No one could guess why the author would write such a story.
You Ning even ran to the author’s original world when he was bored of Jiang Chi’s quiet nature in order to get a better understanding.

The author was a web novelist.
He was not particularly famous and he made just enough to support the family.
But his wife felt that he was worthless, he never went out to socialize, didn’t know how to deal with people, and was not self-motivated.
She divorced him, and then found a rich man to marry.
She certainly did not want to bring her daughter along so the author raised his daughter alone.

The author’s daily pressure is actually quite high, his parents’ and daughter’s futures rested on his shoulders alone.
The flow of the book he was writing was not bad, and he expected it to get published.
So he got preoccupied with writing and paid little attention to his daughter.

The parents had just divorced, and the daughter did not feel loved at home, so naturally went to her mother to see if there was any possibility of them getting back together.
The daughter called her mother and said she wanted to come for a visit.
The mother didn’t like it, but her husband overheard her and graciously said that he didn’t mind if she came.

What happened later was the same as Jiang Yingying in the author’s book, a lamb who didn’t understand the world, but whose neck was defenselessly broken by the sharp and bloody teeth of a wolf.
His daughter’s body was finally found in a river that was on the way back to the author’s home, the man made the situation seem like she met with misfortune on the way home.

The police’s initial investigation also ruled out the suspicion of the ex-wife’s current husband.
But the author felt there was something wrong, so he started his own investigation.

He made inquiries about the character of his ex-wife’s husband and found that the man was a pedophile.
He often peeped or secretly watched children passing by and the author’s suspicions became more certain from this point.

Although this author had been writing for a long time and had penned all kinds of characters, a large number of which are detectives, he himself was not that good.
He was not as good as the characters in the novels and his investigations didn’t go unnoticed.

In a nutshell, that is, he was too obvious and the man discovered him.

He was then “invited” to the man’s house.
There was no sign of his ex-wife in the house, and the author didn’t know where she was at that moment.

Although this man was not as powerful as those five in Lu Anlan’s world, he had some contacts and means, and his crimes could also be well hidden.
He couldn’t resist the author’s daughter at that time and he made mistakes.
Most of his victims were molested or raped after they returned home so he was never caught.

He had been worried for a while, but when he saw the author, he was left with nothing but disdain.
When the author confronted him, he even said outright that it was he who did it.

The author wanted to strangle him but managed to hold back! But before he could step out of the man’s house, the man searched him and got the phone used to record.
Fiction was different from reality, the seemingly easy things in the novel may be a hundred times harder to do in reality.

After being beaten up, the author decided to sue the man, but because he couldn’t provide definite evidence, he lost the case again and again.

He went around begging for help but failed.
He spent all his savings but still couldn’t get the killer to get the punishment he deserved.
During this time, his elderly parents were also threatened and harassed by the man because of him.

He was in despair and self-blame.
It was his failure to protect his daughter that allowed the villain to take advantage of her.

Later, he became a drunk and his days were muddled.
One day, he found himself waking up at his computer desk with a hangover.
He hit the keys on the keyboard and habitually started writing.
He looked at the unstoppable and fearless protagonist in the novel and sat there for a long time in a daze.

After that, he reverted to an antisocial author.
Only that his protagonist changed, the original protagonist lost his daughter the same way he did and became a villain.
He was stronger than him, he could avenge his daughter, he could kill the guilty, and he could successfully evade the police and slaughter his daughter’s murderer.

The author thought he would get a little consolation after writing what he dared to think but was afraid to do and could not do.

But he was wrong.
In the end, he found that just like him, the protagonist didn’t want revenge, but to have his daughter back.
Unfortunately, this was impossible to achieve, people cannot come back from the dead.

So he went along with the plot and gave Jiang Chi a release.

And he, himself, needed one too.

He finished the novel, and followed his memory to the man’s home.
He inquired about several nearby roads, and then picked a day when the man would go out, drove his car, and slammed hard into the man’s car.

The author died instantly in the crash, but the man was resuscitated.
He also complained to society that he had met a madman.

At first, there were indeed people who sympathized with him.
But soon after, everyone went to his social media accounts and called him scum, trash, and that he didn’t deserve to be rescued from that car accident.

He didn’t know what happened until he saw the book that the author had finished.

