Chen Yao finally chose a western restaurant, although there were some small restaurants with a good reputation, he didn’t want to see the neatly dressed Captain Jiang squeezing into a small restaurant with a heavy smell of grease and smoke.

You Ning helped Jiang Yingying order a children’s set meal and ordered the simplest black pepper steak for himself.

Chen Yao glanced at the steak the waiter brought, and then at You Ning.
“Is this enough for you?”

The way You Ning held his knife and fork was extremely pleasing to the eye, and he said lightly, “Yes, it’s enough.”

Chen Yao stopped talking and as he ate, he looked up at the quiet person across the table from time to time and occasionally asked the young girl if she was okay or what else she’d like to order.
He never had the chance to ask why the captain divorced because of Jiang Yingying.

It was still early after eating and the director had not yet contacted Chen Yao.
Chen Yao had given Bai Xiaoshu the task of being a lookout but he did not call either.

At this time, Jiang Yingying finished her meal and went to the bathroom.
He and You Ning were finally the only ones left at the table.

Chen Yao took a sip of the fruit wine, the words followed the liquid around his mouth three times before exiting along with the sweet smell of the wine: “You, why ……”

He had just opened his mouth when he suddenly noticed that You Ning was looking straight at something, he first frowned and then followed You Ning’s line of sight.

——It was a very strong man.

This was the first impression Chen Yao had.

The man was wearing a black short-sleeved shirt, but he wore it as if wearing a suit.
His long, slender legs were excessively straight, but the most remarkably good was his face, it was sharp-edged and aggressive, and in the current Internet language, it was “Su broke his leg” and “lie flat and beg for X”.

Alarm bells immediately rang out in Chen Yao’s heart.

You Ning didn’t even notice what was happening to Chen Yao at this moment.
All his attention was on the man not far away.

‘He is just too appetizing.’ You Ning thought to himself.

As it happened, the man also looked at him, and neither of them looked away.

After a couple of seconds, the man nodded his head to You Ning and You Ning gave him a very faint but slightly playful smile in return.

Chen Yao forked the broccoli on his plate, his wheat-coloured face turning black.

You Ning withdrew his gaze, saw his movement, and said, “My daughter is just a picky eater, are you unhappy about that?”

“……” Chen Yao also realized that his action was stupid, and he hurriedly dropped his fork and smiled awkwardly, “Haha, wasn’t it in the news recently, it might look like food but it is actually something else.

The people at the table next to him heard his words, and they couldn’t help but pause as they brought the meat to their mouths.

Chen Yao touched his nose and could not continue to speak.

The atmosphere became quiet for a while.

You Ning picked up a cup and took a sip of water.
Jiang Yingying had not yet returned, so he glanced in the direction of the bathroom.

Chen Yao was restless and wanted to continue what he had wanted to ask before.
“I say, why did you get married back then?”

You Ning put down his cup and looked into his eyes, after a long time, he narrowed his eyes and only said, “My father broke my brother’s leg and said that it was an injury from an accident.”

After just hearing the beginning, Chen Yao instinctively sensed that things might not have been simple back then.

“My father found out he was just like me ……”

You Ning let out a deep breath, looking like he didn’t want to remember the past, and Jiang Yingying also happened to come out from the direction of the bathroom at that moment.

Her face was very red, and You Ning immediately went up to ask her what was wrong.

Jiang Yingying was embarrassed for a moment before she said to her father in a very small voice, “Dad, I seem to be having my period.
What should I do?”

You Ning froze on the spot and was dumbfounded for two seconds, seeing the little girl’s scared and helpless look, he immediately reassured her, “Don’t be afraid.”

Girls would usually talk to their mothers in this kind of situation, but Jiang Yingying’s mother was not in the picture and only her father could help her.

You Ning had never met this kind of situation, and neither had Jiang Chi.
Jiang Yingying had never told him about it in his last life.

You Ning first calmed Jiang Yingying down, then went to the waitresses and asked one of them for help with red ears.
The waitress was young and she first poured Jiang Yingying a cup of hot water and brought her the essentials.

