It was the weekend, the sun was not too hot since it was early summer, and the morning breeze occasionally brought a coolness.

You Ning didn’t have to work today so he was going to take the little princess to the mall to buy a little dress.

Students are not allowed to wear short skirts and shorts at school, but everyone wants to look good, especially girls at Jiang Yingying’s age, most of whom already have their own aesthetics.
Although they can’t be free at school, they’d dress up beautifully on weekends and go shopping or to the amusement park, and they’d love the compliments they get on the way.

In the past, Jiang Chi was not very good at shopping with his daughter, that is, he was not very good at choosing.
In his concept, girls love pink, but in fact, most children have their own ideas and preferences nowadays.

He would buy his daughter a whole lot of things, but none of which she liked.
She didn’t want to anger him by saying she didn’t like it, so she’d just say, “Thank you, Daddy”.

Over time, Jiang Chi also felt like there was a big generation gap between him and his daughter, so he let his assistant choose the gifts for him, and no longer accompanied his daughter shopping.

The shopping mall You Ning chose was specifically for children.
There were all kinds of toys and figurines, and in addition to the usual children’s clothing and shoe shops, there was also a large play area in the middle of the mall.
The whole mall was filled with the sound of screaming children and laughter and it was very lively.

When You Ning entered, he first frowned because it was really noisy.
The children’s screams were so shrill that they pierced his eardrums.
But when he saw the excitement on Jiang Yingying’s face, he knew he was in the right place.

He didn’t bring his assistant or bodyguard today; Jiang Chi was a special forces soldier before, so a normal bodyguard might not be as good as him.
With no one else around, he was like any other parent in the mall, holding Jiang Yingying’s soft little hand as he walked around.

When You Ning pulled her forward, Jiang Yingying first froze for a moment, then looked up at her father’s chin.
At this time, You Ning also looked down at her, changing from his usual stern expression and asking softly, “Where do you want to go first?”

The little girl’s eyes were bright, like she was looking at a dazzling star, “Yingying will listen to daddy.”

“Daddy will listen to Yingying today.” You Ning said back.

“Then I want to go to the princess house.” The girl smiled, revealing snow-white teeth.

You Ning replies, “Okay.”

The Princess House was also a special feature of the mall.
It contained all the princesses from the cartoon fairy tales, with everything that little girls would love to have.

On the other side, Chen Xiaoxing said angrily for the third time, “Uncle! Are you going to buy me a toy or not? Forget it if you won’t!”

His face had “I don’t want any” written all over his small face.

“Tch,” Chen Yao withdrew his gaze from somewhere.
He ignored the little boy’s indignant eyes and strong rejection, and rubbed his hair, “I’ve never seen someone who doesn’t want to spend money like you!”

Chen Xiaoxing puffed up in anger, he really wanted to turn around and go home.
This uncle of his didn’t act like an uncle at all, he only knew how to bully children all day long, people would even laugh at him if he told them, thanks to him being a policeman!

Seeing that the little emperor was cursing him again, Chen Yao raised his eyebrows and leaned closer, whispering to his nephew as if plotting a conspiracy: “Alas, do you remember that girl you saw after school the day before yesterday? Don’t blame uncle for not reminding you, I just saw her come in.”

“You— you mean classmate Jiang Yingying?” The little boy blushed after hearing such a specious description, “She’s the most popular girl in our school.”

“Yo! The school belle! That’s great, no wonder she’s so good looking, just like a little princess.” Chen Yao squatted down and bumped his nephew’s shoulder with his, “There are a lot of boys in your school, don’t you want to meet her? Uncle will help you.”

Chen Xiaoxing was almost falling into temptation but he suddenly became alert.
“I don’t believe you, I don’t believe you are so kind, you must have some kind of conspiracy …… just like the adults say, what is not is theft.”

Chen Yao’s brain hurt, what’s wrong with kids nowadays, why are they so hard to fool?

