Chen Yao saw You Ning looking at him, and he collected himself, then he used the same line that he used every time they met: “What a coincidence.”

Instead of saying “mmm” this time, the corners of You Ning’s mouth lifted in an arc, saying, “It’s quite a coincidence.”

However, Chen Yao was thick-skinned; he didn’t feel embarrassed even after his intentions were revealed, but instead showed his big white teeth to You Ning, smiling shamelessly.

Chen Xiaoxing next to him rolled his eyes, knowing why his uncle had brought him here to play.
It was because of this handsome uncle.

Chen Xiaoxing’s grandparents had died early, and Chen Yao followed his brother when he was in his teens.
His brother didn’t react so badly when he found out he was now the sole caretaker and only worried about the future briefly.

Chen Yao might look rough and tough on the surface, but he is actually a romantic.
He looked forward to falling in love and longed for it.
He even said that he was willing to give up his career if he met someone he liked and accompany them in whichever job they chose, no matter how clueless he was about it.

Chen Yao felt that it wasn’t something to be ashamed of; besides, his brother, his sister-in-law, and this nephew, as well as his close friends, knew how he was.

Chen Xiaoxing felt embarrassed and could not help but pull his uncle and reprimand him in a whisper: “I say, uncle! Can’t you see that Uncle Jiang has a child and a family? I’ll go back and tell my father if you continue acting like this!”

“You little brat!” Chen Yao ruthlessly rubbed his nephew’s hair into a chicken’s nest and said, “You’re so smart!”

Although the child’s words were spoken in a whisper, You Ning still heard them clearly, and his eyes looked at Chen Yao subtly.
The other party didn’t feel confident this time and avoided his gaze.

Jiang Yingying tugged at the corner of You Ning’s shirt.
“Daddy, are they whispering?”

“Mmm.” You Ning pulled her along and went to the equipment area, ignoring the uncle and nephew.

The guns would spew out paintballs, but it wouldn’t hurt with a good helmet, knee pads, wrist guards, and a good equipment suit.

After teaching Jiang Yingying how to use it a few times, You Ning asked Jiang Yingying if the classmate she had made an appointment with was still coming.

Jiang Yingying’s face puffed up at the mention of this, and she took out her mobile phone to call that classmate, asking him if he was afraid to come, and why he hadn’t arrived yet when the appointed time was up.

The boy on the other end of the line was so irritated that he yelled in a particularly loud voice, “I’m not scared! Even if all the boys in the world were scared, I wouldn’t be scared! You wait! I’ll be there with my dad in ten minutes!”

Chen Yao and his nephew, who were chasing after them, heard such words, and Chen Xiaoxing shook his fist in indignation.
“Damn it, he’s actually using the Law of True Fragrance!”

“……” Chen Yao led Chen Xiaoxing closer to the two and said to You Ning, “Captain Jiang, how about we play together? You’re at a disadvantage when it’s just the two of you.”

You Ning glanced at him lightly and said, “They’re also two people.”

“Tsk.” Chen Yao sighed, “You’re so naïve, Captain Jiang, I can assure you that in a situation like this, that little shit will not bring just his father!”

“!!!” Jiang Yingying’s eyes went wide in shock, her face full of disbelief.
The other party wouldn’t keep their word?!

“Don’t worry!” Chen Yao patted his sturdy chest.
“Uncle is also very good; back in the day, me and your father…”

You Ning stared at Chen Yao as he changed his words to, “Anyway, I’ll definitely beat them up.”

Chen Xiaoxing also took the initiative to start a conversation with Jiang Yingying, sharing his previous experience of playing this game.
The atmosphere between the two adults was not as cordial as that of the children, they both kept quiet, and no one spoke again.

Ten minutes soon passed, and two cars came down the hill.
On seeing them, the little girl’s eyes became sharp.
‘Hmph, really untrustworthy!’

Jiang Yingying had also prepared before she came here.
She had watched some videos of real-life games on the internet, and combined with what her father had just taught her, she, who had always been a good learner, felt that she wouldn’t hold her father back too much.

And even if she didn’t do very well, the focus today was the game between fathers!

A little boy and three adults came over.

It wasn’t a fair division at first glance.
There were two kids and two adults on one side, but three adults on the other.

Jiang Yingying glared and huffed, “Wang Xiaoping! You’re cheating!”

*Not sure if the name in the earlier chapter was a mistake.

The boy blushed a little and was about to say something, but his father beat him to it.
Father Wang extended his hand to Chen Yao: “What a coincidence, Captain Chen, I didn’t expect you to be here too.”

Chen Yao shook his hand and turned his head to explain to You Ning, “He’s from Xicheng District; we’ve worked on a case together.”

You Ning nodded and said, “I’m Jiang Yingying’s father.”

Father Wang touched his head and smiled with a little embarrassment.
“Ah, my son felt unconvinced after listening to your daughter’s weekly diary and dragged me to compare ……”

You Ning: “It’s nothing, it’s just a game.”

One of the two following Father Wang was his colleague; the other was his colleague’s wife, who followed out of boredom.

