It has been awhile since You Ning’s cat started acting abnormally.
At first, he thought it was because his cat had been on the earth for a while and it had become fond of acting, but that didn’t seem to be the case as time went on.

He’d been with his cat for years, it was clingy and liked acting cute and coquettish partly because of its character, and also because it knew its master liked it.

It’s not surprising that it’d occasionally do something new, for example, acting like a cool cat in an attempt to secure its pet status with You Ning.
But it wouldn’t make sense for it to act like that in more than one world.

You Ning had been suspicious for a long time, but the look on the fake cat’s face was particularly amusing whenever he made it call him ‘master’ and act cute.

You Ning was as curious as a cat and he found it interesting, so he kept teasing the fake cat.
He also wanted to know who was pretending to be his cat.

As for the purpose, You Ning first thought that the other person wanted to sleep with him, so he pretended to be his cat in order to find the right opportunity or something—You Ning had always been on guard secretly, but the person never acted overly intimate with him.

Apart from his personality, everything he did was similar to his cat, which made You Ning even more curious.

Combined with the fact that his memory had been sealed before, he had a hunch that the person pretending to be his cat was the one who was responsible for sealing his memories.

The smile in You Ning’s eyes had not yet faded as he hugged the cat, he rubbed its soft belly and said, “it’s getting late, let’s go to bed.”

Su Fu, the black cat, did not look into You Ning’s eyes, even after all this time, he’d still get stimulated whenever the little incubus said “sleep together”, always forgetting that he was now You Ning’s cat.

You Ning’s smile deepened at the black cat’s reaction.


You Ning had not heard any more news about Jiang Yingying’s murderer in the previous life.
He seemed to have evaporated and disappeared without a trace.

After putting out a wanted notice, the police put the matter aside and no longer wasted manpower, as if the arrest of the culprit deepened on reports from the public.

Chen Yao inquired from his colleagues in the police district that had taken over the matter.
Unexpectedly, they sounded impatient and startled, and Chen Yao ended up scolding them.
Chen Yao was really confused; the matter was obviously important, but why was it handled so sloppily?

He was still cursing even when he went to talk to You Ning.
He could only say it was because of his colleagues’ slackness, but he obviously wouldn’t believe such a reason.

You Ning had spent a few days compiling information and evidence on the other people Jiang Chi had killed and were connected to the human trafficking ring and then invited Chen Yao to Jiang Chi’s house on one of his days off.

Apart from the missing children from the orphanage, there were actually three other cases of missing children in City C during this summer vacation.
The parents would come to the police station everyday, crying and accusing them of incompetence, sometimes the family members would shift the blame to each other, and then argue with each other, which was really annoying and headache-inducing.

When he had finally had a chance to catch his breath, Chen Yao thought he would ask Jiang Chi out for a meal or take the two young children somewhere to play and relax, but then he was hit with a surprise.

Jiang Chi finally invited him into his home!

On a weekend when he should have slept in until noon, Chen Yao woke up earlier than he would wake up for work and went into the bathroom to clean himself up.

As he shaved, he looked in the mirror and sighed: “Look at you, you’re so handsome, but you look like a loser every time you meet, what will you do if you are turned down? You’ve been a bachelor for a long time because you just don’t have any self-awareness!”

Then he finished shaving and admired himself in the mirror, boasting no less than ten times.
It was almost half an hour by the time he finished looking himself up and down and felt that he was perfect enough to charm his Captain Jiang.

As soon as he came out, he found Chen Xiaoxing at the door.
The latter was looking at him with deadpan expression, his eyes revealing a deep sense of despair as the child muttered to himself, “It’s too much, Mom cooked last night and forced Dad to eat, so Dad had to get up in the morning and occupy the toilet ……”

So he could only run over to his uncle’s side, only to end up listening to his uncle praise himself for ten minutes straight.
He wouldn’t have endured if he didn’t have the urge to pee.

Chen Yao was thick skinned, not only did he not feel ashamed, he even stopped Chen Xiaoxing on his way into the bathroom, raising his chin towards him and asking, “Is Uncle handsome?”

Chen Xiaoxing said indifferently: “Make way, unless you want me to pee on your legs, then you’ll go on your date smelling of my urine!”

“……” Chen Yao hurriedly dodged to the side, he couldn’t afford to offend the other party today.

Chen Yao was afraid of heat, and it was summer, he’d look like a fool if he wore a suit.
But he did put on a new black shirt and left the two top buttons undone, making him look dashing and sexy at the same time.

He chise to ride his motorbike again, he didn’t put on his helmet this time and wore a pair of sunglasses.
He had gone to the barbershop just before it closed last night and had his hair done in a short and blown out hairstyle.

As he rode by, two or three passers-by would look at him every now and then, making Chen Yao unable to stop smiling.

It was still early by the time he arrived at Jiang Chi’s flat, just after 9:40 a.m.

He put the bike away, then entered the elevator.
He looked at himself in the mirror and straightened his clothes and hair amidst his fast beating heart.

He smiled at the mirror for a moment, he saw the number of floors rising higher and higher, and also getting closer and closer to Jiang Chi.
He suddenly looked down at his hands—

“Fuck! I knew I forgot something!” He didn’t buy anything and came empty-handed!

Not to mention a gift for Jiang Chi, he didn’t even have a present for Jiang Yingying!

Chen Yao wanted to freak out.
He planned to press down when the elevator stops and then go buy something before coming back, otherwise it would be really ……

When the elevator stopped, Chen Yao’s mobile phone also rang.

The person on the other side of the phone seemed to have sensed it and asked, “Are you here already?”

“……,” Chen Yao stammered, “Well …… not yet, wait, I’ll be there in a while.”

