“Won’t you ask how I found you?” You Ning asked as he said goodbye to Su Fu.

However, Su Fu didn’t ask him even after You Ning’s reminder.
Even though he had to be vigilant as a police officer, he just couldn’t be wary of the person in front of him.

Su Fu instead said, “Can I give you a lift?”

You Ning smiled, his demonic aura suddenly dissipated, and his face looked as dazzling as the rising sun: “No need, you can’t find out where I live.
But I think we’ll meet again.”

Su Fu was disappointed when he heard the first half of his sentence, but his lips curled slightly at the second half, “Okay.”

“Now,” You Ning moved closer to him, “I want to confirm one more thing ……”

Su Fu forgot about inquiring because You Ning’s curved eyelashes and beautiful half-closed eyes were already close, and then their lips touched.

You Ning did not go deeper, and neither did Su Fu.

It was a very light kiss, completely different from the passion and intensity of the night they spent together, but Su Fu’s heart sank when You Ning pulled away.

–Sure enough, I do like him.

You Ning drifted away with a light smile on his face.
He felt a little sweet, a sweetness that didn’t just stay on his lips but seemed to trickle down to his heart.

It was a new experience for the little incubus.

You Ning soon returned to Jiang Chi’s side and found that they had just finished their meal.

Chen Yao’s plan to settle accounts could not be carried out because of the two children, but the two children also felt that the two adults were getting along much better than their previous meetings.

There was a small playground on the hill next to Xiaowan Lake, and the two children wanted to go play after the meal.
The children had also become much closer after the morning’s battle.

The group had just come out of the restaurant when You Ning noticed a gaze fixed on him.

The man’s hiding skills were not so good, as Chen Yao, who had come out after him, immediately noticed him.

He and You Ning exchanged a glance, and You Ning took the two children towards the parking lot, while Chen Yao reentered the restaurant.

Bai Xiaoshu, who was hiding in the shadows and spying, saw that Chen Yao had turned back to the restaurant and thought he had forgotten something and did not become suspicious.
He was not worried about getting discovered; after all, he was not an ordinary character.

“What are you looking at, new guy?” He still thought it was impossible until Chen Yao’s words, permeated with danger, rang out behind him.

“…… Chen, Captain Chen?” He was so shocked that he couldn’t find a decent excuse for a moment.

“Are you stalking me?” Chen Yao lifted Bai Xiaoshu by the back collar and pushed his chin in a certain direction, “Or are you stalking him?”

“I, I wasn’t ……” He saw You Ning walking over and was filled with fear.
He struggled under Chen Yao and pleaded, “Captain Chen, you…you let go of me first.
I really didn’t do anything…”

You Ning had parked his car not far away.
After both children had settled in the car, he walked in from the intersection.
His back was against the light, and his cold eyes stared at Bai Xiaoshu indifferently.
“Is it because of that time at the mall? Are you holding a grudge against me?”

Bai Xiaoshu’s eyes widened at You Ning’s words.
He was more shocked and horrified than when Chen Yao discovered him.

“Wait what?” Chen Yao looked at You Ning in confusion and said, “The mall?”

You Ning looked over with an even more puzzled look, as if asking him whether he had lost his memory.


Chen Yao frowned deeply; he knew Jiang Chi would never joke around, and after a slight rationalization, he glared at Bai Xiaoshu, who was under him, and sneered, “I remember now, newbie.”

Bai Xiaoshu shivered under their fierce glares.
What was going on? Why didn’t it work on these two people? No, it had clearly worked on Chen Yao before…

Bai Xiaoshu looked at You Ning in horror.
It must be him! He was the biggest villain in the entire novel; the problem must be him!

According to the timeline, it was almost summer vacation, right?

Bai Xiaoshu saw Jiang Yingying’s little face in the car not far away; she was bored and had rolled down the window for air.
He watched her actions and suddenly grinned.

Jiang Yingying was Jiang Chi’s Achilles heel, and he gave Bai Xiaoshu a direct death stare from the way the other party was watching her.

Knowing what kind of person Jiang Chi would become in the future, Bai Xiaoshu didn’t dare make any more mistakes and quickly tucked his tail between his legs, saying shamelessly, “Captain Chen, we are police officers, so we have to talk about evidence, right? I just happened to see you today.
I really didn’t do anything.
If you don’t believe me, you can check.
I don’t have anything on me.”

Chen Yao let go of his collar in disgust, unwilling to do anything at all.
Why did he ever think that this newcomer was good? Perhaps he was blind.

It was quite unworthy to have his mood ruined by such a person.
Chen Yao gave him a stern warning and went with You Ning and the children to the playground.
His mood only improved upon seeing the children’s happy, smiling faces.

Later, when both children were tired of playing, You Ning let Chen Xiaoxing ride in his car, seeing as Chen Yao had come on a motorbike.
That way, he wouldn’t be afraid even if he fell asleep.

There was some traffic on the way back, and this kind of road condition was quite common on weekends.

“Knock, knock…” There was a knock on You Ning’s window.

You Ning pressed down the window, and Chen Yao stopped by his car.
Instead of taking his helmet off, he took out his phone and swiped it a few times, pointing it at You Ning.

