At a traffic light at a certain intersection in City C, the officers in charge of escorting the prisoners temporarily stopped their car because of the red light ahead.

There was a lot of congestion and many cars were also waiting on the other side of the road.

Suddenly, a car on the other side of the road came out and crashed into a car that was turning.

This added to the already heavy traffic jam.

Some car owners waiting at the traffic lights got out of their cars and tried to help, and the people in the overturned car were finally rescued amidst a lot of commotion.

Coincidentally, an empty ambulance happened to arrive and the doctor and nurse inside, together with the people around, took the injured to the car.

“It was so scary, they were so badly injured and full of blood ……”

“This ambulance came just in time, I hope they are okay.”

“Hey, what’s this all about? What happened to the driver in the white car, was he driving drunk in the middle of the day? But he looks fine.”

“Let’s go, we’ll be stuck in traffic all afternoon if we don’t.

Traffic police quickly arrived and the intersection was quickly restored into order.
The police car with the prisoners also safely arrived at the extremely strict prison block outside city C.

All this was unknown to Bai Xiaoshu, who was in his house playing games on the internet with the air conditioner blowing.

The two men outside his house left without him even knowing they were ever there.

At night, Su Fu and Chen Yao, who were supposed to be on leave, showed up at the police station.

Chen Yao paced back and forth in Su Fu’s office, his face filled with uncontrollable rage.

“Stop moving.” Su Fu took his eyes off the computer screen and frowned at Chen Yao before continuing to file his work.

“Fuck! How can you be so calm?” Chen Yao didn’t bother being polite with his boss.
“What the hell was that? He almost destroyed someone else’s family just to save two scumbags! Damn it, I really wish I—”

“—Could shoot him?” Su Fu finished his sentence.

“……” Chen Yao was speechless.
This was how the police were: they knew how heinous a person was, but had to produce evidence and let the law sanction him, instead of thinking that they were the law and had the power to execute evil.

But they couldn’t hand over the notebook and the very ordinary looking pen as evidence to the court either.
No one would believe it, and no one would get punished.

Seeing that Chen Yao’s feet had finally settled down in one place, Su Fu finished the work at hand and said to Chen Yao, “Officer Chen, I think that newcomer in your team called Bai Xiaoshu has a lot of potential, I plan to send him on a secret mission, what do you think?”

Chen Yao immediately thought of something and his irritation was swept away.
He rubbed his clean-shaven chin and smiled wickedly before giving Su Fu a thumbs up and blew a rainbow fart: “I’ve seen it today, you’re really something, Chief.”

Su Fu didn’t even give him an acknowledgement, and took on a business-like tone, “This is a very special matter, so you should pay special attention to the people you care about if you don’t want them to get into any trouble because of it.”

Chen Yao gave an “mmm” and didn’t say anything.

Common sense dictated that Jiang Chi and You Ning, who had come forward to provide evidence and information on the crimes committed by so many people, needed to be monitored and protected.
Of course Chen Yao trusted Jiang Chi’s abilities but since he had taken the job, the first thing he had to do was to discard his personal feelings.

The next day, some strangers came to Jiang Chi’s house.
Jiang Yingying found it strange and asked her father what was going on, but Jiang Chi only said that they were his former colleagues who were now working in the police station, just like Chen Yao.
The young girl didn’t get suspicious, she knew her father was once a soldier.

You Ning didn’t make things troublesome and he also stayed at Jiang Chi’s house, making it convenient for the police to watch and protect him.
It was a pity that Superintendent Su Fu was really busy and he might not be able to see him for the next few days.


Today, Bai Xiaoshu arrived at the police station as usual, and by luck, happened to enter with the new superintendent.

Su Fu glanced at him and Bai Xiaoshu greeted him.
Su Fu nodded back but didn’t leave straight away, instead telling him to go to his office later.

After Su Fu left, colleagues gathered around and asked Bai Xiaoshu why the big boss was looking for him.

Bai Xiaoshu shook his head and said he didn’t know.

Bai Xiaoshu was also puzzled and didn’t understand why Su Fu would call him, he didn’t have any big merits or demerits.
If it was that incident with Chen Yao the other day, the other party would never report to the superintendent given his personality, even if the people under his command had to be kicked off.

After a while, Bai Xiaoshu entered Su Fu’s office with some apprehension.
After all, this young superintendent seemed to be a very powerful character, his apprehension was purely out of physical instinct.

“Sit down.” Su Fu didn’t look at him, but at the computer.

Bai Xiaoshu sat down next to the edge of the chair, he looked at the person across the desk and asked, “Did I- did I do something wrong?”

Bai Xiaoshu was somehow good looking, he carried himself in a way that the people in the original novel looked at him and thought of a small white rabbit, so they didn’t speak to him harshly for fear that he’d get scared, and there was also the buff bonus that made people’s intelligence drop when it came to him.

Su Fu finally moved his eyes from the computer, he gave a light chuckle and said, “No, you’re doing fine.”

However, Bai Xiaoshu inexplicably got a chill down his back.
He couldn’t hear the sneer in Su Fu’s laughter or the mockery in his words, so he continued to be cute and act pitiful, “Oh, I am?”

“Did I stutter?” Su Fu laughed again, as if he’d just made a casual joke.
He then went back to business.
“I asked you to come because I think you are qualified for a special task given your ability.”

“What kind of task?” Bai Xiaoshu put away his pitiful act, why didn’t he think of it before? He was the main protagonist, of course he would have some strange encounters or something! This superintendent’s role could be that of an NPC that dispensed tasks and missions.

