ing: “……” I kind of regret having this teammate, what should I do?

Chen Yao’s brother looked at him and sighed helplessly.

Within two days, the informant, Chen Xiaoxing, lived up to his expectations and got the latest tip – the Jiang family was going to the CF venue at Xiaowan Lake over the weekend.

When Chen Yao left work on Friday, he walked like he was floating, whistling merrily.
If it wasn’t for the police card he had clipped to his jacket pocket, other officers would have given him disdainful looks.

On his way out of the police station, he bumped into Su Fu in the parking lot.
He even greeted Su Fu, “Yo, nice car, Superintendent Su.”

Su Fu glanced at the cheerful Chen Yao and said back, “Yours is nice too.”

Chen Yao chuckled and rode off ahead of Su Fu.

However, two days later, Chen Yao saw the car he had praised in the car park of the CF venue at Xiaowan Lake and was immediately displeased.

–Damn! Was this guy stalking him?!

“Uncle? What are you doing?” Chen Xiaoxing looked at his uncle’s fiery eyes as he looked at other people’s cars, and because of Chen Yao’s profession, he got an idea and whispered to Chen Yao, “Is this some bad guy’s car?”

Chen Yao snorted; although he didn’t say anything, his behavior already showed that the owner of this car was definitely a bad person.

Although his uncle was unscrupulous, he was a policeman who upheld justice.
Chen Xiaoxing’s sense of justice was immediately ignited, and he was not afraid to fight for a common cause with his uncle.

Until he met the owner of the car.

Chen Xiaoxing: == I have reason to suspect that my uncle is just jealous of the other person’s good looks!

Although the CF venue on the Xiaowan Lakeside was a bit complicated, it was simple to Su Fu but he didn’t come here to play fake gun games either.

It was strange, to say the least.
He had a dream in which he instructed himself to come to Xiaowan Lake at eight o’clock this morning.
Su Fu had never believed in such strange things before, but inexplicably, he got up early this morning and drove over here.

Then, after he had admired the scenery at Xiaowan Lake, he finally waited for someone.

It was the man Chen Yao had dined with that day.

Su Fu stared at him for a while and was extremely puzzled.
They were obviously two completely different people, but he felt that the man not too far away resembled the teenager he had spent the night with not too long ago.

–Could it be that this man was playing some kind of disguise game?

Su Fu was really curious; it felt like a cat was stretching out its not-so-sharp claws to scratch him now and then.

He felt that the cat must be a lazy one with a wicked smile.

You Ning didn’t know what was going on in Su Fu’s mind; he was just surprised to run into the man who left him with a wonderful aftertaste.

Even now, You Ning felt a little stimulated as soon as he saw him.
Fortunately, he remembered that he had Jiang Chi’s daughter with him today.

The black cat who had hidden its form and was following You Ning: “……”

Yes, he didn’t just pretend to go along with the plan to lose each other’s memories; he also played tricks with finesse.
It made one wonder what that angel friend who advised him had instilled in him.

Angel friend: ‘…… I’ve been wronged!’

You Ning was only a hundred years old, so naturally, his strength was no match for Su Fu , an old angel.
So there were a lot of tricks that Su Fu could do.
For example, his original body pretended to be a human and had amnesia.
He gave it 20% of his soul, and the rest of the 80% with complete memories was pretending to be a cat and squatting by You Ning’s side to prevent anyone from stealing this little mushroom while he was unprepared.

You can’t imagine what someone single for 10,000 years would look like once he met his destiny!

At this moment, You Ning, who had been kept in the dark, even took the initiative to greet him, saying, “Hello, did you come to play alone?”

Su Fu nodded, and his eyes went to Jiang Yingying, who was beside him.

“This is my daughter.” You Ning said.

“Hello, uncle.” Jiang Yingying didn’t dare look at Su Fu’s face for long; she only thought this uncle was as handsome as her father, but he was a stranger, and didn’t look like the gentle type.
She was even a little scared.

Su Fu introduced himself to them, “Su Fu, I’m Chen Yao’s colleague.”

You Ning nodded in a daze.

At that moment, a voice emerged from behind them and said, “Don’t, Superintendent Su, you are my superior, my leader, not my colleague.”

Su Fu ignored him.
He didn’t say anything about what he said, but looked at You Ning, waiting for him to introduce himself.

You Ning extended his right hand, “Jiang Chi.”

Su Fu shook it with restraint and courtesy.
The moment they touched, Su Fu frowned imperceptibly, and he quickly let go and parted ways with them.

–Unlike this man, the other person’s hands were soft and callus-free.

Chen Yao couldn’t wait for Su Fu to leave, so he hypocritically said something about seeing him off, and was surprised when he was rejected.

You Ning watched Chen Yao’s series of expressions and actions: “……”

If Lu Anlan’s Xiang Yang was a sunny little wolf dog, then this one surnamed Chen was probably rabid, and a particularly aggressive one at that.

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