He forgot that it might be because he fooled around too much, causing the boy to produce Chen Yao-type antibodies.

Over there, You Ning had already accompanied the little princess to pick out several princess dolls.
The princesses had their own little dresses and jewelry, and every detail was very delicate, little princess Jiang liked them all.

In the spirit of “spoiling”, You Ning said to the shop attendant: “Pack them all ……”

Jiang Yingying tugged at the corner of You Ning’s clothes, her eyes were still so bright, “Dad, no need, I just want this.”

She knew that this doll was particularly expensive and she couldn’t be greedy, although her dad wouldn’t care, she still had to save money for him.
Her teacher said that parents work very hard and she had to be a good girl.

You Ning could tell what the child was thinking and once again experienced the feeling of his heart melting.
He handed his card over and said to Jian Chi’s little princess, “Okay, Yingying will buy a different one next time.”

“Mmm!” She was really happy that her father had come to the mall with her.

“Your child is so understanding…” The shop attendant packed the doll and handed it to the two.

You Ning was just about to say something when a scream came from the mechanical toy area across.

“What’s going on?” The people around them stretched their necks and looked in the direction the sound came from.

“Yingying, stay here for now and don’t run around …… please watch her for a while for me, thanks.” You Ning handed the wrapped doll to Jiang Yingying and ran towards the side in chaos.

You Ning could see through the crowd that there was a knife-wielding man over there.
Some of the people around him called the police, some tried to persuade him to put down the knife, and some took out their mobile phones to record the scene and post it online later.

However, this action obviously irritated the man, he pointed the knife at the man holding up his mobile phone and said: “Go ahead and record, and I will cut you down right away.”

The man with the knife had red eyes and was on the verge of a breakdown, so it was hard to say what he would and wouldn’t do.
The man with the mobile phone was so scared that he put it down and took a few steps back.

The crowd tried to give a few more words of advice, but it didn’t do anything except enrage the man even more.

The onlookers unconsciously took a few more steps back, eating this melon was not worth getting stabbed over.

When the man saw that all the nosy people had retreated, he pointed the knife at his target and said through gritted teeth, “You bitch, you fooled me! Didn’t you say you were unmarried? Didn’t you say your family was poor? You already have three children with another man and you’re still lying to me! I’m going to kill you today!”

The target was not afraid of being held at knifepoint, but the man’s appearance was so frightening that she became frightened too.
She tried explaining in a panic, but the people around her spoke over her and the scene became even more chaotic.

The mall security guards also rushed over, but the other side had a weapon and they didn’t dare to rush forward.

At this moment, the woman’s child was crying and the child’s shrill cries further stimulated the man’s nerves and he raised his knife and rushed towards the woman and child.

The security guards stepped forward to stop him, but the man was burly and his grip on the knife was so tight that the guards did not succeed in knocking it away.

Just when a bloody scene was about to take place, a figure suddenly appeared.

You Ning kicked the knife out of the man’s hand and kicked him in the knee, making him unable to move forward.

In an instant, the situation had been brought under his control.
The guards froze for a moment and immediately stepped forward to hold the man down, then put the knife away so that the man wouldn’t have another chance to pick it up.

“Holy shit! That was awesome!”

“Oh my! He’s so fast!”

“Ahhhhh! I was scared to death, my heart almost jumped out.”

“Why do I feel that this man looks a bit familiar, I think I’ve seen him somewhere ……”

“It’s President Jiang, the CEO of XX Group! He was in the financial magazine!”

You Ning saw that the security guards had the man under control and was just about to turn around and go back to Jiang Yingying when he was called.

“Jiang Chi.” Chen Yao calmed down the sudden stirring in his heart after seeing You Ning’s strike and called out to him.

He showed his police ID to the people around him and then cuffed the man who couldn’t stand up at the moment.

“Team Jiang is righteous and courageous, huh?” Chen Yao held the man’s back collar in one hand, grinned, and teased You Ning.

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