You Ning was already out of Jiang Chi’s body, and he didn’t feel like going back once he saw the ambiguous atmosphere between the two.

He told Jiang Ji that he was leaving for the time being and was leaving his cat behind.

Jiang Chi still didn’t reply – Chen Yao’s face was right in front of him at that moment, so he couldn’t say anything.

And Chen Yao’s actions had successfully awakened something in Jiang Chi’s heart.

In his previous life, Jiang Chi knew he was committing crimes, so he did not ask for Chen Yao’s help.
At the same time, he didn’t want to drag Chen Yao down with him, but he could not give his blessings on seeing the person he once loved working with another person to catch criminals.

At that time, he was filled with hatred over his daughter’s death and had no time to care about Chen Yao’s feelings.

Jiang Chi looked at this man again, at that face, and suddenly said to Chen Yao, “I’m sorry.”

There were no mixed feelings in Chen Yao’s heart at this belated apology, only one simple but true thought: “Fuck!

When the person who was always indifferent, proud, and had never bowed his head suddenly lowered his head and said “sorry,” Chen Yao’s body started to get hot.
He wanted to talk to his former captain somewhere to express his apologies practically.

Jiang Chi added, “I should have made it clear to you back then.”

He should have been clear about why he got married and about his truest feelings for him, rather than just not explaining anything and leaving without a word.
It was heartless.

Chen Yao’s hand holding the gun trembled a little; he habitually touched the cigarette on his ear, but didn’t find it because he had removed it at the start of the battle.

“Fuck!” Chen Yao cursed lowly and said to Jiang Chi almost menacingly, “Don’t use your daughter to get away from me again later! I’m going to settle the score with you!”

Jiang Chi didn’t agree nor refuse, but stood up with his gun and shot quickly and precisely in the direction of the footsteps.

A red bullet exploded in the enemy’s chest.

Jiang Yingying, who was watching the battle, turned red with excitement and screamed with her hands in her face.

The blue team had obviously underestimated Jiang Chi’s strength, and the moment he appeared, their subconscious reaction was to take him down immediately instead of taking cover as quickly as possible.

With his teammate dead, the blue team had only one player left.
He was not slow to react and immediately rolled for cover as soon as his teammate was killed.

Jiang Chi and Chen Yao took advantage of the situation, the blue team was unwilling to admit defeat and fought back, but was eventually killed in action.
He had two bullets on him, one on his helmet and one on his chest, both of which hit him almost simultaneously.

He threw up his hands in surrender: “I’m convinced! I’m exhausted.

“We underestimated the enemy this time, I didn’t expect this one to be so good too, does he play often?”

Chen Yao put one hand on Jiang Chi’s shoulder and said smugly, “Brother, you’re still underestimating the enemy, this is my former captain.”

Jiang Chi looked at the hand on his shoulder for a moment, but didn’t take it off.

The three kids saw that the battle was over and ran over.
The others didn’t know how Jiang Chi and Chen Yao got along, but thought they were close based on their actions.

Jiang Yingying was only slightly surprised to see how close that uncle and her father looked; after all, her father usually didn’t allow anyone to touch him except for her.
She felt that the relationship between her father and that policeman-uncle must be very good.

Since they were very close, there was nothing strange about their posture, men were like that; they hooked their shoulders and patted their backs.
Besides, they had just won the game, even she wanted to go hug her father.

Chen Xiaoxing, who knew the truth, endured the pain that he shouldn’t have had to bear at his age.
He looked at his uncle, who was smiling in a particularly whatchamacallit way, with vicissitudes of life and condemnation: ‘I’ll definitely tell dad about your evil deeds today!’

Chen Yao was in such a mood that he could have gone to heaven.
He didn’t care about his nephew’s weightless condemnation.

As for the other boy, today was a slap in the face.
His father had been “killed” by Jiang Chi, and he and his father were left speechless.

All the bravado he once had was gone, and his face was swollen.

Jiang Yingying, who had achieved victory, didn’t care about Wang and seemed more interested in the game.

When they were having lunch, she excitedly asked her father to teach her more.
She wanted to learn to fight and wished to be as powerful as her father.

It wasn’t that Jiang Chi hadn’t thought about letting his daughter learn these things before, but she was synonymous with “delicate” in his eyes, and he couldn’t bear for her to suffer a little bit.

But it seemed that the demon was right, she could have his protection, but she also had to learn to be strong herself.


After giving Jiang Chi the body, You Ning found Su Fu, who hadn’t gone too far away.

