“This is You Ning.” Jiang Chi introduced You Ning to Chen Yao.

Chen Yao said hello and noticed that Jiang Chi only introduced him unilaterally, and didn’t tell the other party his name.

This meant that the boy knew who he was beforehand.

The four sat in the living room, and You Ning used Jiang Chi’s computer to show Chen Yao and Su Fu the footage he had the black Cat record.

The screen was a surveillance screen.
The subject of the surveillance was Bai Xiaoshu, who was on Chen Yao’s team.

Chen Yao looked up at Jiang Chi in a strange way, as if he didn’t quite understand.

“Keep watching.” Jiang Chi said.

The surveillance camera zoomed in and recorded what Bai Xiaoshu was writing on his desk.
After reading the words, Chen Yao looked at Jiang Chi in disbelief.

Jiang Chi had a tacit understanding with him and understood what he wanted to say, so he said again, “Finish reading.”

Su Fu didn’t care about what the two of them were doing, but watched the scene carefully, not letting go of a single detail.

The video showed Bai Xiaoshu flipping the book every once in awhile, holding the pen, and writing down a paragraph.
The time in the top left corner of the screen reflected many strange things.

When the scene ended, You Ning said, “Perhaps you think he is just cursing or prophesying, but things are much more unusual than you think.”

Jiang Chi used the mouse to forward the video a little, and said to Chen Yao, “Remember the cave escape you mentioned last time? Look here, see what he wrote.”

On the snow-white page, it was written;

[Zhou Xin was being chased by the police and had no way to escape.
He wiped the sweat from his head and thought, “I can’t be caught like this, absolutely not, I can definitely escape!” As thought this, the headlights suddenly shone on a spot in the tunnel, and his eyes widened in surprise ……]

“What does it look like?” You Ning had a pen in his hand at some point and was twirling it, “Does it look like a novel being written?”

“How is that possible?” Chen Yao took the mouse and looked at the video over and over.
The surveillance video was not fake, then the ten hours or so before the arrest operation started were not fake either.

But if it wasn’t fake, then how did Bai Xiaoshu manage to accurately describe everything that happened a dozen hours later? He even wrote out the search operation after they police entered the tunnel.

This was just …… too unbelievable.

Chen Yao let go of the mouse and Su Fu held it, looking over everything Bai Xiaoshu had recorded, some of which hadn’t happened yet and some of which had.

He sat back with a deep frown and rubbed his lips with one hand— it was like a habit when thinking.
You Ning’s attention was drawn to the action.

“What the hell is he?” Chen Yao stroked his somewhat tangled short hair irritably.
“Is he an undercover agent sent by that group?”

Jiang Chi, who was standing by the coffee table, lowered his eyes and gave Chen Yao a glance.
He pulled out another surveillance video from his computer and laid it out in front of Chen Yao.

Chen Yao looked at Jiang Chi’s face, and noticed that had turned gloomy.
He looked back at the computer screen curiously and was caught off guard.

It was a very explicit and detailed bed scene, still written in novel form.
If his and Bai Xiaoshu’s names were crossed out, he might have given it a second glance of interest, but the entangled names in that paragraph made Chen Yao disgusted.

At the same time, he also understood why his Jiang Chi looked gloomy.

For a while, Chen Yao’s mood was a bit complicated.
He felt disgusted but at the same time felt happy.
His Captain Jiang was jealous, ah.

“How do you prove it?” Su Fu asked, “How do you prove that he has some strange thing that can change someone’s life?”

“That’s easy.” You Ning laughed, “If the random pieces of information we’ve given you fall into place, he’s bound to make a move.”

“But ……” Chen Yao rubbed his chin and suddenly said, “If his powers are real, then how come I …… “

He looked at Jiang Chi, as if he was proving something to Jiang Chi, and as if he was just seeking an answer to his question.

Jiang Chi was as expressionless as ever, he did not explain, not because he did not want to explain, but his deal with You Ning must not be known to anyone, otherwise the deal was null and void.

Jiang Chi could not and would not give up the life he had finally gained.

You Ning was satisfied with Jiang Chi’s calmness, the pen in his hand was turned in several beautiful curves before it fell back into his hand without a sound.
Not only did he move leisurely, but his tone of voice was also very leisurely: “Because of me.
I touched you without even you knowing.”

“??” Chen Yao twisted his head to look at You Ning.
As a detective, he had a pretty good memory.
In his impression, he first saw this good looking boy at Su Fu’s side, when had this boy touched him?