Su Fu could see what was going on in Bai Xiaoshu’s mind from the micro-expression on his face and the corner of his mouth twitched once again, “This task is very special, if you complete it, you might get promoted to Superintendent when you return to the police station.”

At these words, Su Fu clearly saw Bai Xiaoshu’s eyes lit up with greed.

“What is it?” Bai Xiaoshu completely lost the apprehension he had when he first came in, and instead became excited and expectant.

Su Fu also finally looked him square in the eyes and said, “Going undercover.”

The excitement and anticipation in Bai Xiaoshu’s eyes instantly disappeared.
He realized that his reaction was too much and he remedied the situation by explaining, “I can’t go undercover, sir, I really can’t.
I- I haven’t learnt it before either.… “

Su Fu remained looking at him, not allowing him to dodge: “I think you can do it.
If you haven’t learned it, it’s not too late to learn it now.”

“No!” Bai Xiaoshu saw that Su Fu was not listening to his wishes and he shouted, “I refuse! I won’t go! I won’t go!”

Su Fu closed his mouth, looked at him, and after a moment’s silence, waved his hand at him, “You go out first.” He didn’t say whether he agreed or disagreed with Bai Xiaoshu’s rejection.

Bai Xiaoshu came out and let out two breathless sighs.
Was going undercover something normal humans could do? He was not powerful like Jiang Chi, nor was he as strong as Chen Yao, so asking him to go undercover was like sending him to his death.

Even if he had a golden finger, he wouldn’t risk his life to get to the top— he wasn’t stupid.

The matter was left unresolved, and Bai Xiaoshu forgot all about it after playing a few games at night after dinner.

This world was based on a criminal investigation novel, filled with all kinds of murderers, and yet, Bai Xiaoshu was not even the slightest bit vigilant, he didn’t even lock his bedroom at night.

So when he saw the dark figure appear in the house, he was so frightened that he lost his voice and his whole body went limp.
Then, before he could speak, he was knocked unconscious by the dark figure.

Bai Xiaoshu’s only thought before losing consciousness was: This can’t be, I’m the main protagonist, this is absolutely impossible! I can not die!

As it turned out, he did not die.

Bai Xiaoshu was tossed awake by a sickening feeling of revulsion.
The feeling was somewhat like motion sickness.
He opened his eyes only to find that he was not in a car, but a boat.

A boat? How could he be on a boat? Bai Xiaoshu felt himself first and found that his limbs were sound and his body was unharmed except for the place where he had been hit on the head, which was still faintly painful.

‘That was strange,’ Bai Xiaoshu said to himself.

Immediately afterwards, he heard a low cry.
He was hungry but he still had his wallet on him so he could buy some food.
So he went to the source of the sound, and the further he went, the stranger his surroundings became— it was like he was in a cabin.
Bai Xiaoshu himself had never been on a boat, and he had no idea what the inside of a boat was really like, he had only seen them on TV and in movies.

He realized that ordinary passengers shouldn’t enter a place like this.
He thought about exiting, but as he left, he knocked over a small empty barrel, and the sound became somewhat obvious in the empty cabin.

Bai Xiaoshu clearly heard footsteps coming his way— at this point he had not yet realised that the sound was rushed, and thought that he was on an ordinary passenger ship, even if the staff found him, he would only need a good explanation or two before he was guided out to a well-lit, darkness-free place.

“Heh, is there a little rat running around?” The person who came over did not hide his presence and approached Bai Xiaoshu.

Bai Xiaoshu instinctively felt the danger and started looking for a place to hide or an exit, but his movements were so inept that once again, he inadvertently knocked something over.
This time, it was not an empty barrel, but one filled with something.
Bai Xiaoshu glanced down on reflex, and found a pair of big eyes filled with fear looking back at him.

“Ah—” Bai Xiaoshu screamed outright, giving even more clarity to those looking for direction.

Bai Xiaoshu finally knew where this place was.
It was the “livestock ship” that the author of the original novel had mentioned, a ship that sold people as livestock at will.
Each product was packed in a barrel like this, waiting for the buyer to pick it up.

But- but why was he here? Why would he ……

Wait! Bai Xiaoshu finally remembered Su Fu’s face and the several unexplained chuckles he made in the office.

In fact, that meant— whether you want to or not, you have to be an undercover agent!

Bai Xiaoshu’s face instantly turned white and bloodless, his legs became so weak that they couldn’t hold his body up and he crumpled to the ground.

“Yo?” A burly man came over and laughed once he saw Bai Xiaoshu’s appearance, “Are you so scared? Is it your first time seeing that? How did you get in here?”

The burly man looked at Bai Xiaoshu and tried to guess this person’s identity.
He couldn’t be a police officer, he was so weak, had no reaction time or response, so did he come in by mistake? Tsk, how troublesome, another problem to solve.

Seeing the burly man’s figure looming over him, Bai Xiaoshu breathed heavily and panicked, “Don’t kill me…… please don’t kill me, you, I’ll do whatever you want me to do! I won’t call the police, I- I can help you ……”

Fortunately, Bai Xiaoshu never considered himself as a part of this world since he transmigrated over and consciously didn’t consider himself a police officer, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to escape today.

The man once again sized him up and lifted him by the collar, “A weak chicken might be weak, but it’s not without merit.… let’s go, we’ll see what to do with you.”

Bai Xiaoshu leaned against a wooden barrel.
The eyes of the two children in that barrel went from fear to expectation to fear and despair, and when the footsteps in the cabin disappeared, there was only dead silence again.

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