Xiaowan Lake had a CF venue as well as a recreational fish farm.

When You Ning found Su Fu, the latter was fishing on that fish farm.

“Alone?” You Ning sat on the grass next to Su Fu.
The grass was a bit thick and prickly, but he sat on it as if he didn’t feel it.

Su Fu looked down and frowned immediately.
He held the fishing rod in one hand and pointed to the chair behind him with the other, saying, “Sit there.”

You Ning didn’t get up, but looked at him and teased, “Are you afraid my butt will hurt?”

“……” Su Fu pursed his lips slightly, as if speechless.

The little incubus finished teasing the man and stretched out his hand, as if he would only get up if Su Fu pulled him.

This move was a bit bossy, but in Su Fu’s eyes, it was nothing but cute and coquettish.

Su Fu felt a bit possessed.

He finally pulled You Ning up, but it was as if the hand that pulled You Ning was disobedient, and instead of letting go immediately, he fondly held the other party’s hand and rubbed it a little…

It was very soft and supple, completely different from that of Chen Yao’s friend from earlier.

You Ning raised an eyebrow at him, the corners of his mouth raising in a smile, “Do you want to kiss it? You look reluctant to let go.”

Su Fu suddenly let go as if he had been scalded.
Although his face was still expressionless, You Ning noticed that his ears were a little red.

You Ning chuckled and laid down on the chair that was there for Su Fu to rest on.

Su Fu did not let go of his fishing rod but actually had no desire to fish.
He called for the staff there and ordered a glass of juice and some food for You Ning.

You Ning raised his hand nonchalantly and said with a smile, “I don’t want orange juice, I want strawberry juice.”

The moment the staff member came and saw You Ning, his eyes remained glued to him and he couldn’t move away.

Su Fu became upset and said in a heavy tone, “Strawberry juice, did you get that?”

“Oh ……” The man woke up as if from a dream and reconfirmed the order before walking away reluctantly.

Su Fu remained unhappy even after the man’s figure was gone.
Just when his bad mood was about to subside, the man came back with juice and snacks.

Su Fu stared at him with an unpleasant expression on his face.

The man wanted to take advantage of this time to look at You Ning again, but instinctively sensed danger, and seeing Su Fu’s dark face, he cautiously said, “Do you have any other needs?”

“No.” Su Fu calmly put his eyes back on the fishing mark that he hadn’t looked at for who knows how long, “You can leave now.”

Su Fu had chosen a quiet area with fewer people, and the staff member knew that this was a guest who did not like to be disturbed.
He immediately left after delivering the order.

You Ning laughed out loud the moment the man left, a laugh that made Su Fu’s ears burn.

‘I’m so weird,’ Su Fu thought to himself.

The man was just looking out of an appreciation for beauty, there was no insult or lecherous look in his eyes, so why am I reacting so strongly? Isn’t it okay for someone to appreciate beauty?

–No, it’s not.

Why? It’s not like I own him; he doesn’t belong to me, so I won’t allow others to ……


Am I in love with him? I want to brand him as mine; I even want to hide him so that no one can see him or covet him.

–Yes, you are.

Su Fu, who was arguing inside his head, remained expressionless, and there was no abnormality about him.

It was evident that this archangel had a hidden penchant for refinement.

And You Ning, who was eating nuts and drinking juice, knew nothing about Su Fu’s inner arguments.

By lunchtime, Su Fu had not caught any of the fish on the table.
As it turns out, you can’t catch fish without paying attention.

Su Fu picked a piece of fish, removed the soft bones from it, and put it into You Ning’s bowl.
It was later that he realized how skilled he was, but it was obviously the first time he had ever served someone food.

You Ning didn’t have to be polite with him, and after eating the piece of fish, he said to Su Fu, “I didn’t get to eat the fish you caught, but it’s still good to eat the fish whose bones you picked out.”

Su Fu picked a few more pieces and put them in You Ning’s bowl after picking out the bones, his soft tone contrasting with his cold and aloof appearance.
“Well, eat more.”

You Ning smiled and said, “My name is You Ning.” With that, he held out his hand.

The table was for two people and was not large.
Su Fu stretched out his hand and easily held You Ning’s “Su Fu.”

You Ning arched his eyebrows: “Nice to meet you.”

“…… Me too.” Su Fu felt the hand he was holding move, and a finger was extended, tickling his palm.

Su Fu quickly withdrew his hand, looking quite composed, yet his heart fluttered uncontrollably: ‘… Is he seducing me?’

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