chen Yao smiled indifferently the moment he heard the news.
His teammates kept asking if he saw the captain, how he was living.
He only said he was fine, was getting married and even had a baby.
His teammates didn’t know their situation, and they sighed with envy and hoped they could do the same in the future.

But only Chen Yao knew how disappointed and sad he was, he couldn’t smile at all.
He thought he and Jiang Chi were in love and they had gotten together because they liked each other, not just for physical needs.

So for years afterwards, he deliberately ignored any news concerning Jiang Chi.

That was until today, he came to pick up his eldest nephew from school as usual, and didn’t expect to see Jiang Chi.
He endured for a long time but finally couldn’t help it.
He was on a stake out for a suspect all night and had not slept or changed his clothes.
He was at his most sloppiest but even though his image was so bad, he couldn’t resist going up saying hello.

He kept pondering on the way there: ‘Should I call him Captain Jiang like before, or President Jiang in a distant way? I look so sloppy, won’t he pretend not to know me? Tsk.
What if he forgot about me? He’s here to pick up his kid, right, so there should be a chance to see him again later …… No, Chen Yao what the fuck are you thinking? He is a married man.’

But the tone of his voice couldn’t hide the joy as he shouted out that name: “Jiang Chi!”

‘I miss you, have you thought about me all these years? Do you remember me?’

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