That colleague looked at Chen Yao, and said to Jiang Yingying, “Let me tell you something, little sister, neither of us can beat this uncle – aren’t you going to team up, right? So you can’t really say it is unfair.”

Chen Yao laughed bitterly.

The little girl couldn’t decipher his laugh, while his nephew rolled his eyes again.
As for You Ning, he only glanced at him quite calmly.

This glance made Chen Yao immediately want to stand at attention.

Although Jiang Yingying still felt it was unfair, Chen Xiaoxing secretly told her that although his uncle looked very unreliable, he was powerful and would definitely not hold her father back.

Jiang Yingying believed it for the time being, and there was nothing she could do if she didn’t, otherwise, it would be her dad against three!

Soon, the two sides chose their camps.
Jiang Yingying’s side was the red side, and Wang Xiaoping’s side was the blue side.

The venue at Xiaowan Lake was spacious, with various obstacles, and because the online game was a big hit, the battlefield was also randomly laid out with some equipment that players had to explore on their own; it even included resurrection armor.

Before the battle started, the three children made an arrangement.
They had to go 2V2, Jiang Yingying and Chen Xiaoxing against Wang Xiaoping and that aunt, and You Ning and Chen Yao against Father Wang and his colleague.

Chen Xiaoxing analyzed the tactics, and they took Wang Xiaoping’s dog head first and then tried to stall that aunt to make the fight as fair as possible.

Although they arranged everything in a particularly methodical manner, as that aunt was a complete veteran, the two passionate children had just popped their heads up and wandered outside when they were gloriously hit.

Jiang Yingying tearfully looked at Wang Xiaoping, who was also lying on the ground, and said to Chen Xiaoxing, “It’s fortunate that you killed him, otherwise we would have lost.”

Chen Xiaoxing lay on the ground, diligently pretending to be a corpse, and gave a particularly calm “mm.”

Chen Yao, who was hiding in a pile of broken planks with You Ning, saw his nephew’s expression and knew what was going through his mind right now.
He complained to You Ning, “I knew what that kid was up to from the start…… Well, he must be proud that he didn’t ask me for help and took out the other kid.”

You Ning chuckled and then asked without warning, “How have you been these years?”

Chen Yao’s smile froze for a couple of seconds, then he said nonchalantly, “What kind of a topic is that ……”

You Ning turned his head and looked at him, asking, “Good or bad?”

Chen Yao: “……”

At this moment, the opposite side sensed their direction because of their voices and sent a few bullets toward them.
Chen Yao and You Ning simultaneously withdrew from their positions and looked for an opportunity to fire a few shots back.

You Ning and Chen Yao hid behind a concrete bag, both of them panting slightly.
The sounds were a bit ambiguous in the quieter surroundings, so much so that the mind inadvertently went back to those unforgettable, charming memories.

“I’ve not been well.” You Ning said while looking in the opposite direction vigilantly, “I broke up with my parents, was forced to marry someone I didn’t like and took over a job I didn’t like ……”

Chen Yao was about to ask, ” Then who do you like?” but the opposite side interrupted their conversation with another shower of bullets.

The three children lying on the ground were called up by the aunt and sat under a large tree to cool off.
They were now “corpses,” so they could only watch the battle and could not raise their voices to warn them.

The three watched the action in tension and with bated breath.

Chen Yao’s heart was beating fast, he didn’t know what You Ning was going to say next, but they needed silence in order to continue the topic– after all, his captain was a silent one, and it was really rare to get him to speak up – so Chen Yao fought back.

It was not so much a counterattack as a sneak attack, he shot down the woman who had made arrangements for the three children and stealthily approached her teammate.

“……” The corpse stood up indifferently, patted the dirt off herself, and went back to sit with the three children.

Sure enough, the battlefield went quiet because of the kill, and You Ning and Chen Yao found another excellent defensive trench.
They were completely surrounded, leaving only a clear blue sky.

As soon as they entered, Chen Yao threw himself on You Ning and pinned him down.
The children would have yelled things like “You traitor” and “Are you an undercover agent?” if they happened to see this.

“What does Captain Jiang want by asking me if I’m doing well?” Chen Yao curled one corner of his mouth and leaned dangerously close, “If I say I’m not doing well, will you apologize to me?”

Chen Yao was so close that You Ning frowned in discomfort, but this action stimulated Chen Yao, and he kissed him immediately.

You Ning cursed, and he got out of Jiang Chi’s body before he was kissed.

Jiang Chi, who was suddenly kissed: “……”

However, he suspiciously didn’t push Chen Yao away.

After hearing the subtle sound of footsteps, Chen Yao let go of Jiang Chi and rubbed the latter’s lips with his fingertips slightly roughly, saying, “This is how Captain Jiang should test me, don’t do the whole pretense thing.”

You Ning was not in the mood to pay attention to them at the moment, he rubbed his lips in a trance.
“This is too strange; what’s wrong with me?”

As an incubus, would he be frightened by a man’s kiss? Of course not.
Even if that man was someone else’s white moonlight, he could not possibly be afraid.

But as it happened, he couldn’t stand it when Chen Yao came over to him and fled.

–Hmm? Couldn’t stand it? Then whose kiss could he stand?

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