You Ning, on the other hand, got out of the restaurant as fast as he could and went to the nearby convenience store and underwear shop.

He rushed back and even had a little thin line of sweat on his forehead.

Chen Yao, who was on the sidelines, watched Jiang Yingying re-enter the washroom and guessed what was going on.
He said to You Ning, “You’ve done quite well as a father.”

You Ning didn’t reply to him on this.
He also felt that Jiang Chi was a good father, but Jiang Chi still harbored guilt toward his daughter.

Because of this particular situation, You Ning did not return to the orphanage with Chen Yao afterwards.
And he still had the man he had just seen on his mind.

Once Jiang Yingying’s shyness, fear, embarrassment and other emotions had passed, she became even more dependent on her father.
However, she still felt a little sad, her classmates all had mothers to tell them what to do and what to look out for when it was time, but her mother hadn’t.

Her mother had been gone for a long time and hadn’t given her a single phone call.

Fortunately, she was much happier than the children in the orphanage, she had a particularly powerful and good father, although he didn’t smile much.

On the other hand, Chen Yao kept a lookout when he went back to the orphanage.
The two middle-aged men passed by in the late afternoon, but they bluntly said that they were just looking, they hadn’t broken any laws and he was in no position to arrest them.

Chen Yao also discovered that these two men had taken a lot of photos of the children and one could immediately tell what they were thinking whenever they looked at these photos.

Chen Yao was disgusted but there was no crime committed.
In the end, he could only take the two men to the police station and educate them, ordering them to delete the photos and not to do anything to them.

In order to avoid accidents, these two people were put on the police station’s watch list and they became key surveillance targets.


In the evening, You Ning returned the body to Jiang Ji and found himself in a bar, searching for the scent of the man he had seen during the day.

The man’s acumen was excellent, and he locked his eyes on him just as he arrived.

You Ning smiled and sat down in the seat next to him, asking him unabashedly, “Do you want to hang out?”

Su Fu looked at him, his heart pounding happily as he asked him, “Have we met somewhere before?”

If it were anyone else, You Ning would just think he was striking up a conversation, but this man gave him a hunch that he might have recognized him as Jiang Chi during the day.

“You’re interesting.” You Ning said with eyes curved into crescent moons.

You Ning did not return that night.

The next morning, You Ning left without a word to the man.
He returned to the apartment and found Jiang Chi preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

Jiang Chi froze for a few seconds at the sight of You Ning’s content expression.
The devil was indeed a devil, just standing there was enough to seduce people, making it impossible for them to look away.

You Ning called the cat out and stroked it contentedly, reminiscing on the taste of last night.
“It was delicious.”

“?” Jiang Chi looked at him, and although he didn’t say anything, it still looked like he was asking You Ning if he had already eaten.

You Ning waved a hand at him with a mysterious smile and nestled lazily on the living room sofa with his cat in his arms.

“I kind of like him.” You Ning said to his cat.

The black cat’s turquoise eyes opened wide and contained surprise as he looked at him and spoke in a rare moment: “You, like him?”

“Yes.” You Ning nodded heavily before adding, “He’s so delicious, who wouldn’t like him?”

The light in the black cat’s turquoise eyes dimmed, and he sighed: alas, the little incubus still hadn’t gotten the hang of it.

They had been together countless times for so long in the last world, if the incubi’s habits were anything to go by, this little incubus would have gone in search of a second meal long ago – despite his previous agreement with him.
But demons, nevertheless, do as they please.

It was almost impossible to make them keep their agreements forever.

But in this world, the little incubus still chose him after just one glimpse.

Was it really just a matter of taste? Su Fu didn’t think so.

Thinking of this, the black cat’s turquoise eyes lit up again, and he “purred” without any care, leaning into You Ning’s arms.

The old angel, who had been a single dog for thousands of years, seemed to have finally let go of the big boss baggage he had been carrying for years and became a shameless man in order to chase his wife.

One would wonder what the angel who gave the archangel the advice would look like when he sees the way Su Fu was acting now.

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