“Well, I’m at 1905,” the other side added, “I just heard you arrive.”

“……” Jiang Chi will know he was dealing with it casually if he went back down and bought a gift.

Chen Yao regretted acting so cocky before his nephew this morning, who would have known that retribution would come so quickly? This was their first proper date since they had broken up, and he failed to make a good impression!

Chen Yao gathered his depressed mood and arrived at 1905, he had just raised his hand to ring the doorbell when the door opened from inside.

You Ning opened the door and said, “Come in.”

Chen Yao, who thought he was so handsome today: “???” What was this? Just one glance and no reaction?

The cocky Officer Chen was devastated, and his raised tail had to be lowered.

Jiang Yingying brought out two cups of tea, she greeted Chen Yao, gave one cup of tea to You Ning and one cup to Chen Yao, and after seeing both adults take a sip, went to the study to do her homework contentedly.

The little girl was so well behaved that Chen Yao regretted that he hadn’t brought a gift for her today, but he wasn’t one to hide it and said to You Ning grumpily, “I forgot to bring you and Ying Ying a gift because I was excited about seeing you today, I’ll make up for it next time.”

You Ning glanced at him as he sipped his tea, acquiescing to his “next time”, “Mm-hmm.”

Chen Yao was so happy that he could barely hide his joy.

You Ning pretended not to see it, he put the tea down, got up from the sofa and said, “Let me get you something.”

Chen Yao looked at You Ning’s back as he went to the bedroom and couldn’t help but look forward to it, although he had stupidly forgotten to prepare something for Jiang Chi, his captain had actually prepared for him one!

However, an hour later ……

Chen Yao’s black shirt was still unbuttoned with the top two buttons, but without the initial dash and sexiness, with the cigarette in his hand and his eyes showing fatigue, all that was left was decadence and mourning.

He took a sharp puff of his cigarette and gave You Ning a deep, sullen look.
He gritted his teeth and said, “I’m not finished with you if you don’t make up for today’s date!”

You Ning retorted, “You think I called you here for a date?” As he said that, he also looked at Chen Yao from head to toe, and then gave him a “no wonder” look with a deeper meaning.

“……” Chen Yao should have felt ashamed but he was too thick-skinned to do so.

You Ning was so amused that he didn’t let it go: “Who would have a date at home? Moreover when their daughter is also at home?”

Chen Yao couldn’t say anything, he pointed his finger at You Ning for a long time before finally putting it down in conviction and said, “Since when did you become so thick skinned? Have you been watching too much Pippi Shrimp with your Yingying?”

‘Well, it’s not your Captain Chi who is so thick skinned, it’s me, the incubus.’

You Ning stopped teasing him and got down to business, “You’re not going to ask me anything?”

Chen Yao also got serious and looked at the hundreds of documents and some audio and video evidence on the computer, “Didn’t you say that you would tell me later?”

You Ning was speechless.

Chen Yao suddenly smiled mockingly, “I used to imagine that your marriage was just a cover, and taking over your family’s company was also a cover, maybe it was a protective film put on you by your superiors who sent you to carry out some secret mission.”

You Ning turned his head and looked at him strangely.

Chen Yao was really ashamed now, his ears turned red and he even waved his hands, “Don’t, don’t look at me like that.
I avoided any news that had anything to do with you ever since I found out you were getting married, so I didn’t know anything about you, which financial magazines you’re on or what charity parties you attended with your family.” That’s why I would have such fantasies.

The fantasy that Jiang Chi was only leaving temporarily and not really quitting, that he was in fact reluctant to leave him……

Jiang Chi was at the cooking table preparing lunch.

Chen Yao was over on the balcony smoking a cigarette and looking at the information on the computer carefully, his frown getting deeper and deeper.
These scum made him furious, so he turned to look at Jiang Chi as a way to calm down.

But to his surprise, Jiang Chi also happened to be looking at him.

The two locked eyes and a warm current passed through Chen Yao’s heart.
Don’t talk to him about good horses never eat the same grass, he just liked this grass and wanted to keep eating the same grass.

Jiang Chi looked at Chen Yao’s burning eyes and withdrew his gaze.
Chen Yao on the other side cheered in his heart.
Sure enough, he was handsome today, Jiang Chi actually stared at him and shied away! Next time, he’ll make sure he’s so handsome that the other party can’t keep his legs closed.

As soon as Chen Yao’s mind reached this point, he felt his Qi and blood surging.
He also withdrew his eyes from Jiang Chi’s body.
This was the scary thing about being single for years, thinking about the slightest thing would give you an urge.

Jiang Chi washed the dishes with his head down, his deep frown invisible from Chen Yao’s direction.
The demon went out, saying he was going to get some help.
Jiang Chi was grateful to the demon for bringing his daughter back to him, for helping him deepen his relationship with her, and for taking the first step for him after learning why he never got out of his car at the school gate in his previous life.

Once upon a time, Jiang Chi never got out of his car whenever he went to pick up his daughter because he saw Chen Yao.
Chen Yao would occasionally come to school to pick up a young boy.
The little boy looked so much like Chen Yao, so Jiang Chi always stayed in the car, never asking or bothering to find out from the time his daughter was in first grade to the end of sixth grade.

He thought he had lost the right to bother Chen Yao, but did not realize that the man had remained waiting all those years.

He was grateful to You Ning, but he did not trust him either.

There was never a free lunch in the world.
His deal with You Ning did not include this, and the more the demon gave, the more apprehensive he became.
For the devil is never a generous character.

Perhaps after getting everything he wished for, this demon would laugh and take it all away, leaving him in endless despair— although this demon did not seem to have such a nasty hobby, he had been in the dark for too long and thought too hopelessly, so he had never been able to place absolute trust in a demon.

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