But You Ning didn’t give him any more explanations, he just winked mischievously with an air of innocence.

Su Fu was in a bad mood because of You Ning’s confession and deliberately interrupted the conversation, saying to You Ning, “So, does the help you want include this guy?”

You guessed right, that’s great.” You Ning threw down the pen in his hand and unapologetically sat on Su Fu’s lap, kissing Su Fu as if no one was watching, “A down payment first, okay, Superintendent Su?”

Chen Yao: “……” Fuck?! Did I fucking misunderstand something?

This boy wasn’t innocent? And this Su Fu actually took bribes? Should I report him? Also, what’s with you two? Are the rest of us air? You should not kiss so loudly.

Who are you showing off to? Fuck!

Then he looked at Jiang Chi expectantly.

Jiang Chi continued to look at him with an expressionless face.
Seeing this, Chen Yao couldn’t help but shrink his neck a little.

‘Ahem, don’t even think about it, not in this lifetime, even if we were to get back together, my cold Captain Jiang would never be so warm and open in front of outsiders.’

In the end, Su Fu and Chen Yao returned to the police station and first followed what You Ning suggested and first arrested two men with sufficient evidence.
Putting the issue of Bai Xiaoshu aside first, it would never be wrong to bring these damned men to justice.

The two were not given specific names in the original novel, just X-something, X-something, so Bai Xiaoshu was not able to do “magic” in advance like he did last time and saved Jiang Yingying’s murderer.

It wasn’t until the police force succeeded in sending the two scum to jail and the team celebrated, that Bai Xiaoshu realized that the two arrested were two were among those Jiang Chi killed.

However, the court had already ruled that those two were to be escorted to prison that afternoon.
That prison was so strictly managed that no prisoner had ever escaped successfully.
The odds were that neither will have a chance to get out again and be caught and killed by Jiang Chi.

What was happening? The plot had to go back on track, it was impossible for it to work without them!

Bai Xiaoshu was so anxious that he was scratching his head.

Chen Yao sipped his beer and glanced at him.
He put down his glass and said with impatience, “What’s wrong with you? Go back to your house and stay there if you’re sick.
Why become a detective if you have this little strength?”

The table fell silent at Chen Yao’s words of mockery.
Bai Xiaoshu’s face turned red, he was furious at Chen Yao’s attitude, but on second thought, sickness was a good reason, so he went along with Chen Yao’s words and said, “Sorry Captain Chen, I’m really not feeling well today …… “

Chen Yao was so annoyed that he didn’t want to look at him, and said directly: “Get out!”

The others felt that his attitude was a bit too much today, but since they had just caught some criminals, they all advised Chen Yao with a few words.

Bai Xiaoshu faded away amidst the sympathy of the crowd, his back looking so pitiful.

Chen Yao looked at his back and sneered, smashing the cup in his hand to pieces.


His teammates were so frightened by his sudden anger that they dared not speak, and the small celebration was cut short.

Bai Xiaoshu left the barbecue stall and quickly took a taxi back to his rental house.
The original owner’s family wasn’t too poor, and his family helped pay for the rent when he started working, so the living environment was quite good.

Bai Xiaoshu got out of the car and rushed in.
He checked the time every now and then, the two men would soon be transferred from the police station, so his pace quickened.
He was so anxious that he never noticed the two people following him.

Bai Xiaoshu was not the original owner, so he did not have the experience and intuition of a detective, and he did not notice that someone had been in the house today—of course, even if he had the experience and intuition, he would not have noticed it either, after all, it was the little incubus that did it.

Chen Yao and Su Fu came up in the elevator.
The two stopped at the stairs and watched the scene in Bai Xiaoshu’s house on their mobile phones.

Bai Xiaoshu didn’t go to any other room, he went straight into the study, then from a hidden place, took out a notebook and an extremely ordinary looking pen.

You Ning had put the black cat put a camera on the desk lamp, he zoomed in and could clearly see what Bai Xiaoshu had written in that notebook.

There wasn’t much to write, and it took Bai Xiaoshu five minutes to write the plot development as well as a rough follow-up.

As for the two men at the staircase, one started to contact the colleague responsible for escorting the prisoners today, and the other started to respond to what Bai Xiaoshu had arranged.

Bai Xiaoshu didn’t think of any difficult moves, just a simple car accident.
A car accident was just a few lines to him, but it was the destruction of a family.
He treated this place as a fictional game, but it was a reality for many people.

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