It was a QR code—a personal QR code for a social networking app.
You Ning looked at the speed of the traffic in front of him, took out his phone, and scanned it.

The QR code turned into a handwritten name saying “Yao.”

You Ning put his phone away as the car in front of him started to move, but Chen Yao was still keeping his eyes on him.

You Ning frowned, “Ride your bike properly!” With that, he closed the car window again.

Before the window was closed, he seemed to hear Chen Yao’s slightly sultry laugh coming from his helmet.

You Ning rolled his eyes at that.
Seeing that the two children in the back seat were already asleep, he asked Jiang Chi, “Why do you like this type?”

Jiang Chi didn’t deny it, but said, “I don’t know.”

I don’t know why I like seeing that man’s mischievous smile; I don’t know why I like smelling the scent of tobacco on him.
I don’t know why I like being close to him, his kisses, and the warmth of his body.

I don’t know why I like it.

It was clear that the man had many flaws and habits that he didn’t like; he had different hobbies, and they disagreed on many things, but he just couldn’t forget Chen Yao.
It was as if the man had lived in his body from the first time they met.

You Ning didn’t get an answer, but he had no intention of pursuing the question to the end.
He shrugged indifferently.
It didn’t matter, he had a long life ahead of him anyway.
He could take his time to find out for himself.

In the evening, when You Ning returned to his bedroom after washing up, his mobile phone, which he had casually placed on the bed, vibrated several times.

You Ning unlocked the screen as he wiped his hair, and after tapping on the unread messages, You Ning looked at Jiang Ji in the mirror on the wardrobe with some difficulty.

Jiang Chi: “……”

The first message from Officer Chen was a picture of his upper body.
It was obviously a manly photo given the shirtless body, wheat-colored skin, and bulging but not exaggerated abs, but it was flirtatious no matter how you looked at it.

Perhaps he thought the first one was too much and wanted to turn his image around, so he sent out a solemn report on his situation in recent years; how many cases he had solved, how many times he had been injured, how much he was paid, how many holidays he had taken, all were reported to Jiang Chi.

You Ning didn’t have the patience to read them all, so he went straight to the bottom one.

[Yao]: All that is my information.
Now, I want to formally pursue you with the aim of pursuing you for life.

“Tch,” You Ning tossed his phone aside in disgust, “it’s really cheesy.”

Although You Ning said this, Jiang Chi picked up the phone and found that You Ning had already answered it as he had wished.

The content was simple: Yingying.

He didn’t have to care about anyone, but Jiang Yingying was a different case.

Chen Yao, on the other side, was holding the phone with a cigarette in his mouth, he didn’t reply to Jiang Chi either, but grinned and murmured to himself, “I guessed you would say that, it’s just a little kid.
I’m waiting…”

The hair dried quickly, and instead of resting immediately, You Ning opened his computer.

In Jian Chi’s last life, most of the people he killed were related to a group, and although Jiang Chi killed so many, he still failed to capture the boss of the group.
After all, one person’s power is limited.

It wasn’t difficult for You Ning to find the evidence that Jiang Chi had gotten hold of before.
What he had to do now was sort out the evidence and pack it up for Chen Yao.

In his last life, Jiang Chi did not want to involve Chen Yao and did not get help from him, but You Ning thought differently.
That was free labor! And that free labor would even be happy to do so.

Although Jiang Chi’s hatred had not passed with his last life, it had faded quite a bit.

Now that his daughter was still alive, and his old love had been rekindled, all of Jiang Chi’s emotions felt like they had entered a gentle stream.
It was no longer a cold winter but a warm spring.

With love and hope in the heart, no one would want to be transformed into a shura.

But You Ning would fulfill his deep desire, even though Jiang Chi himself did not know it.

In his previous life, Jiang Yingying’s murderer was the nephew of one of the bosses behind that group.
He had to flee in a hurry because the next-door neighbors had heard Jiang Yingying’s screams of pain and called the police.

Later, he had to hide in his uncle’s territory because he was wanted.
This was the reason why Jiang Chi searched for a long time before catching the man.

It was this man that You Ning had to deal with first.
He was extremely similar to the scum that the original author of the novel had met, he had also committed several assaults on minors and had mutilated many flowers.
Death would be too easy for a man like him.

Sending him to prison as soon as possible would save one or even more children.

You Ning did not hesitate and directly sent Chen Yao information on this man.
Although this rabid wolf-dog was usually carefree, he was the first main protagonist of the novel, and his ability was not bad.

Soon Chen Yao called directly, “Did you send this to me?”

You Ning said, “Yes, it’s me.”

There was silence for a moment, and You Ning could guess what he was thinking right now.
“You want to know why I have such detailed evidence? Wait, I’ll tell you later.”

There was still silence, and after a long time, Chen Yao said, “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

“Are you smoking?” You Ning spoke at almost the same time as him, and Chen Yao paused for a moment to let You Ning finish.

“Smoke less; I don’t like it.”

Chen Yao let out a snort and thought to himself, ‘Bullshit, don’t think I don’t know you actually like to smell it!’

However, he still pressed the cigarette out with an embarrassed yet nostalgic expression.

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