The last paragraph of the last chapter of “In the Name of the Father” read: “I write this book in the name of a father, for my deceased daughter and for the villain who got away with it.
If I do not die, I will turn myself in; if I die and the villain is not dead and continues to be at large, then I will look at the world with a resentful soul.”

Readers who learned the truth were so shocked that they ran to re-read the novel, and once they read it, they would know why Jiang Chi had blackened and what the biggest turning point in the book was.
So the readers contacted the editor; got the author’s real name and the news that he had been confirmed dead not long ago, and also found the man the author had sued…

The novel had a big impact on the Internet.
The police were initially suspicious of the car accident, and things matched up when the book came to light.
So they continued the investigation, and things ended up with the man and all the people he had bribed to help him behind bars.

But everyone knew that the author, the author’s daughter, and many children who were hurt by the man, could not return.
It was a happy ending, but no one felt happy.


You Ning took Jiang Yingying back home.
The little girl had finished eating the cake in the car and was not hungry at this moment.
She carried her school bag, and said to You Ning, “Daddy, I’ll go to my room to do my homework first.”

“Okay, go ahead.” You Ning watched Jiang Yingying go into her room, and then went to the kitchen.

He had given the aunt who was in charge of cooking a day off so that Jiang Chi could make dinner for his daughter himself.
Jiang Chi might not be able to make breakfast in time because he had to go to work, but he was free in the evening.
He learned how to cook when he was in the army, and his skills were not bad, not worse than the auntie.

You Ning didn’t know how to cook and no one else was in the house, he came straight out of Jiang Chi’s body.
He leaned on the edge of the cooking table, watching Jiang Chi’s operation as he started ordering dishes: “I want to eat cola chicken wings, crispy roast duck, assorted Su Paner, hibiscus swallow dish, umm …… and then some mushroom soup.”

Jiang Chi’s hand that was rolling up his sleeves paused for a moment, but he still did not say anything.

As the sound of chopping vegetables rang out rhythmically, You Ning’s black cat came out.
He looked at Jiang Chi, and then looked at You Ning who was watching Jiang Chi seriously and his face darkened again.
Although he knew that the little incubus was focused on the food, he could not help but bubble up with jealousy.

He seriously considered upgrading his cooking skills to level 10.

In addition, it was necessary to put an “encounter” on the agenda as soon as possible.

Jiang Chi did not spend too much time cooking, and he was soon done.
He went and knocked on his daughter’s door, and Jiang Yingying came out.

She looked at the empty kitchen, and then at the meal that had been set out, and casually asked, “Did Auntie Mei go back so early today?”

Jiang Chi did not answer, but said, “Wash your hands and eat.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yingying didn’t care much and went to the bathroom as she was told.
Then she heard the doorbell ring.

When she came out again, she found a very good-looking big brother sitting at the dining table.
He showed her a smile, and she blushed in embarrassment and obediently sat in her chair, waiting for her father to introduce him.

Jiang Chi opened his mouth, and there was a hint of embarrassment in his expression.
Yes, he didn’t know the name of this demon.

You Ning winked at Jiang Yingying: “Are you Yingying? My name is You Ning, can you call me Brother Ning?”

The girl blinked her watery eyes and sweetly called out, “Hello, Brother Ning!”

You Ning now knew what it meant to have a melting heart, he magically took out a flower from his hand and gave it to Jiang Yingying: “For the lovely little princess.”

Jiang Yingying was happy and shy, and her face was as red as a small apple: “Thank you, Brother Ning.”

Although Jiang Chi remained silent during the meal, the soft expression on his face showed he was in a good mood.
You Ning finished eating and even made a point to comment, “The mushroom soup is quite good.”

He had read Jiang Chi’s memories, so he knew that Jiang Yingying was a picky eater and did not eat mushrooms, so this soup was made for him.

Jiang Chi still had the soft side the author had given him at the very beginning of his creation.

“You’re welcome.” Jiang Chi politely said.

The little girl at the table blinked and looked at the few dishes left on the table before looking at her father and asking, “Did Daddy cook tonight’s dishes?”

You Ning answered for Jiang Chi, “Yes.
Your father is a very good cook.
Do you want your dad to cook for you every day?”

Jiang Yingying looked at her dad’s seemingly cold face, nodded slightly, and said in a small but expectant voice, “Yes.”

She felt that her father, who could make such delicious dishes, didn’t seem so fierce.

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